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Gear Up: SparkPeople's Cardio Blast Workout DVD

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I believe that fitness should be fun, accessible and affordable. That's why I've created more than three dozen free online workout videos for SparkPeople. Lately, I've been branching out to create new workouts that you can buy on DVD at The SparkPeople Store. My newest feature has upbeat music and never-before-seen workouts that are all fun and easy to follow. Here's a sneak peek at my newest workout DVD, SparkPeople Cardio Blast with Coach Nicole.

Stop thinking of cardio as a chore, and start having fun with these fat-burning and boredom-busting workouts that burn over 600 calories per hour (based on a 150-pound woman). The DVD contains six workouts that you can do one-at-a-time or any any combination you choose:

1. Walk It Out - An indoor walking routine great for beginners
2. 80s Aerobics - Bring out your leg warmers for a fun flashback of oldies but goodies
3. Cardio Kickboxing - Box, kick, squat and punch!
4. Hop to It - A high-impact jumping routine with plyometric moves
5. Jump Rope - Torch calories, even without a rope
6. Cardio Bootcamp - A high intensity workout that pushes the limits

Free of complex choreography, I also give detailed instructions to help you either decrease or increase the intensity, depending on your fitness level. Plus all of the workouts vary in intensity, so there really is something for everyone! Click Here to Buy SparkPeople's Cardio Blast for $15.50.

What do you think about SparkPeople's new workout DVD? Do you have any requests for future SparkPeople DVDs?

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YMWONG22 10/22/2020
Great Report
I use USPS to receive my DVDs. Now USPS is offering all its services in LiteBlue. Login to it from / Report
Great and fun workout. Always clear instruction and modifications. Very positive attitude! You are truly a great role model Coach Nicole! Report
You look great like a normal fit woman not fake and unattainable. Who needs that - we want real women teaching us how to become more fit!! Report
Congratulations!! I absolutely love everything that you've done so far. But... please, please don't start wearing the makeup, lipstick, etc that you wear in the video on a regular basis. You're more beautiful just as you are :) Report
I just tried out the 80's workout last night. Super fun! Love the legwarmers! Report
Your workout videos are great! You are doing a fantastic job. We are truly blessed to have SparkPeople - keep up the great job - and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Report
Nichol you are really very beautiful. Do not even think about those people who say negative about your perfection, they are really wrong, and you are Princes. Report
Having someone among us making workout videos for real people is great. I will buy this one because i could use an up to 600 calorie burn once in awhile. My internet connection isn't the fastest so the video workouts or utube videos i try to watch are more frustrating than motivating. Thanks for making it available to us :)
health and happiness
Beth Report
I am buying this CD, Nicole! It looks like lots of fun! Report
I am horrified that anyone would dare criticize your body. You look awesome just the way you are! Glad you are not going to let those knuckleheads get you down. :) Report
I would love to recieve your dvd but would I be able to send for any of them as I live in the UK?? Report
I think you look fabulous! Shake your groove thang!! Report
What??? A workout DVD? Where is the fake tan? Where is the neon spandex? Where are the fake boobs??? :D THANK GOODNESS they're all missing from this DVD! You are such an inspiration of what a real, healthy, gorgeous woman looks like. Thank you for all you do! btw: I think your arms look awesome! Report
You look fantastic, dont let people's words get to you, they are just jealous!! :) Report
I also think that a downloadable one would be good. My mail carrier loses alot of my mail, and this would be one thing that I wouldn't trust in it. Other then that, the price is reasonable and the exercises look great! Report
Nicole, I watched the Academy Awards with friends on Sunday and one actually commented on how "fat" Beyonce is. I was horrified. Outraged, even. Jessica Simpson gains enough weight to wear a Size 6 and the press goes crazy with criticism. As a society, we have serious image issues. Thank goodness there are a few healthy role models to turn to. YOU LOOK RADIANTLY HEALTHY AND LUMINOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!! Just like Beyonce. Thank you for sharing your energy, your talent and your story with us. Report
I was saddened tho not surprised to read about the negative comments some individuals have made about your videos and your body. These are mislead, misinformed people and I am glad you have blown their comments off. You ARE the picture of health and I find your videos to be so very user-friendly and not at all intimidating like the MANY videos I have purchased so far!
Thank you for putting your self out there for us!
Dallas Report
I was shocked to see the comments about Nicole. "Thick" is absolutely not the word I would use to describe her. She looks very fit and healthy. If she is considered thick, then I want to be thick! Ignore those brainwashed few. Thank you for releasing this!
it is nice to see someone that looks healthy. I don't think it is attractive to see a woman that is ripped and rail thin. I will buy one will I can find another job. Report
Nicole, I'm sorry some people can be so hurtful. They are the losers, for caring more about hurting someone than they do trying to find something positive to share. I think you look great, and I appreciated you being real. I get so tired of the pictures we see on and in magazines. That is not reality. I'm glad you have learned how to balance your LIFE with working out and being fit. When you reach your older years, you will have friends and memories to look back on and not be the selfish person the ones slamming you are. Keep up the good work! Report
Nicole, it is only obvious that times are "a-changing"... different body types are becoming more acceptable in ads and it is important that we influence young girls to feel that they don't have to be anorexic or bulimic to be beautiful. I am an instructor of a very popular dance/fitness class. I started teaching 2 years ago almost at my goal weight. My classes became so popular (and packed) that I was coerced into teaching 7 classes per week. Well, ultimately I because so stressed out mentally that I ended up gaining over 50 lbs!... even with the classes, as I was eating on the run and not healthily. So, I eventually took myself into my own hands. I cut my classes back to 3 classes per week. Even with the extra 50 lbs., my classes were extremely popular and very packed. I feel that my energy and personality kept my going to lead a strong and successful class. People were not intimidated by a "perfect body" so they felt extremely comfortable in my class. I got back on track and finally lost the 50 lbs and now I am at my goal. All of the participants in class are so excited for me. Of course, my class is at a different level now, much more fitness involved and the members are loving it!... So, I feel that you are a perfect model for the "real" woman to view as an example. Even if someone is overweight, they can help people move more and become healthier... Report
i love your workouts coach nicole! maybe some longer ones might be good, but i think this dvd would be cool because if i just set up my equipment (jump rope and stuff) i can do it all in order and get in 60 minutes instead of "cheating" like i do now. (i do a video twice and then rest for a while because i'm lazy) yep yep yep, once i get the dough. :) Report
Coach Nicole

