The 5-Minute Abs Workout


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Want to work more on your core strength, but aren't sure where to start? We've got you covered! Strengthen your core at home in just 1-5 minutes per day with this quick video series--no gym or equipment required! 

We've created this 5-Minute Abs series for you to use as you see fit. If you're just easing into core work, you can do one video each day for a fun fitness boost, or do all five videos consecutively for a mini core workout that will seriously challenge you. Follow along with each video and post how you did in the comments. We'd also love to hear your feedback about the video series, and are open to hearing ideas about other workouts you'd like to see in this format. Have fun! 

Video #1:1-Minute Plank Challenge

Video #2: 1-Minute Bicycle Crunch Challenge

Video #3: 1-Minute Banana Challenge

Video #4: 1-Minute Pendulum Challenge

Video #5: 1-Minute Swimming Challenge

Want more core workouts? Check out these quick videos you can also do at home!

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What did you think of the 5-Minute Abs series? How did you do? What other kinds of workouts would you like to see in this video format?

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  • 23
    I loved this. Now how do I record it in my exercise? I tried to record then individually but one minute of planking said it burned two calories? - 1/2/2017   11:20:32 AM
    So how much average calorie can I burn with this series? - 9/13/2016   6:00:01 AM
  • 21
    Very nice. As everyone should know, if you physically shouldn't do things then don't do them. But almost everyone else can. When I started exercising 2 years ago, I couldn't do a pushup without my back sparking with pain, so I didn't do them. Now I'm able to do so without that particular pain, just the normal muscle-work pain if I overdo them. hahaha - 8/10/2016   6:11:19 PM
    Is there somewhere that is all in one workout? - 2/21/2016   4:43:29 PM
  • 19
    I tried the 'Banana' and immediately got neck pain.

    I think some of those exercises are not suitable unless you're young and strong. - 2/20/2016   2:28:58 PM
  • 18
    Great Video. I need to work on my core. Will keep this handy. Thanks for sharing. - 2/20/2016   2:28:45 PM
  • 17
    Looove this video!! People post the nastiest remarks, geez. Didn't your mother ever tell you if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything? - 2/20/2016   11:16:54 AM
    Really liked this. I am planning on doing it every other day. But how do I log into my fitness counter? - 3/6/2015   8:37:25 AM
  • 15
    I was told to not do the "superman" exercise. And #5 seems close. - 3/5/2015   4:11:56 PM
    Two of the five are out for me - twisting the spine isn't appropriate for someone with osteoporosis. - 3/5/2015   2:25:33 PM
  • 13
    I have a real problem with extend-your-legs moves. I think it's just lack of strength. My bicycle crunches and banana were done with very bent legs, and I don't have any idea how you'd do the pendulum without letting your lower back off the floor! But my abs are tired, so something was being done!

    If anyone has suggestions for me on the pendulum, please share! - 3/3/2015   7:51:09 PM
  • 12
    Thank you! Excellent. And just in time. March is the month that I will use to focus on getting rid of the belly fat. I did all excersices today and I will do them every day in March. Canīt wait to see the results. - 3/3/2015   3:49:03 PM
  • FORDGIRL1950
    Even though I had the sound on full blast, Melinda's voice was not very loud and the echo in the room didn't help at all. If I was to bring the laptop on the floor, I am already dealing with my cats finding a spot (on my yoga mat) to sprawl on and making sure I don't hit them with my legs or something, her voice needs to be either louder or closer to the mike (as well as a different room). - 3/3/2015   3:18:36 PM
    I would love to do some of these exercises, however, so many of them are exercises requiring one to get on the floor. Due to previous injuries, there is no way I can get down on the floor unless I fall. Getting up is impossible and/or extreme painful. Riding a bike is very painful as well. I would love to see some exercises that one could do that would allow one to use their legs while sitting or standing, but in a way that is not so hard on the knees/ankles and lower back. - 3/3/2015   12:29:59 PM
  • 9
    #3 looks like it will be very hard on the lower back. Modifications, please!!!!!! - 3/3/2015   10:27:34 AM
    Loved the videos, but the sound needed to be better. I could hardly hear what she was saying. - 3/3/2015   10:16:14 AM
  • 7
    - 3/3/2015   9:46:05 AM
    Love this. Thank you! - 3/3/2015   9:02:15 AM
    Great post! Thanks Melinda! I can spare 5 minutes for a quick ab routine! Thanks for the challenge! - 3/3/2015   8:41:01 AM
  • MOONPIE007
    Wow, this ab series is exACTly what I needed to see. Can't even fool myself into believing I can't spare five minutes to work on my biggest fitness challege: Poor Core! Ive done the series all of once, and I feel it already. Thanks, Spark People! - 3/3/2015   8:15:54 AM
  • 3
    Wow this was supper challenging for me but I got it done. I love it and am going to add it to my list until I can go a whole minute. - 3/3/2015   7:40:59 AM
    Just what I was looking for! I have no excuse for not fitting these 5 exercises into my day along with my walking. Will definitely try to increase minutes as I get stronger. Thanks Melinda. - 3/3/2015   5:19:59 AM
  • SALJO09
    One minute is great and much easier to fit in so these I will definitely try. - 3/2/2015   7:08:44 PM

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