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We started our Secrets of Success series on March 1 and will continue sharing one proven solution to weight loss each day through March 15. If you're hungry for more, check out the current issue of First for Women magazine (on newsstands now through March 22). The "non-diet" solution touted on the cover isn't a supplement, miracle juice or detox diet. It's 20 more secrets to weight-loss success that came directly from, now America's #1 weight-loss website, and our best-selling book, "The Spark!"

Inside the March 22, 2010, issue of First (pictured at left), you'll also find the profiles, stories and before and after photos of four amazing members who used these secrets to lose more than 100 pounds each. Each strategy is backed by research and case studies of real people just like you who are winning the battle of the bulge without resorting to the crazy diet gimmicks of the past.

Courtesy of First, we're sharing three of these tricks with you today, but you'll have to pick up the magazine to get the full story and see the amazing transformations yourself.

Tip #1 Fill up in the a.m.
"As Mom always says, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Case in point: 100 percent of SparkPeople's most successful slimmers eat breakfast without fail. The top morning-meal choice of SparkPeople members is oatmeal—it's easy to make, tastes great and provides a healthy dose of satiating fiber."

Tip #2 Stay well hydrated
The SparkPeople survey revealed that 75 percent of successful members find weight loss easier if they drink eight glasses of water daily. Indeed, studies at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City show that staying adequately hydrated reduces appetite and increases the body's fat-burning metabolic rate. Bonus: Having water instead of three sugary sodas and a glass of juice cuts daily caloric intake by about 450 calories per day—enough to trim off up to 45 pounds in one year."

Tip #3 Outsmart portion distortion
"Following the lead of SparkPeople successes by keeping a small scale and measuring cups handy can speed weight loss by 30 percent or more, say UCLA researchers.'I was a very healthy eater, but I was eating way too much food—sometimes as many as six to eight servings,' admits newly slim Vicki Theriault. 'So I studied portion sizes, practices weighing and measuring until I felt confident, then quizzed myself by dishing up food and measuring afterward to see if I'd estimated right.'"

Meet the Featured Members
Four women who each lost more than 100 pounds by using the 20 tricks shared in this story are prominently featured in the magazine complete with before and after photos, the "ah-ha" moments that triggered their weight-loss journeys, their top three tips for success and more! Chasity Schoonover (CHASITY_ANN), Ellenmary DeTore (SAMSON94), Flossie Alexander (FLORENCEOSI) and Heather Holloway (PUMPKINFACE73) have lost between 111 and 165 pounds each! Please join us in congratulating these remarkable women on their success and for being a beacon of hope to so many others by sharing their stories.

You'll learn a lot of great tips from this issue of First for Women, so be sure to pick up a copy while it's available on newsstands. Losing 100 pounds isn't something reserved for "Biggest Losers" or reality TV stars. You don't have to quit your day job, hire a personal chef or spend your life savings on a specialized program either. It's something that everyday people are doing by putting the SparkPeople plan into place, and these tips are a great way to start!