I just gotta tell you I'm buying your DVD. I've longed that did not contain unrealistic images of women (who probably did not exercise to get the bodies they have lol). My only other workout DVD with realistic looking women is my belly dancing DVD :^)

Keep em coming and I'll keep buying! ! ! I think you look fabulous!!

*The average woman is a size 14 - who wants to be below average* :^) Report
All I can say is I would LOVE to have your body. You are perfect in my mind as you have exactly what I want- a healthy, fit body with the stanima to do what you want with it and that is my idea of what fitness is all about. By the way, I have really enjoyed do the Bootcamp workouts and plan on continuing them until I can do them without effort. Thank you! Report
I have to ask too...something for those of us with limited movement. Something for those with disabilities. Thank you for the opportunity to respond. Report
For Francoboli: There is a series on PBS, and also video tapes and DVDs available on line for purchase, called "Sit and Be Fit." These are wonderful workouts for the elderly and disabled. The exercises are done both sitting and standing with a chair for stability. The viewer may use either form, or move from sitting to standing as stamina increases.

You might also want to inquire in the area in which you live about a rehab gym. These often offer fitness programs for the general public. Or you may find a gym like mine which exists mainly for people with special needs, from cardiac rehab to diabetes control, from sports training to general membership. Each client works with an exercise physiologist who designs and oversees an individualized exercise program. The physiologists all move among the clients offering help, tips and suggestions during the workout. The cost is thirty dollars per month for basic membership, seventy-five for medical membership, and 400 for specialized sports training or personal training. Report
All I have to say is that you are VERY motivating to me. I hope that I succeed to the point of being as "flabby" (LOL) as you are. I'd much prefer an instructor or coach that looks human as I would never aspire to be "perfect". It's simply not possible! Thanks Coach Nicole.
M Report
I am also disabled looking for low impact seated cardio excercises.Coach Nicole,maybe you could contact a physician through Spark to get some for us.There is DEFINATELY a demand for these type of excercises.I belong to three teams with members who are constantly searching and we post what we do find.Thanks Report
Unfortunately, most DVD and CD programs are geared to people with the physcial stature of Nicole and cannot possibly apply to all ages and weights. I have tried many exercise programs and either have not been able to perform the exercises suggested or have not seen any noticeable differences. Any suggestions from people who are overweight or elderly for getting to an acceptable physical condition?
On the MAYO CLINIC web site there are work out videos for people with disabilities. Check them out, as they are through a physician. Coach Nicole is not a medical professional dealing with disabilities. Report
Wow, after reading through some of the comments, it seems as though there are tons of people that are really unhappy with workout videos!

