Grab Your Dumbbells to Work Out Like Britney Spears


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

Britney Spears is making a comeback! After a couple years of—well, we won't get into that here—she's back on top with new music and an improved look. But Britney's reshaped body hasn't come easy. She's been frequenting the gym, working with a trainer, hitting the dance studio, and, as you'll soon see: strength training. In a newly released video on her website,, she shows off some of the moves she's using right now to tone up at home.

This particular workout focuses on upper body exercises. Britney's trainer leads her thought a few preparatory kickboxing moves, followed by an upper body toning routine using 8-pound dumbbells. She does overhead presses (which work her shoulders), hammer curls (for her biceps), one-arm rows (for her back) and triceps kickbacks. This is a pretty balanced upper body routine (the only thing missing is a good chest exercise, such as chest press or some pushups.

You can check out the video below:

I think it's great that Britney is exercising regularly, is lifting weights that are heavier than 3 pounds, and being a good example to other women when it comes to good fitness.

If you want toned arms and shoulders like Britney, check out this workout that I put together using her moves! (You can easily view it, print it, and add it to your SparkPeople Fitness Tracker.) Try the routine 2 times a week, using weights that are challenging enough to exhaust your muscles within 15 repetitions. If you move quickly from one exercise to the next, your workout will fly by faster and you'll get a calorie-burning boost!

What do you think about Britney's workout routine? Any other celebs whose workouts secrets you would love to uncover?

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  • 48
    What do you think about Britney's workout routine?
    I agree with you on this issue, I think starting tomorrow I will be using heavier weights to get the desired affect on my muscles.

    Any other celebs whose workouts secrets you would love to uncover?
    Yes, Jennifer Anniston, Janet Jackson (after the baby comes), Madonna, and Cher she would be a great example of someone over 50 . - 4/12/2009   11:40:29 AM
    I'm definitely proud of this. Definitely. I've always been a fan of Brit and I'm super excited about the fact that she's turned her life around and she's back in the "game" and doing what she's always loved to do, perform. I'm so proud of that. - 1/6/2009   1:20:57 PM
  • 46
    Thanks for putting together the print out! Not only do I think it's great the B is getting herself into shape, I love that she's reaching out to her fans to encourage them to shape up! - 12/29/2008   3:11:47 PM
  • 45
    I think it's great that she is getting it together, and what a great workout! She is in fab shape and I can't wait to try it today. Hehe, I'd rather see the workouts of celebrities than athletes because you are fit enough for what you do every day, and athletes do just that every day: be athletes. Their warm up alone would probably kill me. I like things that are achievable for me, that I can change to push me a little but that don't seem overwhelming and impossibly difficult. - 11/27/2008   2:01:31 PM
  • 44
    I did this work out yesterday and I am feeling it today. It is a great work out and I will definitely be doing it again. - 11/26/2008   1:15:38 PM
  • 43
    Dumb Bells are a smart addition to an exercise routine. - 11/6/2008   7:49:13 PM
  • 42
    I won't lie, I've never been a Britney fan, but I'm really glad things are coming together for her. It would be sad to have what she's gone through happen to anyone, but particularly to a young woman whose every move is recorded and scrutizined. So glad she's taking care of her. She looks great. - 11/4/2008   9:56:35 AM
    I think Britney rocks. To hit so many lows in her life in front of the whole world is an incredibly difficult thing to come back from. To see what an effort she is making to get her life back is inspiring. - 11/3/2008   12:28:22 PM
  • JENNIFER14825
    I would love to look just half as good as Britney, and I admire her dedication to get super-fit! - 11/3/2008   11:15:27 AM
  • 39
    I am glad to see she is back on track. Maybe now she can be a positive role model again. If just one girl sees this and sees how she is working to look good, and it clicks for them than the video is worth it. I know she is spending hours in the gym, I would love to have that kind of time but "real" people just don't, we have work, school, kids, houses, and somewhere in there time for us to squeeze in an hour (if we're lucky) for a workout. - 11/3/2008   9:41:00 AM
  • 38
    Yeah she probably does this workout plus 2-3 more hours of other workouts to get that fab body! Wish we had that kind of time. - 11/2/2008   10:14:25 PM
    Keep it girl. I'm glad your back. - 11/2/2008   12:15:42 PM
  • 36
    Why oh Why do we care about celebrities! We are all rock stars in our own lives. - 11/2/2008   7:06:18 AM
  • 35
    Thanks for putting together this arm workout. I'm going to try it. - 11/2/2008   6:48:54 AM
  • 34
    I think she's doing a great job!!! - 11/1/2008   8:41:07 PM
  • 33
    its good to know what celebs do to look good---its hard work for everybody!! - 11/1/2008   6:09:31 PM
  • 32
    WAY TO GO!!! You look great just being yourself....Things will move up for you now you have your feet on the ground. We're all routing for you. - 11/1/2008   5:13:15 PM
  • 31
    She looks great! Good for her! I think I would use 3 lb. weights. - 11/1/2008   5:01:16 PM
  • 30
    HO HUM..... I like Nicole's workout videos MUCH better!!!!!!! - 11/1/2008   2:25:56 PM
  • 29
    she looks so good you go gurrrrrl - 11/1/2008   1:52:22 PM
  • 28
    Right on! I'm not a huge fan of hers, but it's nice to see her back in shape. Her figure is a bit too buff for me, I preferred her shape in 03ish, but regardless. I can't deny she's in great shape!

