12 Workouts to Pack for Your Next Vacation

What is it about traveling that makes us forget the word "exercise" exists and believe calories magically don't count? No matter if it's a work trip, a beach getaway or an international adventure, the minute you pull into that hotel parking lot, your healthy fitness routine and carefully detailed food diary are out of sight, out of mind. The excuses are varied and (mostly) understandable --"There just isn’t room for my sneakers in my suitcase," "I don’t want to wake the kids," "I mean, I have to have a key lime pie in Key West!" and, the favorite, "I can cheat—I’m on vacation!"—but skipping workouts while on trips could be doing more harm than you realize.
The fact is, incorporating even just 10 short minutes of exercise a day into your vacation or work trip will make it easier to stay on track with your goals when you return home. Not only will taking a full week or more off make it difficult to drag yourself back into the gym, but you’ll also be setting your body and its progress back. Try grabbing a quick workout in the morning, before your family wakes up or your big meeting begins, to get a burst of energy for the rest of your day. This will keep your body in fighting form for when you eventually return to your full intensity training.
Check out these 12 workouts of varying lengths when you’re on the road in the future. Choose a favorite or mix it up throughout your trip to work different sets of muscles.

10 Minutes or Less
  • 6-Minute Butt Blasting Workout Get your booty out of bed early and get it moving with this oh-so-quick workout.
  • 10-Minute Jump Rope Cardio Various jumps (with or without the actual rope) are followed by active recovery intervals. You’ll get your heart beating fast in just 10 minutes. This one will have you feeling  like a kid again.
  • 10-Minute Yoga Fusion Workout This challenging yoga and strength sequence combines moves that work your abdominals, arms and legs while increasing your flexibility. A quadruple threat!
  • 10-Minute Pilates Thigh Workout Work this common trouble zone without a single squat. This low-impact workout will have your inner and outer thighs firing from the first minute in.
  • 10-Minute Basic Pilates Routine The moves might be basic, but the workout is anything but simple. These calm and quiet moves will call on muscles you didn’t even know you could work!
15 Minutes or Less
  • 11-Minute Miracle Workout High intensity interval training workouts were practically invented for busy vacation itineraries. This highly efficient, but short workout blasts major calories without stealing time from your planned activities.
  • 12-Minute Seated Core Workout No need to hit the floor for a complete core workout. Using only a chair, you can strengthen you whole abdominal region.
  • 12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout Pilates is always a challenge for the abs and this short video is no exception. Your obliques, upper and lower abs are in for a treat. 
  • 14-Minute Basic Yoga Workout This multitasking yoga routine will wake up your mind while challenging your entire body. This one feels unbelievable after a long day walking around the amusement park.
  • 15-Minute Bodyweight Basics Workout Get your blood pumping early by performing this 15-minute workout right when you roll out of bed.
30 Minutes or Less
  • 20-Minute Yogilates Routine You might forget you’re doing your body good with this enjoyable combination of stretching yoga poses and strengthening Pilates moves. The perfect way to start a beach day, if you ask us!
  • A Quick, Zero-Equipment Cardio Workout Ramp up the intensity of your vacation workouts with this 25-minute, full-body aerobic workout. Punch, jump and boogie your way into a feel-good sweat.
Happy travels! What is your favorite way to squeeze in exercise while on the road?
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