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Don’t worry -- I’m not talking about that kind of streaking (keep your clothes on). I’m talking about a consistency streak to help you reach your goals (health and non-health-related). Something that I have said in the past, and still believe, is that "Consistency is the key to success! If you are consistent in reaching smaller goals, that leads to bigger goals, and you'll be successful no matter how you look at it."

I recently looked at my SparkStreaks page and noticed that I currently have a streak of 854 days (over 2 years) since my last drink of soda. WOW! That’s a long streak and I am proudly keeping it going. Not only am I keeping track of that goal as a streak though, I’m also keeping track of other various goals on my SparkStreaks page. Some of those include doing a minimum of 4 days of cardio, doing a minimum of 2 strength training session days, drinking at least 8 cups of water daily, and many more. While I am doing great with those streaks, my longest streak is my “don’t drink soda” goal. Now, while that may not seem like a big deal to others, that was a hard habit for me to break. I admit though, the first couple weeks were the hardest for me, but once I got past the first month, it did get easier. The longer I went without soda, it got even easier to not drink it. Today I don’t think a soda sounds appealing at all.

While the “no soda” goal has been easier as time goes on, it has been fun seeing how consistent I have been with that goal. Using SparkStreaks has really helped me see how well I can stay consistent with my goals overall, especially on days that I don’t feel as motivated to do certain things, which also helps motivate me to keep up with my goals. I am one of those people that likes to see my streaks get longer and would hate to have to start all over, so they have been a fantastic tool for me to use as I continue my healthy lifestyle. But even on the days that I may break one of my streaks, I don’t see it as a failure. Instead, I see it as a chance to look at how well I’ve been doing overall, see how I can do better and possibly go for a longer streak.

As I mentioned, SparkStreaks can help as a motivational tool. However, be forewarned, it may bring out your competitive side (it did with me and I’ve seen various SparkPeople members say something similar about themselves). Although, I think a little healthy competition with yourself is perfectly fine. As Steve Young said, “The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.”

Now remember, you don’t have to start out with large goals to make a difference in your health. Instead, we actually recommend starting with small goals/streaks, and over time, as those add up, you can build on the foundation that you created with those smaller goals. Doing that will then help you piece together a realistic healthy lifestyle and help you achieve even more goals.

Not sure how to set up a SparkStreak? No worries! Click here to learn more about setting up a SparkStreak today so you can join the fun of streaking!

Have you been using the SparkStreaks page to help you track your streaks? What is your current longest streak? Do you find yourself more motivated and/or more competitive when you see your streaks?

