20-Minute Yogilates Routine

Join Kathy Smith for a feel-good routine that stretches and energizes your body from head to toe.

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Tysm, I've been looking for a workout that combines yoga and pilates and this one fits the bill nicely (I must work at a slower pace, but that's ok also).
That was great!
Too difficult for me
Very nice video.
I can do a few of the moves but she moves faster than any yoga I've seen plus most of her moves are too difficult for me. Need a limited or obese mobility yoga (senior style) at least to start! I wish I could move my body like she does.
This is a good workout but she doesn't always balance the right and left sides so I had to pause and do the other side before continuing on with some of her exercises.
I find that SP videos get stuck a lot on me...may be our network, but I don't experience this on any other site. It makes working out with these super frustrating, cos I keep having to wait for it to catch up. :(
Nice stretching workout
Excellent! Lots of good stretch without jerky moves. Perfect for a morning routine to improve flexibility. Beautiful studio and upbuilding encouragement from Kathy.
I loved this video In fact I saved it because a lady that plays golf with me try to do some of these exercises while we are playing . What a hoot. They are right here in this video. Thank you so much.
awesome workout for a newbie !!!!! thanks !!!!
is this good for planta fasciitis
Way too fast, but then, I don't have to leave in for work in 30 minutes. Is there any way to play on a slower speed? This video is 78 rpm's, I want a 33 1/3 rpm version :)
Sunday is my flexibility day - this is PERFECT! Will keep this one in the rotation.
this video wasn't twenty minutes long! good beginning though!