10-Minute Jump Rope Cardio Workout

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Jumping rope isn't just for kids! It's a high-intensity cardio workout that also blasts calories. Try this routine, even without a rope!

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Thanks Report
Love it! Report
Good Video Report
Great workout! Report
I haven't used my jump rope in quite awhile. To be honest with you, don't know if I can make it through the entire workout, but will try. Report
First time doing this routine. Not good with the rope but will keep trying. I like the routine.
I love doing this workout today i did it 2 times in a row. Report
This is great! I'm the type to use every excuse I can to NOT workout on weekends and i'm just pushing myself now to do at least 10 minutes of cardio on weekends. It makes a huge difference! 10 mins and i'm done for the day and no need for any equipment. Get it done! Report
I did this 4 times in a row. I dont have the room for a rope, so I put hand weights on & pretended......I did 2 lots with my Forerunner 225 wrist based HRM & burned 173cal, then tested it it with the strap on my chest & did it 2 times more....162cal for that lot. So that shows how much a fit person like myself, can burn in a short time. I also know my body is still burning a ton more after it.

I found my new go to workout....... but can't wait for my cordless rope to get here.... I can't use one here at all. Report
Fighting arthritis in my feet and knees and was still able to do this. Report
This is very simple exercise to thanks for the tip. Report
When are heavy you are not able to jump like that unless you are in a pool...... Report
Whew! I was looking to burn a good number of calories in a short amount of time, and I'm sure this took care of that! It was a little intense for me as a beginner, but I followed the modifications and took an extra long cool down to get my heart rate down. My feet are hurting a little bit, but I feel super accomplished! Report
I love, love, love Coach Nicole's 10 minute jump rope routine. It's easy on my knees, while producing a good sweat. I'm not very coordinated lol, so I do it without a rope and I'm now up to 3 repeats. Love it. Report
This was a great workout and will try using 2 or 3 times a week. Thanks Report