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Step-Touch with Double Punches Exercise

Step-Touch with Double Punches

Starting Position Stand tall with your back straight, abs engaged, shoulders relaxed and elbows pointing behind you, palms next to your waist. You can place a resistance band, measuring tape, jump rope or other long object on the floor next to you as a guide (optional).

Action Breathe deeply as you step-touch side to side while punching both arms forward on each step to the side and pulling them back in to the starting position on each tap (touch).

Special Instructions Master the Basic Step-Touch exercises before trying this intermediate movement. If using a guide on the floor, step across it each time and monitor your footwork to avoid tripping. Be sure to move laterally without twisting or rotating your body. The wider you step to the side and the faster you move, the more intense this exercise will become.

Exercise Categories: Advanced Cardio