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31 Days to Less Stress

A Tip of the Day Calendar for July or Any Month

SparkPeople's calendar feature will help you focus on one healthy habit each month. For July, that means decreasing and managing the stress in your life to better enjoy the lazy days of summer.

Here are 31 daily tips that will each help you de-stress and relax. Click here to download and print your July calendar. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this PDF.)

If you think your friends or family members might benefit from these stress reduction tips, share this calendar with them by clicking the "Send This Article to a Friend" button below.

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Member Comments

  • Now that I'm retired, and kids are grown, my mantra is "Not my monkeys, not my circus"
  • I read that we don't really multitask, just like a computer we can minimize while we work on something else but true multitasking is not really possible. When at work I find that making a list for the next day helps me to get things done and not get flustered.
  • This is a great tool for anyone that experiences stress in life. I plan on handing one to my husband, and to my daughter! Thank you!
  • This month's calender will surely help! We are newly weds and moving soon to a new location. Thank you so much for the tips! Love what day 21 and 24 say!
  • This is an excellent way to work on self-change one month at a time. We all know it takes time to develop bad habits but we tend to be very unforgiving of ourselves when it comes to developing good habits...especial
    ly if we can't adapt to them immediately. This calendar will allow all of us to move forward-one month at a time!
  • I printed one off to take with me for a stressful trip. I'm pretending July 23 is Sept 23...let's see... oo goodie, massage points!
    Hey! The calendars are great! One suggestion: it would be nice to be able to download them as desktops. That way, we could read them each day when we turn on our computers, and save paper.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE these calendars every month! They are always full of great suggestions and I look forward to reading one each day of the month! Thank you, SparkPeople!
    I like the stress calendar. A Holiday one might be good but I like this more general life stress calendar. A Holiday stress calendar would need to cover specific stressors related to the season.
  • I like the tips, and agree that a December stress-lowering calendar would be a good idea.

    An idea for future tips: Gather your bills and pay them. I always feel freer when I don't have the mental 'reminder' floating on the edges of my mind.
  • When I'm stressed at work I vent with a co-worker who also comes to me when she needs to. Sometimes I go for a walk to the vending machine out of the office and down the hall, but don't buy anything. It's an excuse to get out of the office and walk around to relax so I can get back to work instead of keeping the frustration in.
  • Some of the ideas on the calendar, like walking or talking to others, we already do. Would rather see a list of stress reducers than in calendar format.
  • Some of the ideas on the calendar, like walking or talking to others, we already do. Would rather see a list of stress reducers than in calendar format.
  • GETTRIM2008
    I love the calendars. I save all of mine in a binder. Keep up the good work.

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