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Dumbbell Triceps Kick Backs Exercise

Dumbbell Triceps Kick Backs

Starting Position Step forward with your left leg to create a wide but stable stance between both feet. Bend front knee and straighten back leg. Hinge forward from your hips with a straight back, placing your left hand on your left thigh and gripping a dumbbell in your right hand, palm facing the body and weight hanging directly underneath your shoulder. Bend right elbow (about 90 degrees) to lift weight toward your shoulder.

Action EXHALE: Keeping upper arm stationary and ''glued'' to the side of your torso, straighten your right elbow, lifting weight toward ceiling.

INHALE: Keeping upper arm still, slowly bend elbow to return to starting position.

Special Instructions Make sure to relax upper body.

Muscles Worked: Triceps

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