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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GEORGE815 9/25/2020
Thanks Report
RYCGIRL 9/4/2020
thx Report
CECELW 5/23/2020
I am really happy for those who have lost a significant amount of weight. Report
Congratulations to SparkPeople too!!! Report
thank you Report
On regaining weight, the best discovery ever for me was the SP team At Goal and Maintaining or Transitioning to Maintaining for resources and support to stop the yoyo regain for once and for all!! I've maintained since June 2011. Report
It would be interesting to see these people now, I looked at a few, one that lost 165 lbs and regained it all, another that lost 100 lbs then regained it back. I guess it is true that the majority of people regain the weight they lost. Report
Reviewed the featured sparkers' blogs and was sorry to see not all were successful keeping the weight off. Best of luck resuming healthy lifestyles and hopefully getting back to where you were when featured! Report
Love this magazine! Report
I enjoy reading people stories. Report
thanks Report
Great magazine! Report
I am gonna try this I am up for about anything that will help I am gonna start marking down what I eat lol I will put it on paper this way I have it at all time and really watch what I eat its about time I do this I had lost 160 pounds and gained back 30 pounds I don't want to go back to the way I was I want to stay smaller and continue to stay that way ... I am so ready for this change again ..... Report
I would like to get the book also so I can weigh my food and get other tips as well. Report
Reading this article lead me to be here today. Report
For those who cannot get a copy of it; just type in "first for women magazine" and their site; complete with how to get free copies and subscriptions will come up! Best to you! Hugs Laurie Report
Bought the magazine read the article and signed up right away. Report
I have been on a diet roller coaster for years, with little or no progress. I bought the magazine and read the article about sparkpeople and now I am a member. I feel so motivated and encouraged. I really feel like this is the end of my roller coaster ride, and that success is in my future!! Report
I have been a subscriber for years. I went into the living room to locate this edition. Had to dust it off first. Now this will be a keeper. Report
I bought the magazine for this specific article and totally enjoyed it. It is the reason that I found SparkPeople. Report
This is the magazine that got me to SparkPeople... I wasn't going to buy it (I hate buying magazines), but it was screaming to me... So I added it to my grocery bill, which included a head of cauliflower and about $10.00 in jelly beans, chocolate and candies... And well, I have the magazine sitting beside my bed, and the junk food is in the garbage. It's only been a week, but the magazine has changed my perspective - and now my life! Report
I love this magazine, get it every month faithfully Report
Good tips. Thanks. Report
I love First magazine! The article introduced me to SparkPeople & I am so very glad. I love the positive atmosphere here, the inspirational stories, & the good tips! Report
These tips are excellent. I still have 70 lb to lose but with the help of SP and my spouse and good friend I believe I can do it! Report
Great tips! Hope i can get a chance to pick up the magazine. Report
Great motivation! I've got it hung up on my wall above my computer! Report
I don't need to lose 100 pounds but I would love to learn easier ways to keep track of my food intake. Exercising ideas.
Eating out ideas.

Cheers to the people that have lost 100 or on there way... Report
I had told a friend at church about SparkPeople but she did not join until she read the article. I am so glad she did as I know it can be a big help to her as it is to me. Report
I have 50 pounds to loose and I am in need of motivation. I heard about Spark from First for Women. HELP!!! Report
I just got my copy yesterday - going to take time (for myself) to read it. Report
Yes I live in Barbourville, ky which is a very,very small town. We have an IGA,Walmart and some fast food restaurants. I cant find that magazine anywhere. I was using sparkprople all the time and then my computer crashed.I have it back now and will start logging my food again. Thank you Report
Hi I live in New Zealand and can't seem to find the First for Women magazine here is there any way I could get a copy of this issue Thanks Report
I picked up the magazine out of desperation, when I read lose 100lbs without dieting, I said OK let's go. This is how I came to be a member of SparkPeople today. I am looking forward to the journey. I am in desperate need of the encouragement and support. day 1 has begun!!!! Report
This magazine is the reason I am here on this site. Thank you sooooo much!! Report
I already love the magazine but when I read about SparkPeople I was thrilled! I had never heard of it. I like the program and the info very much. I have over 100 lbs. to go. But this is a start. Report
Hi since you don't get the First were you live if you email me your address or post office box I would send you the magazine so you can read the articles yourself. Oh i'm new to the site but my email address is Report
I bought FIRST magazine a few days ago and wow, now I am a member. I love this site. It has inspired me and given me hope to look good and feel good again. I had never heard of the web site and now I am telling everyone about it.
Usually, the magazines have diet articles and it is some magic ingredient along with a eating plan. This site, however, is based in living in the real world and structuring your nutrition and activites to become healthy. Report
I love Sparkspeople! It has helped me get on the right track to healthy eating, exercising, and even drinking 8 glasses of water a day. I purchased First this week and was delighted to see the article and I am going to give the magazine to a dear friend of mine. Hopefully she can get started ... with the new life style too! Report
Wow! So inspriational Report
Great article Report
I do not like this magazine. Congrats on the featured members, good job. Report
I am going out to get this mag today. Thanks for the tips. Report
Argh! I live in Guatemala and we can't get First! here. :( I would love to read the article and find out the rest of the tips, but I guess I'll have to miss out on this one. Report
Your going to see me there one of these days. I will make it. Report
I bought the magazine this morning. So glad you gave their Spark names so I could go to their pages. Amazing!! Report
Going to pick up my copy today! Awesome tips.... Report
congratulations to these 100 lb. losers! I am excited to get out and purchase this magazine! Report