I, myself, love them (Spark videos or others). I've recently incorporated Spark's videos for cardio and am using the BL Cardio DVD for cardio (in addition to walk/jog intervals).

Anyway, keep up the great work Spark! Thanks Coach Nicole!!! Report
That would be great if there were more exercises for those with limitations could choose from. I am limited (use a wheelchair) and it is hard to find exercises. You get bored doing the same thing over and over again. Please think about the people with limits and do some videos for them. Thank you so very much. Report
All I've used up to now is Leslie Sansone, but I would love to try Nicole's new DVD. Report
I forgot to mention what I'd like to see in a SP DVD......I would love to see ones dedicated to strength training, especially using a swiss ball (I'm no addicted to mine since I have more balance), one for pilates and if possible one for yoga of some sort as I'm having a hard time finding a good intro to yoga DVD Report
I have to agree with BLUEJEM on a number of points. I love Coach Nicole's uplifting attitude and clear coaching methods. But I think Spark is missing an opportunity to address a comunity of Sparkers with special concerns with a video designed especially for them. Look how many Sparkers have arthritis alone and you'll see a sizable population who might be willing to buy a DVD they can do. Report
So basically the DVD consists of the 10-minute workouts that are on YouTube? Are any of the workouts on it 30 minutes in length? Report
In just browsing thru the other comments it seems quite a few folks are wanting more cardio options for people with limited mobility and such. I've been searching for soemthing to do from a wheelchair for almost a year now.... I'd love to see Coach Nicole and Spark do the research to create a chair aerobic DVD for those of us with limited mobility. I adapted many of the free videoes on Spark to do from the chair b/c I can move, I just have a broken leg, however many people are even more limited and are clamoring for cardio they can do from a seated position.

I did order this DVD and got it, but haven't put it in yet... I'm back on my feet, but can only do limited moves!

Some cardio options that are low impact or even done from a chair could be helpful to many SP members! Thanks. Report
Interesting. Report
I was going to buy one of the dvds and a t-shirt, but I'm boycotting UPS because I've never had anything but trouble with them...and I'd rather spend money buying more on SP than contributing to UPS.
I definitely think a dvd geared towards people who are heavier or who have knee/joint problems would be useful. I tried Just My Size Yoga a few months after a nasty fall that hurt my knee and because the instructor seemed to think fat=spend lots of time kneeling, I simply couldn't do it.
Nowadays I'm able to do pretty much anything I want, but I am sympathetic to people who aren't as flexible or who have knee/ankle/wrist/elbow, etc. problems and the pickings are pretty slim for those people who want to get healthy but don't know where to begin.
I also think it's useful to know what muscles you should be working so you're executing the moves correctly. I think Coach Nicole is awesome and I love her and I just wish I could get these dvds without using UPS because I LOVE kickboxing and bootcamp type exercises! A ballet workout might be fun as well. Great job and I hope you keep it up! Report
I received mine about a week ago. I love it. I'm not sure how to enter it into my fitness. Do I put 10 min. for cardio, or do I put 20 min. since it takes 20 min. to do the warm up, 10 min. workout, and cooldown? I don't want to cheat by putting 20, but I don't want to only put 10 if I'm suppose to put 20. Hope some one can clear this up for me. Thanks. Report
Looks good. Can't wait to try it. Report
I can't view the video workouts because of dial-up internet but I'd be interested in ordering this DVD because it sounds great. Report
I meant to say "plus have money to spare to pay for half of the second one". Report
I wish they would ship thru the US post office instead of UPS. The price of the dvd is great but then the shipping for one dvd via UPS to my home is over $9! I refuse to pay that much in shipping for one dvd when it could be shipped thru the USPS for half that price at least. I always choose USPS for shipping of dvds. I guess I won't be ordering this one because for the price of the dvd plus shipping I can buy one 20 lb dumbbell plus half money to spare to pay for half of the second one. Report
I love SP videos. Report
I have to admit that before Boot Camp I never looked at the work out videos. Boy am I glad I joined! Some of them can be pretty tough. Not hard just tough when you add them to your regular work outs. With that being said I would like more of everything! PLEASE. Thank you.:) Report
Alrighty sounds Gud !! Report
I can’t express an opinion on the SparkPeople DVD because I haven’t seen it, but I can say that I really appreciate the videos and other exercise instruction on the site and I really look forward to the content you’ll be developing in the future. I know that whatever you do; you guys won’t be standing still.

