7 of the Worst Restaurant Foods in America

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We all enjoy eating away from home from time to time and try to make smart choices when we dobut sometimes we sabotage all our best efforts and give in to a moment of weakness. The more you know about diet-friendly dining, the better equipped you'll be to resist temptation.

Recently, Eat This, Not That outlined the 26 Worst Restaurant Foods in America. Here are seven you should avoid if at all possible.

1. Hardee's and Carl's Jr. 1/2-Pound Thickburger El Diablo

The name of this calorie-packed burger is the first clue that you should run the other direction. With nearly a day's worth of calories (1,290 to be exact), 85 grams of fat and a mind-boggling 2,790 milligrams of sodium, the only thing this monster has going for it is the high protein content.

2. Sbarro Stuffed Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza

You can't do too much damage with a single slice, right? Think again. This burrito-inspired pizza is stuffed with cheese, sausage and pepperoni, adding up to 810 calories, 40 grams of fat and 2,180 milligrams of sodium. Instead, opt for a skinnier slice with a thin crust and veggie toppings.

3. Arby's Curly Fries

The occasional French fry might not wreck your diet, but an order of these high-fat fried potatoes can do some damage. At 550 calories and 29 grams of fat per serving, these have the dishonor of containing more calories per gram than any other fast-food fries.

4. Uno's Chicago Grill Classic Deep Dish Individual Pizza

When you're craving a delicious Chicago-style pizza, selecting an individual pizza can seem like a great way to limit the nutritional damage. When it comes to deep pizza, remember that all that space provides plenty of room for extra cheese, sauce and toppings, which contribute over 2,300 calories, 164 grams of fat and 4,910 milligrams of sodium.

5. Chili's Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger

Although this sandwich includes items from a variety of food groups, it also includes more calories than most people should have for the entire day. It's packed with such diet wreckers as cheese bacon, mayo, barbecue sauce and (gasp!) fried onions. If the 1,400 calories aren't enough of a warning, the 84 grams of fat and 3,780 milligrams of sodium are pretty big red flags.

6. Quiznos Chicken Carbonara

A grilled chicken sub might seem harmless, but when you look closer, you'll see that it's smothered in Parmesan alfredo sauce, cheese and bacon. Eat the whole thing for lunch and you'll consume 1,360 calories, 70 grams of fat and 3,340 milligrams of sodiumthat doesn't leave much room for dinner.

7. California Pizza Kitchen Full Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad

This 1,500-calorie whopper gives salads a bad name. We're all about making fresh greens the centerpiece of a meal, but not when they come with 99 grams of fat and 80 grams of sugar, not to mention the 1,380 grams of sodium. 
Since most of these food items provide more calories, fat and sodium than recommended for an entire day's healthy diet, they are best left on the menu and not on your table.

What are the BEST entrée alternatives you have found to replace these seven when enjoying a meal away from home?