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Twisty Hop Exercise

Twisty Hop

Starting Position Stand tall with your back straight, abs engaged, shoulders relaxed, legs together, arms at your sides, and elbows bent 90 degrees with your forearms parallel to the floor in front of you. From there, twist from the waist so that your torso (and arms) turn to the right and your lower body turns toward the left.

Action This movement combines a twist with a hop. From the start position, hop with both legs together and land so that your lower body now points toward the right and the upper body twists to the left. Hop again, landing in the start position and repeat, twisting to the opposite side during each hop.

Special Instructions Because of the twisting nature of this exercise, practice caution or avoid this exercise completely if you have any lower back or hip problems. Make sure your back is straight and your abs are engaged at all times. When twisting your upper and lower body should always point in opposite directions of each other. Focus on that twisting coming from the waist. Hopping higher and/or faster will increase the intensity of this movement.

Exercise Categories: Advanced Cardio