    My goal is to start incorporating strength training, but idk. Outside of resistance bands, I'm not too fond of dumbbells. Not because I'm afraid of bulking up, they just don't appeal much. - 11/1/2008   12:01:55 PM
  • 27
    I'm not into the celebrity worship thing, but I've always admired Britney's body. She's always looked healthy and toned and never became a skinny twig like some of the other celebs. Hope she gets her life back together! - 11/1/2008   11:29:41 AM
  • 26
    I've always loved Britney's enthusiam and drive for fitness in the past and I'm so pleased she is finally getting her life back on track. Thanks so much for the workout too. - 11/1/2008   7:23:38 AM
  • 25
    What do you mean how she looked at the last music awards...I hope you're talking about her glazed over look and not her body...this is exactly what we've been talking about here- being overly critical of size 2 stars! - 11/1/2008   6:48:49 AM
  • 24
    I've always loved Brittney, as she is a Sagittarius and a real athlete at heart. I'm sure she had post-partum depression, so I'm happy to see she is over her "illness". Exercise is one sure way to feel better. - 11/1/2008   2:13:58 AM
  • 23
    Another celebrity goes to the gym isn't news. But as long as she doesn't look like she did at the last music awards where she wore a black two-piece ensemble I can settle for it. - 11/1/2008   1:07:20 AM
  • 22
    I can't believe this is news. :-) - 10/31/2008   9:58:00 PM
  • 21
    Awesome, thanks for putting that workout together...I see you added some push-ups ;) - 10/31/2008   5:45:35 PM
  • 20
    I think its great that she's getting out of her funk and I personally believe that exercise helps stabalize your moods. Did I mention she looks fantastic? - 10/31/2008   4:35:51 PM
  • 19
    I always respected Britney for her athletic body and the fact that she's never had twiggy legs! I'm so glad she's getting back into it and I'm inspired. :) - 10/31/2008   1:17:31 PM
  • 18
    I think Brittney looks great but I agree with some of the other posters. I am tired of seeing workouts/diets for the celebs!!!!!!

