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'Shark Tank' Products That Help You Live Healthier

By , Alicia Capetillo, Staff Writer
If you ever felt strongly that your garage-based hobby could be a billion-dollar company if someone would just give you a chance, ABC's "Shark Tank" is the show for you. The two-time Emmy award-winner has been a platform for new companies looking to take their business to the next level for the past seven years. Each episode, the "sharks," successful entrepreneurs who have built their own multimillion-dollar businesses, hear pitches from business owners and decide if the product or company is worth an investment.

The show has seen its fair share of booms, busts and unlikely heroes (Squatty Potty, anyone?) in its 142 episodes, but are there any products that are relevant to you on your journey to healthy living? In fact, yes. With the popularity of health and wellness showing no signs of slowing down, entrepreneurs looking to capitalize are often front and center. You might be surprised which products made their television debut in the tank. Check out these 10 products—one might just be the missing piece in your fit and fabulous lifestyle.

As every woman knows, a bra can make or break your workout. Finding a bra that fits just right here and just right there is no easy feat, however. For anyone who has ever sighed "If only my bra was custom-fit" in the middle of a round of burpees, the Shefit might be the bra for you. Founded by former Mrs. Michigan America Sara Marie, the SheFit sports bra is a multi-way, completely adjustable option designed for all athletic levels. With a zippered front, cinch in the back and adjustable straps, the Shefit promises the best fit for every angle and every woman.

Simply Fit Board, $44.95
After an afternoon on a skateboard with her grandsons, Linda Clark felt her core muscles in a big way. She teamed up with her daughter to replicate the body movement, and the Simply Fit Board was born. The "balance board with a twist" typically works by standing on the board and swiveling your body in a way that targets the core and improves balance. Their website includes plank, booty, back and full-body workout challenges, plus information on a four-step activity program designed to combat childhood obesity.

ViewSPORT, $26.99 for T-Shirt
"We want you to wear your sweat with pride." This is the simple idea behind ViewSPORT's mission, according to its website. The apparel line, which includes T-shirts, tank tops and bottoms for both men and women, offers a unique, sweat-activated incentive for working hard in the form of a hidden secret message. Upon coming into contact with fabric, the wearer's own sweat reveals powerful sayings and designs. A once plain tank top pushes you to "Train Harder" as you see that finish line in sight, while a shirt with "Drop It Like a Squat" emblazoned across the front reveals the phrase "Work Hard" and "Hard Work" across the back as you push through your last rep. Though the sharks all passed in the end, the line seems tailor-made for those weekly Bikram sweat sessions.

PiperWai, $11.99 for a two-ounce jar
Charcoal is having a moment and deodorant company PiperWai wants in on the action. The natural deodorant works with your body to prevent odor and keep your pits fresh and happy. According to the website, the natural ingredients, including activated charcoal, can "absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight in moisture," leaving you dry no matter how many hills you climb in your next spin class. Plus, thanks to ingredients like shea butter and organic coconut oil, users swear the deodorant is great for sensitive skin.

DDP Yoga, $64.99 for DVD Pack 1
Named after World Championship Wrestling Heavyweight three-time champion Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga is a DVD fitness program that combines elements of yoga, traditional fitness, sports therapy and dynamic resistance for a unique workout. Page's program calls on dynamic resistance, which uses "counteracting muscles to continuously resist your movement" and increase your heart rate as a result, to replace traditional cardio, making it an option for those who prefer low-impact exercise. In fact, a viral video shared on the DailySpark features a disabled war veteran who beat the odds by employing Page's unorthodox yoga routine.  

The Natural Grip, $24.50
If the CrossFit gym or weight room is your home away from home, The Natural Grip is a product your hands will thank you for buying. Featured on the Veteran's Day episode, The Natural Grip is owned by U.S. Army Captain Ashley Drake who wanted to create a thinner grip to prevent torn and bloody hands that result from the extreme weight lifting associated with CrossFit. The company uses each individual's ring finger size to create a custom, durable cotton grip, which provides a tighter fit and, thus, more protection for the hands.

kSafe (formerly Kitchen Safe), $49
The kSafe was designed with people who give into temptation in mind. The ordinary-looking plastic container features an extra-ordinary lid, which will lock the container—and any tempting salty or sweet snacks inside—for a set amount of time. Backed by scientific research from psychologists at MIT, Yale, Stanford and others, the safe works on the belief that people who pre-commit to a goal are more likely to stick to their guns. When being grilled about the product's relevance by Mr. Wonderful on the show, inventor David Krippendorf teared up as he explained that he regularly receives messages from people who used the kSafe to keep temptations at bay and help them get their lives back from obesity. After not getting a deal on the show, the product has since gone on to see great success and has been featured everywhere from Men's Health to Buzzfeed to Time.

Plated, $72 for three dinners per week for two people (prices may vary based on location)
A reliance on the number four with fries from that takeout place down the street can derail even the most aggressive training plan. For people on a first-name basis with their local delivery guy, Plated wants to be the answer to all your cooking woes. Founded by two Harvard Business School alums, the service encourages cooking at home, a habit that results in consuming fewer calories, less fat and less sugar, according to research from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Subscribers to the service receive chef-designed meals, which include pre-portioned ingredients plus detailed instructions on technique, meaning you could be just a subscription box away from finally understanding the difference between minced and diced. Menus change every week and aspiring chefs can choose from meals like beet and butternut squash skewers with whipped goat cheese and quinoa or lemongrass pork with long life noodles in Sriracha chicken broth. Nutrition information for all meals is also available online.

FitDeck, $9.95
Entrepreneur Phil Black came on the show with quite the résumé: former Navy SEAL, Yale University alum, Harvard Business School grad, firefighter and more. So when he pulled out a simple deck of cards as his innovative product, the sharks were less than impressed, but the concept is great for people who tire easily of their workout routine or travel often. FitDeck is a custom set of cards, each featuring a move with an illustrated example, written instructions and repetitions for three levels of fitness. Shuffle the deck, and you've got a new workout every day of the week. Forty decks are available and feature categories such as bodyweight, senior fitness, office, Pilates, plyometrics, Superman and post-natal.

Nexersys, $2,745
The Nexersys is, in a word, elaborate. The exercise system provides a high-impact cardio workout based on kickboxing moves. In any given workout, individuals will receive prompts from a 19-inch video screen asking them to punch and kick vinyl strike pads as you work your arms, legs and core. The system offers a gaming element to make exercise more fun as you sweat away calories. Ronda Rousey wannabes can test their skills with unlimited Avatar sparring rounds and more than 100 professional training videos. Hi-ya!  

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