Scare Away Candy Calories with the Halloween Workout!

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Boo! Don't be scared of Halloween candy calories! Burn them off the fun way with this fast Halloween-themed cardio circuit workout. Perform each movement in the circuit for one minute straight before moving on to the next move. (If you need a demo for any of the movements, scroll down and click on its corresponding link below the image.) There are a total of ten moves, so the whole workout should take you exactly ten minutes. If you want an extra challenge, you can do the circuit 2-3 times through for a real calorie-scorching session! You can make this as low-intensity or high-intensity as you want, depending on how quickly you move during each exercise. Bonus: There is no equipment required, and it's great for small spaces!

Note: For the single-leg movements ("Boo-ty Blaster" and "Spooky Side Kick"), work one leg for 30 seconds and switch to the other leg for the remaining 30 seconds. 

Try this quick circuit for your workout today—if you dare! Tell us how you liked it in the comments. Don't forget to Pin, Like, and Tweet to share with your friends! PS: If you're feeling extra festive, turn up these 15 Spooky Workout Songs while you sweat.

Click here for the printable version!

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WHITEANGEL4 8/19/2019
Thanks Report
KHALIA2 12/3/2018
Great moves! Report
RD03875 10/28/2018
Wow, so many complaints over exercises Report
ARNETTELEE 10/27/2018
great info Report
MOOKBALL 10/26/2018
Really! Giving these common exercises new names doesn't make them any more effective tive against candy calories. Boo! Report
KATHRYNGC 10/26/2018
This one really made me smile. Making it fun helps get it done! Thanks! Report
SPARKLINGME176 10/26/2018
Yes! Looks fun!!!! THX! Report
NELLJONES 10/26/2018
I just avoid candy, Halloween or otherwise. Report
Great ideas, thank you! Report
can use these tips for Christmas also Report
If I had to do this to eat Halloween candy, my candy would get stale. Report
Great ideas. Report
Great workout ideas. Report
Fun workout!!! Especially wirh a group!! Report
Fun Halloween workouts! Report
Love the article! Report
That's a great workout! Report
Cute and fun Halloween workout Report
I tried this a couple weeks ago. It was kind of fun and a good workout. I will be doing it this week again for my TnT. Plan to do it three times instead of just one to get max points. Report
Such Fun, love it Report
The PDF link doesn't work Report
The PDF link doesn't work Report
The links do not work. I tried to print out the PDF and all I did was waste a whole lot of black ink!! It gave me the big black area, the first exercise, and the head of the woman on the second exercise! Report
Love it! As another member said, would be great to have a Halloween video workout.... In fact, Halloween Workout, Valentine Workout, Thanksgiving Workout.... All would be great! PS I know you can't exercise away a bad diet, but this is a fun idea and I appreciate it! Report
Please will you have an "add to activity tracker" it would be super helpful to everyone i know it would. Also, i would not have to only rely on the videos or workout generator. i would like to try all of the workout ideas that you have but NONE of them are able to be added to the tracker. Report
I agree with someone else's comment - I'd appreciate a video - I find it almost impossible to work with the pictures and jerky demo pictures! Report
Love it & thanks for the pdf !!! Report
would be nice to have a video.. Report
I'd love it if this were done as a video to follow along. I have a hard time with just the written instructions and still pictures. Report
This is a very cute article! Report
Some of these are actually doable with modifications. Have to stay off the floor because I need a crane to get up again. Report
Thanks for the feedback, TRUFFLEWITCH8! We have included a link right above the graphic to a printable PDF version. Report
Good moves, all of them, but I think more than 10 minutes is needed to burn off any significant amount of candy calories. One fun size Snickers is 80 calories. Even a tiny miniature peanut butter cup will give you 32. Sadly, I never stop at only one.

Believing I could balance my food intake with my workouts was one reason I gained the weight. Report
Looks like fun. I am going to give it a go. Exercise demos are very helpful. Thanks. Report
Would be super helpful to have a print option for these images. Report
I think this article should include some examples or at least a link to a list of just how many calories are in that Halloween candy. It takes a lot of working out to burn off that candy. Report
I love the names. I will give them a try. Report
Love it, thanks! Report