    I would rather see Athletes than Celebs. I want to see workouts & meal plans from athletes like Softball players Kat Osterman & Jennie Finch, Dana Torres, or Volleyball Kerri Walsh. - 10/31/2008   1:14:26 PM
  • 17
    I am going to try this workout!!! I love Britt, always have, always will!!! I would like to see how to get some rockin' abs. I have three kids and crunches are not tighten my stomach the way they use to. - 10/31/2008   12:19:35 PM
    no way!!! I used to do that exact workout!! girlies, if you chose to do it, it WORKS! i always loved her. even when no one else did. - 10/31/2008   11:40:03 AM
    If you're tight on time, then I think this would be a good upper body workout. That is provided you did another upper body workout during the week. Doing only one move per body part to me, wouldn't seem overly effective especially for those of us who lift on a regular basis. This routine also lacks variety and uses some really light weights. I'm under the impression that Ms. Britney is afraid of bulking up?! Perhaps she should have hired a trainer that knows the women can't bulk up like's impossible. We need real role models to look up to, not celeb has-beens that believe in old wives tales. Lift heavy when the weights become too easy to continue to challenge your body, build muscle, and lose inches & fat. Again this is good for a quick day, but it doesn't sound like a solid lifting least one that I would like to replicate myself. - 10/31/2008   11:10:04 AM
  • 14
    I am not the world's biggest Britney Spears fan but I love to see how she has worked to get back in shape and her lifting routine seems like something fairly simple that I could do at home! - 10/31/2008   10:42:17 AM
  • 13
    I don't really care that it's Britney Spears doing a work out with a trainer. They are a lot of them out here but I think that's great that she has done a video. Just because there are a lot of young people that likes to watch her and if you can help just one person no matter who you are. Then you have done a great job. Jesus wouldn't give up on us and He would be there helping everyone of us if we needed Him. That's great if people don't need to listen or watch a exercise video but there are some who does and a lot of young ones. So I say go for it! - 10/31/2008   10:24:25 AM
  • 12
    I enjoyed reading about a simple, down-to-earth workout that I can easily do at home. Proving that you don't have to be a celeb or have a trainer to get a good workout. I appreciate the attention to upper body as that is a goal for me right now.

    I also would enjoy hearing about athletes and their workouts. - 10/31/2008   10:15:27 AM
  • 11
    i would rather see atheletes then celebs- i agree with seeing dara torres...or even what trainers do to work out themselves- like jillian michaels or kim lyons or tony horton! - 10/31/2008   9:51:30 AM
  • 10
    I agree with JENNIFER124. Can we have more real people than glorify celebs. - 10/31/2008   9:46:43 AM
  • 9
    Please! Please! Please!! i would LOVE more blogs about what women like a Dara Torres (41 year old Olympic swimmer) does for a physical routine rather than what another celebrity does.. i am so TIRED of all of us being duped by these photoshopped images that the mags are selling us.. they are not real!! Britney is fine; i just think that SP is above this hype... - 10/31/2008   9:31:20 AM
  • 8
    i love britney! i think she is beautiful and it looks like she is turning her life around! it would be great if she started being a good influence for girls again. i would def love doing some workouts that brit does, she looks great!! - 10/31/2008   9:09:06 AM
  • 7
    She looks great, and it's exercises that I can do too. I'm also in the Jane Fonda group so sometimes the routines come across more than I can handle, but these are great, and good for that upper arm that seems to need it so bad. - 10/31/2008   9:02:37 AM
    Maybe people will leave her alone now. - 10/31/2008   8:53:21 AM
  • 5
    I am glad she is getting her body and life back together...but does it seem like she is not really putting much effort into those moves? I'm a tae bo addict and one of the things Billy Blanks stresses is keeping complete control over your muscle (with flexing) as you're doing the lift...that way you can use lower pound weights (or none at all!) and still feel the exercise.

    Oh well. She must be doing something right because she has been looking great lately. Good job Brit! - 10/31/2008   8:47:00 AM
  • 4
    Good 4 her she looks great,

    - 10/31/2008   8:33:21 AM
  • 3
    I'm glad she's getting back in shape. I hope she's getting her head in the right place as well. - 10/31/2008   8:21:02 AM
  • 2
    celebrities and their workouts-oh yawn :D

    i wouldn't consider 8lb dumbbells any better than 3 lb dumbbells for some of those moves... and there should be progression towards heavier weights and having the weight fit what she's doing.. and why not use a barbell full body strength training like deadlifts or squats... - 10/31/2008   7:59:55 AM
  • 1
    I wonder what Jane Fonda does for a workout these days. I'm of the generation that could do her exercise routine without listening to the tape because I did it so often and there weren't really any other alternatives back then. She looks pretty good in her cosmetic ads. - 10/31/2008   7:49:01 AM

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