Scare Away Candy Calories with the Halloween Workout!

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Boo! Don't be scared of Halloween candy calories! Burn them off the fun way with this fast Halloween-themed cardio circuit workout. Perform each movement in the circuit for one minute straight before moving on to the next move. (If you need a demo for any of the movements, scroll down and click on its corresponding link below the image.) There are a total of ten moves, so the whole workout should take you exactly ten minutes. If you want an extra challenge, you can do the circuit 2-3 times through for a real calorie-scorching session! You can make this as low-intensity or high-intensity as you want, depending on how quickly you move during each exercise. Bonus: There is no equipment required, and it's great for small spaces!

Note: For the single-leg movements ("Boo-ty Blaster" and "Spooky Side Kick"), work one leg for 30 seconds and switch to the other leg for the remaining 30 seconds. 

Try this quick circuit for your workout today—if you dare! Tell us how you liked it in the comments. Don't forget to Pin, Like, and Tweet to share with your friends! PS: If you're feeling extra festive, turn up these 15 Spooky Workout Songs while you sweat.

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CECELW 4/12/2021
this is fun actually Report
Too many on the floor. I'd have to adjust the rest to my body. Report
ONLYME33 10/27/2020
Oldie-Goodie Report
REDROBIN47 10/26/2020
Good workout. Thank you. Report
JAMER123 10/26/2020
Cute. Thank you for sharing. Report
JILLIAN0216 10/26/2020
Love the Halloween names for the exercises. Report
CD10676776 10/26/2020
Cute, these exercises will make a fun Halloween party! Report
Sounds fun and how cool to pass out candy doing some of these moves. Report
AQUAGIRL08 10/26/2020
Very cute! Report
LGRIF22 10/26/2020
The moves are good, but I prefer watching and keeping up with a video. I tried to play the songs, most were unavailable. Report
These can be done right at my home desk! Coool. Report
PATRICIA-CR 10/26/2020
I totally love it! Report
GRANDMOTHER20 10/26/2020
Cute idea, thanks for the tips. Report
CARD512002 10/26/2020
going to try these ideas...thanks Report
KITTYHAWK1949 10/26/2020
we can try Report
I believe I tried these a few years ago, right at halloween time Report
Looks like fun. Report
Cute workout routine. Loved the music! Report
WOOHOO this is so much fun and doable Report
Super fun and so doable! Report
Looks like a fun work-out! Now I just have to convince myself to get up out of this lounge chair :-) Report
Fun idea. However, skipping the candy in the first place is smarter! Report
Can't wait to try some of these. Report
Thanks Very nice for this time of the year. Report
Isn't it easier to just not eat the candy? Report
Looks a lot like the total body exercises Report
These are great exercises. I love the names too! Report
Good set Report
Great moves! Report
Wow, so many complaints over exercises Report
great info Report
Really! Giving these common exercises new names doesn't make them any more effective tive against candy calories. Boo! Report
This one really made me smile. Making it fun helps get it done! Thanks! Report
Yes! Looks fun!!!! THX! Report
I just avoid candy, Halloween or otherwise. Report
Great ideas, thank you! Report
can use these tips for Christmas also Report
If I had to do this to eat Halloween candy, my candy would get stale. Report
Great ideas. Report
Great workout ideas. Report
Fun workout!!! Especially wirh a group!! Report
Fun Halloween workouts! Report
Love the article! Report
That's a great workout! Report
Cute and fun Halloween workout Report
I tried this a couple weeks ago. It was kind of fun and a good workout. I will be doing it this week again for my TnT. Plan to do it three times instead of just one to get max points. Report
Such Fun, love it Report