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30 Days to Greater Happiness

A Tip of the Day Calendar for November or Any Month

SparkPeople's calendar feature will help you focus on one healthy habit each month. For November, that means increasing the happiness in your life so that changing of the seasons won't get you down.

Here are 30 daily tips that will each give you reason to grin and help increase your overall happiness. Click here to download and print your November calendar. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this PDF.)

If you think your friends or family members might benefit from these happiness-enhancing tips, share this calendar with them by clicking the "Send This Article to a Friend" button below.

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Member Comments

  • Take care of yourself first and the rest will follow.
  • i have typed "30 days to greater happiness" into my SPARKsearch browser everyday for 2 years and have been doing random things from the calendar everyday and it's help make my life healthier, happier and more positive.
  • Try not to be so limited in your thinking. I think we can use these calendars when they appeal to us or are something we need now. Mine downloaded just fine and it doesn't matter what year or month it is....just follow it...same results...Not everything is going to ring true with everyone....use what sings to you! Thanks so much Coach Nicole and Spark People.
    How do we le them know that this is July 2015 and this calendar thing is not working at all.
  • Unable to download (or even view) and boy, do I ever need this.
  • This is the end of December. November is long past. How about something for the New Year?
  • Where is September? October?
  • I can post this for not only my own inspriation but to inspire the others in my office as well. thank you.
  • I would love to download this.
  • Its Aug so i will wait
  • I love calendars like these. I figure if I walk away with only doing one or two things, those will help me become a better/ healthier person. Some of the ones I don't do will stay in my memory and when it is time I can incorporate them. :)
    Have a productive day today.,
  • I believe that the saying take what you need and leave the rest should be evident but based on some of the comments I thought maybe it needed to be said.

    I like to have a new thought and these calendars can give me that. Thanks!
  • I actually find Nov 4 kind of offensive. 50.7% of the population are introverts, meaning that though they value social relationships, they find being constantly around people exhausting. Not everyone is happier when they spend all of their time with other people, and you're alienating over half of the population by saying so.
  • I have tried to print these calendars before, but I was never able to read them. I've wondered why Sparkpeople doesn't have a place on the home page or the web search page where we can just bring up the calendar or just the day to see what it says. My eyes just don't seem to be able to read the smaller print and the ink and paper could be put to another use. I hope you will consider this suggestion.
    Carlotta, If you look at how you spend your day, do you find a lot of time wasted on social networking or on the phone? You don't need a lot of time to start a new hobby, just a way manage your time.

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