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  • 31
    I've been tracking my food via my app every day, yet my streaks show I didn't even sign in.. would anyone know how to fix this? or is the streak tracking only if I sign into my computer? if that's the case, wouldn't that be a shame.. ty ~k - 8/30/2014   3:59:17 PM
  • 30
    My focus for March is consistency because of all the benefits I have seen from developing this characteristic. Thanks for this great reminder! - 2/26/2012   2:09:58 PM
  • 29
    The daily log-in helps me to review all my goals for the day/week and get my mind right to start the day - 2/6/2012   8:46:44 AM
  • 28
    SparkStreaks are one of the VERY BEST parts of this! Thank you for creating a way for us to track our progress. On challenging days those streaks are sometimes the very last defense in keeping my healthy habits going. - 2/5/2012   6:41:25 PM
  • 27
    One streak I want to (well, should) is giving up sugar. Just the thought of giving up sweets makes me want to cry, but I've just never been able to consume them in anything less than mass quantities. - 2/5/2012   12:24:35 PM
    I would LOVE to have a streak going!! I am TERRIBLE at that! I am going to have to try harder...I think maybe I will use a paper and stickers so I can see it every single day!! - 2/5/2012   8:25:23 AM
    wow - 2/4/2012   8:20:31 PM
  • 24
    I am extremely proud of my 525 day strength training streak - granted it's only about 3-5 of the exercises given to me by sparkpeople. I do rotate between core, upper and lower body, but I have not missed a day in a year and a half. I got a massage to celebrate #500 - but the massage was crappy - so that really wasn't reinforcing. What is reinforcing to me - was spending the day with a Great friend, and her encouragement as I reach different round numbers. And looking at the number on the back of my front door! I can't bear to think of having to start over, don't think I would. So I plan if I'm not going to be home - how I'm going to make sure I don't break my streak!
    Congratulations for you soda streak - that is a Biggie!
    BTW - I also have a 1200 + days of logging into sparkpeople streak going! Woo Hoo! - 2/4/2012   6:58:07 PM
  • 23
    The other kind of streaking is more fun. - 2/4/2012   2:37:33 PM
  • 22
    Ooops wrong post. - 2/4/2012   12:25:21 PM
  • FELICIA1963
    I like this - I have had a good exercise streak going on as well as regular check ins with Spark People - keeping track of it all will help encourage me - now to just focus on staying within my daily calorie range! - 2/4/2012   7:01:34 AM
    I like using the spark streaks/other goals to encourage myself to do even non-exercise/healthy eating stuff like making my bed and cleaning up the house :) when i do these things consistently it helps my well-being so it fits right at sparkpeople! - 2/3/2012   9:44:21 PM
  • 19
    Thanks for the reminder, I forget to check them. But, I just did and boy do I have some long streaks. It's time to set a couple of new ones! - 2/3/2012   12:44:45 PM
  • 18
    As a proud SP user for more than two years, I have many streaks. But it's such a PAIN to track them, so they aren't recorded on my page. I wish there was an easier way to track streaks, because that check system isn't working!
    - 2/3/2012   10:11:08 AM
  • 17
    this really encourages me to start taking my streak goals more seriously!!! Great job - 2/3/2012   10:00:07 AM
  • 16
    Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week: 47 weeks. That's every week since I've been on Spark. That was a preset goal, though. My real goal is to exercise at least 30 minutes/day, and I've missed only 2 days in 50 weeks. I DO love it, and it really does motivate me! - 2/3/2012   9:46:34 AM
  • 15
    725 days drinking at least 8 glasses of water! - 2/3/2012   9:31:18 AM
  • 14
    I have 721 days spinning the wheel so far. Is there a list way to see the biggest streaks for spinning the wheel? I'd be curious. - 2/3/2012   8:35:38 AM
  • 13
    I've exercised a minimum of 10 minutes a day since I joined Sparkpeople almost a year ago.. but a few months in I missed recording a day. When I realized the streak had started over I tried to fix it but the site wouldn't let me.. so a Streak I had worked hard to achieve was gone, just like that. I had the flu for a week and remember struggling to walk for 10 minutes on the treadmill.. I had to stop and sit still after 5 minutes and then try again.. just so I could keep that Streak going. And after all that.. I lose credit because of a technical restriction..? Really not cool. - 2/3/2012   8:34:09 AM
  • 12
    I'm very glad that MOST of the streaks can be updated for days I can't get to the net. Thus, my 768 days of 9 cups of water is a more accurate reflection of my Spark usage than my 3-day log-in streak. I don't have a smart hand-held tech. device, so when I'm out in the field, I don't have access to the net (and, ooh, is that a blessing!) but I can't show my streaks. Oh, well, I know I'm still sparking. - 2/3/2012   8:18:23 AM
    I have logged into sparkpeople and spun the whee lfor 267 days so far. - 2/3/2012   7:19:17 AM
  • 10
    When I am away from home and don't have internet access, I am disappointed that I can't keep the streaks going - 2/3/2012   12:24:52 AM
    This is cool. - 2/2/2012   11:36:04 PM
  • 8
    Keep the streak going !! - 2/2/2012   11:04:41 PM
  • 7
    I love Streaks. It makes it very competitive for me. I haven't had 800+ days of anything though lol. - 2/2/2012   10:29:20 PM
  • 6
    I'd been wanting to get in the habit of flossing my teeth for YEARS. January 1, 2011 I set up a Spark streak and flossed. 6 months later, I officially stopped tracking it on Spark. I've missed 2 days of flossing in the 13 months.

    Oh, and I've logged in and spun the wheel for 1275 days. - 2/2/2012   10:27:52 PM
  • 5
    I've checked in for 640 days in a streak. I have drank all my water for 490 day, so those are pretty good. - 2/2/2012   9:46:14 PM
  • 4
    Im realizing that Iīm very competitive especially with myself and spark streaks. ītīs been a wonderful tool for me. Although there are times when I just let it go since Iīm not on a normal routine, I have enjoyed seeing how long I can keep a streak going. - 2/2/2012   8:38:02 PM
  • ANNEV2012
    I'm streaking right now!!! Day 33 is in the bag!

    In 2006 I streaked for all 365 of the year...it was fun! - 2/2/2012   8:24:28 PM
    Great post! The 10 Minutes a Day streak has been one of the best things I've tried. You're right, absolutely, that accountability and consistency in one area tend to create consistency in other areas, too. - 2/2/2012   6:12:39 PM
    I haVE BEen on Sparkpage for about 116 days in a roll. I am very proud of that streak. I am going to try exercising 4 days per week as a streak for a least thirty minutes. - 2/2/2012   2:30:36 PM

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