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Happy Labor Day! Today marks the unofficial end to summer and often the last chance to throw a barbecue or outdoor party in many parts of the country. The dailySpark's bloggers are enjoying a day with friends and family, but we wanted to leave you with a short post with some party survival tips! As you read this, I'm on a bike ride to celebrate one of my best friend's 30th birthday.

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We'll all be back in the SparkPeople offices tomorrow, but for now follow our lead and head outside. Enjoy the sunshine, spend some time with your loved ones, and Spread the Spark!

What are you doing today?

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  • 32
    I had a wonderful day. went grocery shopping this morning and this afternoon I worked at cleaning out my flower garden. The weather was so nice -the sun just right. and a slight wind. I even forgot how bad my hip and leg was hurting. a glorious day. thank you GOD. - 9/7/2010   9:46:00 PM
  • 31
    Rode the exercise bike for the usual 3 hrs. today, did the weights and squats and lunges, in other words, a regular day for us. dh watched sports when he did the bike. - 9/7/2010   8:57:27 PM
  • 30
    My husband and I took a lovely car ride, into the country-side. we ate in an old train station, converted into a restaurant. the food was great. we went to a park, with such a nice lake, and took pictures of the local wild life. all in all, a nice day. - 9/7/2010   3:16:31 PM
    Walked the Mackinac Bridge with 50000 other people. Quite the sight, our Governor lead the way!! - 9/7/2010   1:58:24 PM
    went to a cook out. played yard games and swam. had a veggie burger , salad and a vegan cupcake. - 9/7/2010   12:21:10 PM
  • 27
    I cleaned a house not my - 9/7/2010   9:25:29 AM
  • 26
    Went camping all weekend. Had a great time, but overate all weekend. Can't wait to get back on track and into my daily routine again! - 9/7/2010   8:34:35 AM
  • 25
    Walked 18 holes of golf in a tournament and then enjoyed the grilled chicken sandwich on the buffet. - 9/7/2010   8:18:04 AM
  • 24
    I rested my sore knee and make some healthy recipes. - 9/7/2010   5:47:42 AM
    Today I walked 90 minutes along Monterey Bay and Firsherman's Wharf. Later I cooked salmon for dinner and during the day I watch the tennis US Open. I use to play competitively but got away and now I'm back. - 9/7/2010   1:08:56 AM
  • 22
    I just had a quiet day at home. - 9/7/2010   12:32:59 AM
    We had dinner outside w/ the 2 dogs - 9/6/2010   11:20:38 PM
  • JANETK53
    Walked the school track....harvest pumpkins from the garden for a friend and enjoyed the sunshine....with friends.....turkey/sweet sausage kabobs for dinner w/fresh sweet corn from the garden....was a wonderful day here in New England - 9/6/2010   10:47:42 PM
  • 19
    Weather was beautiful!!! I walked 3.9 miles and cycled 5.8 miles. - 9/6/2010   9:59:37 PM
  • 18
    I walked 5.75 miles today and worked in my yard and did so gardening with the hubs. I had a great day! - 9/6/2010   9:39:45 PM
  • 17
    I just workout today. - 9/6/2010   8:48:36 PM
  • 16
    Cleaning house and cleaning our dairy barn to get ready for our state milk inspection. I want to pass the first time each year and not have to do another inspection. To date we have passed the first time for all the nine years we have been dairy farming. We try to keep the barn clean but you don't clean the pipeline daily or you wouldn't get anything else done in a day!! Dairy farmers seldom get a day off. - 9/6/2010   4:40:11 PM
  • 15
    Work from 4 a.m. until 1 p.m., laundry, strip and make beds, clean pool, after all , it IS LABOR day!! I think of the people that did what they did in Detroit, for us to have this holiday.. - 9/6/2010   4:32:45 PM
  • 14
    Spending time boating on the lake, then grilling hot dogs & hamburgers. - 9/6/2010   4:02:40 PM
  • 13
    I have to work. The supermarket I work for is open 24/7. - 9/6/2010   2:23:03 PM
  • 12
    Moving back from camp. SIGH! - 9/6/2010   2:12:20 PM
  • 11
    Three of us are going to walk the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge this afternoon. - 9/6/2010   1:11:32 PM
    I just ran 12.41 miles in the hills. 5 of us are going to have Labor Day Dinner. The 2 pitballs just have to watch. - 9/6/2010   12:58:23 PM
  • 9
    My daughter is goiing to visit me for a couple of days. Nothing special planned. I didn't even realize it was a holiday. - 9/6/2010   12:56:08 PM
  • 8
    Fish fry today! My dad is so generous to share his abundance of crappie he catches every year! I will oven bake the fries, have a vegetable salad, and fruit salad for dessert. Yummy! - 9/6/2010   12:27:20 PM
  • 7
    GREAT THANKS - 9/6/2010   11:59:12 AM
  • 6
    Tee and I always throw large BBQ and Skeet shoots on Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day. (HEY, this is extreme west Texas, it will be 94 degrees today, and still in the very high 70's to eighty on the Veterans Day bash). Brie - 9/6/2010   11:47:01 AM
  • 5
    Nothing special today - my sister and I are probably going to go ride our bikes and enjoy the weather today. :) - 9/6/2010   10:39:04 AM
  • 4
    I used to work every Labor Day when I worked retail grocery. always very busy. but retired two years ago so no more working every holiday.
    was going to cook out but it is cloudy and windy so guess I will throw the steak in the broiler and eat inside. just me and hubby and my mom anyways.. - 9/6/2010   9:47:02 AM
    I'm working... - 9/6/2010   9:23:49 AM
    Enjoying new baby boy just coming home from hospital. - 9/6/2010   8:56:19 AM
  • 1
    I am the Manager of a retail store, and it is the American way these days to shop on holidays,. so I am working. But we are having our own Labor Day Celebration at work. With grilled sausage, peppers, onions and the works. Each person is bringing in their fave picnic food. Not quite the same as getting out, but ya make do!
    And yes, I am bringing poultry sausage for me.
    Enjoy the day! - 9/6/2010   6:21:07 AM

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