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SparkPeople's Motivational Calendars will help you focus on one healthy habit each month. To download your monthly calendar, simply click on the link below!

31 Days to Unbreakable Resolutions

28 Days to a Healthier Heart

31 Days to a Healthier Diet

30 Days to a Greener Lifestyle

31 Days to Stronger Bones

30 Days to an Active Lifestyle

31 Days to Less Stress

31 Days to Better Sleep

30 Days to More Fruits & Veggies

31 Days to Healthier Kids

30 Days to
Greater Happiness
31 Days to Healthier Holidays

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Member Comments

  • I should mention that when you click on each month of the calendar, you then have to click to download that calendar from the page for that month. Such as when you scroll down in January you will see "You can download a single-page calendar of all these tips here." click on the "here" on that page and it opens the calender in .pdf format for me to either save to my computer or print out.
  • for those wondering how to print out the calendars, if you click on the calendar, the page that opens will give you an option to save it to your computer, or to print it out. At least they are the options that I get when using the google chrome or opera browser. That may be different depending on your browser and how you have your browser set up to read .pdf files.
    I don't mean to sound miserable, but is there an alternative calendar for the month of October that could be swapped in for those of us who don't have kids? Or do most people just redo a month?
  • OK I have a very big q for you now???And how do you print these Calder's off just for yourself & can someone pretty please tell me what I'm doing wrong hear too & very soon too!!!!!!
    Brenda Lee Batschelet
  • New, again, to the Sparks board and community. Some great tips for January. I am on day 4 and determined to get and keep this weight off, I will be reviewing the pages for inspiration when I find my own flagging.
  • Can these be offered as .jpg's please so I can use them as backgrounds on my laptop? Thanks!!!
  • I love these calendars! I am printing the April calendar and keeping it on my desk at work. I'll look at it often!!!
  • So happy to find this page, these calendars will help me stay on track.
  • I had trouble getting these calendars to print then I switched browsers. THAT was the issue!! For some cotton-pickin' reason ie doesn't do it. I switched to mozilla and there it is!! Personally, I hate ie, but I was using it mostly b/c I am using a new pc and had not yet downloaded firefox (mozilla).
  • I am unable to get them to download but THEY sure are able to send me a whole lot of crap advertising for other junk. wish I hadn;t even tried it. now I have to fight with all the pop ups. I only have the option to have popups on or off, no ability to filter. And YES i DO know my puter well enough
  • HGB0318
    how do i print calenders
  • To see if there was an issue with the site, I just downloaded all the files in a row. They are all there and working fine as pdfs at the time I'm posting this.

    If you are having difficulty, it is almost certainly a software or familiarity issue with your computer. This isn't something SparkPeople can address from their end.
  • Mine keeps saying unable to repair file. I can't get them either, discouraging.
  • i was able to download the PDF version, but i could not bookmark the page.

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