10-Minute Basic Pilates Routine

No Pilates experience? No problem! Sculpt your entire midsection with this 10-minute routine designed for novices.

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I love this video
Good Pilates video for beginners. Very well done!
Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal,
and not in reaching it.
- Mohandas Gandhi
Excellent, video! Perfect for beginners, as you can do as much as you can, approximate the positions (she shows the ideal form). Useful verbal cues and instructions throughout. Loved it!
I love this video.
tried it for the 10 minutes and i was pretty good and you can feel it in your legs and stomach when i was finished will try another one tomarrow night. need to get rid of the stomach fat.
How about a few modifications? Lifting the legs that high can put a strain on the lower back. Also, anyone with shoulder problems cannot do those arm circles.
I like this as a stretching video. I'm 278 with back issues and knees issues and I feel great at the end of this workout!
probably the most ungraceful thing I have done in awhile but at 260 what do you expect. I did it...and I will do it again. why? because I am worth it. yeah baby!
A lovely exercise routine! Especially after a cardio workout. I enjoyed it. Instructions were simple and easy to follow.
I love this Pilates exercise,I could do this everyday,thanks for sharing.
Will try this. I usually do some core exercises after 10 mins.of cardio. This seems more organised than what I do. I am an old turtle and this just my pace. Thanks.
Phew ! Thanks BettyMCL... I thought I was alone out there.
i am not heavy .. but to get down on the floor at 71,,is something i have not done in yrs. how about some older people exercises. betty
This girl is obviously young, thin and able. I am older, fat and unable. It would be encouraging to people like myself to see someone in our condition doing these exercises along with her to encourage us to try- though even the simplest of leg raises is so painful and difficult.

Thanks Discouraged.