14-Minute Basic Yoga Workout

Put down that coffee! Re-energize your mind and body with this focused, feel-good yoga routine.

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Like others said...NOT a beginner's workout. Also didn't expect Bethany Frankel; she wasn't mentioned on the sparkpage I found this on, but was when I saved to pInterest.
If i am not intoxicated, the instructor goes right twice for the first leg raise exercise.
confused me for awhile.

Please confirm I'm not off my rocker.

great simple workout. definitely gets the heart pumping but for now the kneeling part does hurt my knee even on a mat.
not a beginner yoga worker out! Did my best however need something more beginner level.
Definitely not a beginner's workout. Will come back after I build up to it.
Best full body stretch. Anytime my hips or back feel tight I do this video and feel so much better afterwards!
A little too hard for me to do.
Too fast to follow.
As a beginner, it was hard for some poses and to know some of the terminology (would have been helpful to explain). Did try all poses within reason. Will come back after some time. Good video overall.
A beginner here, I did try going along with this video. When I've lost
more weight, gain more flexibility, I WILL come come back to this video.
Great video to keep checking back with for oneself and see how
far you have come and go further. Thanks!
Geez...when ultra thin, fit people do yoga like this and say "this is hard," it scares me right away from it. I guess I'll search for a "before - you're - a - beginner - just - beginning - to - think - about - yoga - and - not - flexible - or - strong -yet" level! LOL.
I've been doing yoga for a year and loved this video. I want to know who the instructor is so I can view more of his workouts! Does anyone know?
More of an intermediate workout but I really liked it
Not for beginners. The title of the video really should reflect it is intermediate or for people who are already very flexible.
Not for beginners. :( But I tried to do it all.
Who in the world is able to reach their arm AROUNNNNNNNND their back, DOWNNNNN their other side and GRASP their opposite THIGH?????????
I....uh....can NOT.