You ask: “Do you have any requests for future SparkPeople DVDs?”

I’ve been waiting for someone in the fitness industry to ask me that question for a very long time. When reading my reply please remember I'm not commenting on SparkPeople dvds because I haven't seen any of them.

I don’t know how many other people are looking for what I’m looking for in a work-out DVD. I just know that I can’t find what I really need.

First I need truly low-impact exercise, across the board. I don’t mind the discomfort of working a muscle until it’s fatigued, (well I mind but am willing to put up with it) but the pain in my joints, feet and back is debilitating when it’s triggered.

I need to exercise without excessive pain or injury… I need to strengthen without damaging.

What that means for me, at least right now, is no jumping/running or other high-impact movements, no floor work, and no squats.

And before anyone who’s fit, and thin, and doesn’t have arthritis judges too quickly, I want you to blow out your knees and back, stop exercising for a year, then strap on a 200 pound body suit, and try to jump, run, and squat your way through the average work-out dvd… or just try imagining it.

Quick foot work that entails rapid shifting of my body weight really does a number on my ankles and feet.

Floor work is a problem because my excessive weight makes it just as excessively painful on any pressure points, and especially the spine, knees and hips.

Getting up and down is extremely painful to the knees and even wrists sometimes because I usually have to use my hands and a chair or couch to get back off the ground. I’ve hurt my wrists numerous times pushing up my body weight, even typing or washing dishes was painful for days after.

And obviously squats do a number on my knees. There must be ways of working those muscles without putting all that stress on my knees.

I would preferably be given the ability to pick and choose exactly the exercises I can use without unusable exercises getting in my way. The clever use of dvd technology should solve that problem, but most work-out dvds still seem to be treated like they are going to tape.

Also, if there is going to be complicated choreography, then I need instruction that builds on each movement slowly, at half pace, so I can learn it all before I actually try to use it as exercise. At the very least such dvds should come in two parts, learn the moves, then exercise with them.

Oh, and I don’t want to use ANY special equipment unless the title of the dvd is something like, “Working-Out with…” fill in the blank.

I’d like a dvd to be all inclusive. Basic instructions and education relevant to fitness, a warm-up, the work-out split into customizable chapters, (so I can adjust the time I put in or skip sections if I wish) a cool-down, and a stretch. It always irritates me when a dvd has tacked-on diet advice but fails to educate about fitness and exercise.

I would love a selection of cardio work outs that full-fills the above expectations. I would love to have variety too. Not necessarily on one disc ofc, but a choice of routines inspired by things like, traditional aerobics, or almost any variety of dance, or martial arts.

I would also love a selection of dvds that concentrate on developing strength, also with my needs listed above in mind. I really need education along with exercise instruction. I want to learn more about my body in relation to fitness, how to train the right way, especially as it relates to people who are aging and obese.

I would also love some instruction on how to improve flexibility and mobility, especially in light again, of ageing, obesity, and preserving damaged joints and tendons.

Sorry for the length of this post… but you did ask. ;)
I bought this DVD and I love it! I love all of Coach Nicole's workouts on SP but I was having a problem seeing as I worked out trying to see the computer! Now I can do the workouts and it's almost like she is in the room with me! Report