10-Minute Pilates Thigh Workout

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Tone up your trouble zones with these exercises. No equipment necessary!

Member Comments

This is a great exercise.........
........Thank You. Report
Great stretching for that right hip. It-band irritation hip and knee feels better with these. Will be doing more of this routine for sure. Report
Great workout! Nicole is an awesome instructor, she gives clear instruction and moves at a nice pace. Report
Nice workout that I found challenging. Report
This video was both short and challenging. It's clear to me that my hips and thighs can use strengthening. Report
Love how effective this is for my legs. I need to work on controlling my motions and engaging my abs. It's tough! Report
Great for my cardio day off! Thank you! Report
Wow, awesome video, Nicole! I could do most of it and felt the thighs pulling!! Thank you! Report
Good workout. The "double leg" lift was killer. Report
Loved the bicycle (feel the burn!)...thought crab was dorky-must have bee doing it wrong. Win some, lose some eh? Report
Great workout i am loving the pilates workouts Report
Nice workout. Not so hard that I couldn't do it but definitely a challenge. I'm adding this to my favorites. Yay! Report
R44NSPECTOR: If you turn the sound down a bit it will not echo. Report
Can't you get a microphone to clip on to your shirt? That echoing is very annoying. Report
Painless this time! I[m getting fitter! Report