8 Exercises for Better Balance

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I was first introduced to balance exercises by my running coach when I developed a minor ankle injury a few years ago. However, before I even began using the balance board my coach had me do series of progressive balance exercises initially using only one-foot on solid ground, followed by doing these same exercises on a mat, than a rolled mat, followed by the BOSU trainer before moving up to the balance board. It took a solid six months for me to master the moves, but with these exercises I have been able to recruit the muscles in a different manner, therefore providing me with better ankle stabilization and muscle balance.

Below are links to balance exercises using various types of balance equipment. Feel free to modify the more advanced exercises by doing them first on solid ground, then standing on one leg, then on a mat, a rolled mat, etc until you have mastered the techniques where you can perform them a balance board. Even doing such exercises as a dumbbell curl standing on one leg or overhead shoulder press on one leg can do wonders in developing core strength as well as better proprioception and muscle balance.

Single Leg Standing on Balance Board

Balance Board Lunge

Wobble Board Squat and Sit2

Single Leg Standing Balance with Abduction

Beginner Squat on Board

Single Leg Standing Balance with Hip Flexion

Leg Standing Balance with Isometric Leg Lift

One Foot Balance with Dumbbells

Have you done exercises using any type of balance equipment? If not would these be exercises you can integrate into your workout routine?

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KHALIA2 9/8/2019
Great list of exercises! Report
KHALIA2 5/27/2019
Great article! Report
Thanks Report
I was disappointed to see most of these exercises are "advanced" to most people with balance issues. A couple weren't there anymore, and one was on a page that you couldn't find it on. I hope to find some more beginner, beginner ones. Report
Thanks. Report
First link didn't work; so I got frustrated and researched elsewhere. I definitely need more balance training though; so I'm grateful for the reminder! Report
A few of the links no longer work. Will they ever be removed or an alternate found? Report
Haven't used balance equipment but regularly do balance exercises and take a weekly strength/balance/yoga class. Report
Balance is every thing in our daily life. A great balance prevents us from many serious injuries.
Nice and informative post. Report
I need all of these! Report
I've done balance exercises with and without equipment. I like to annoy my teenage daughter by balancing on one leg whenever I'm just waiting for something (gas pump, carry out dinner, subway train, daughter...) Actually, I just do it as a strategy for fitting important little things into a busy schedule. "But Mom, that's SOO embarrassing!" Isn't that what parents are for?

I also have a BOSU I sometimes use when I'm at home. Report
Yoga is a great way to attain good balance, at any age. Report
Now I've got older I've noticed that my balance is starting to be a problem so this is a very timely blog for me and I am grateful for it. Will be compiling a workout for myself. I've been meaning to get a balance board for a while so the tips about working up to it using a mat - then rolling it etc are really useful. Report
I have Meneire's, so balance is a big deal for me. I discovered on the Wii, that I can actually improve my balance (retrain brain??) –so, exercises like this are important and I'm grateful for your posting them. One note: I have notice that touching a surface (wall chair etc) with even a finger tip helps me. Report
Great. I follow Roby Mitchell, M.D. on YouTube who is DrFittt and he does a lot of BOSU exercises. Report
Thanks so much for this article and the referenced articles. I've been feeling a bit wobbly lately and these exercises prove that indeed I do have a problem. I'm going to be adding balancing exercises to my strength training routine. Report
My balance is really poor and I have several healed fractures to show for it. I was in a class with much older people-80's etc. who were using the bosu ball like they were born to it. The instructor worked with me after class. A few wks later, I fractured my left arm badly and am back to the same place. I have got to try these exercises-my life depends on it! Report
Good Stuff ... Report
Thanks for this article. I have a bad back and need to strengthen my core, but Pilates aggravated the pain. I'll work my way up to these exercises. Great tip. Report
When I injured my right knee my physical therapist had me doing a series of balance exercises to get me ready to start training for my 1st 1/2 marathon. He said that doing yoga 3 times a week was key for my training. I am a true believer in this kind of training to help out in being injured free on my running training. Report
Carolee, you can go to Performbetter.com! Thanks for reading my blog! Report
Once while going through the airport I was putting my shoes back on while standing on 1 foot. The airport guy was amazed as I am a big person. He said most people any size couldn't do it. I didn't think much about it until later I was wondering why I had good balance. I believe it's because I do a lot of bicycle riding. So I would recommend bicycling for exercise due to the balance benefit as well as being easier on the knees. Report
I do paddleboarding which is an excellent combination of exercising and balance training! Plus, it's a whole lot of FUN, too! Report
I need to work on balance! I've improved already. I feel more stable when stretching after exercising ... but I'm interested in working up to using a balance board. Thanks for this blog! Report
Where do you get the equipment? Report