Wedding Dress Workouts

Every bride-to-be wants to look her very best on her wedding day. Once you've found that perfect dress, you're probably working extra hard at sticking to a healthy diet and exercise plan. Our wedding dress workouts will help you focus on and play up the assets that your particular dress will show off. In combination with a healthy diet and regular cardio program (which will burn fat), adding these specific exercises will help you look tight and toned on your big day.

To get started, find the dress style that most closely matches yours, and then check out the various workout options for each. If your dress combines many of these different features and styles, then try more than one workout. Try your wedding dress workout at least twice a week, allowing one to two days of rest in between workouts.

Halter, strapless and open back dresses feature your upper back, so make sure it looks great! Along with cardio, you can tone those muscles (lats, traps, teres, rhomboids and deltoids) with any one of these three back-shaping workouts. Gowns without straps, as well as those with plunging or sweetheart necklines draw attention to your chest. Along with cardio, you can tone those muscles (pecs and deltoids) with these chest-defining workout options. Spaghetti straps, halter, and strapless gowns emphasize the arm and shoulder muscles. Along with cardio, you can tone those muscles (biceps, triceps and deltoids) with these arm-toning workouts: Form-fitted, sheath, column, hourglass, mermaid and trumpet style dresses cling to the body, drawing attention to the belly, butt and thighs. Along with cardio, you can tone those muscles (abs, obliques, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and hip abductors) with these body-shaping exercises. Short wedding gowns show off those gorgeous stems of yours, drawing the eye to your lower body. Along with cardio, you can tone those muscles (quads, calves, hips, and hamstrings) with these leg-defining workout ideas.