Start a Small Streak

From your first Fast Break to quick and easy exercise ideas, the SparkPeople program relies heavily on the power of consistency. More than anything else, it emphasizes the idea of creating (or breaking) new habits through small actions over time.

Consistency can be helpful, but it can also be motivating. When it takes the form of a streak, consistency is an underrated way to get your blood pumping again. Keeping a streak alive, even for a short time, is an instant power boost. It breeds confidence, builds momentum and puts you on the winning side again if you’re starting to feel yourself slide.

Some people gravitate toward streaks. They get a rush out of seeing how long they can go without drinking soda and a sense of accomplishment from exercising for 60 days in a row. These people do well with daily streaks.

Other people are a little more wary of streaks. The idea of doing something every day can be intimidating and stressful to some. That’s okay. We’ve found that these people can still benefit by trying a weekly streak, as in “I will walk 3 times a week every week for 20 weeks.”

If you’re feeling a little unmotivated, or you want to give your program a jumpstart, or if you just want to set a challenge for yourself, choose a small streak today and add it to your program. The more consistent you can be, the more results you'll see!

Some pointers on starting your own streak:
  • Set a goal for your streak. A specific number is more clear and often more motivating than leaving it open-ended.
  • If you break your streak, don’t get discouraged. Just try to outdo yourself next time. Streaks aren’t about perfection. They’re about doing better.
  • Remember to reward yourself along the way as you reach streak milestones, and especially when you reach your goal or personal best streak.
  • Streak in public. Just by telling others what your streak is, you create some positive peer pressure to follow through. Plus it gives others the opportunity to help.
  • Start off with something you know you can succeed with, but don’t already do regularly. Think of a small habit you’d like to make or break.
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Thank you. Report
good ideas! Report
Good article. Report
Breaking my streak really cancels out the motivation it would provide. I realize this is part of a perfection complex problem. Report
thanks Report
I like seeing if I can do better at exercising everyday. Longest streak is 31 days. going to work on doing 60. Report
thanks Report
I just said I need some motivation. My next read was this article! Report
I need to try this. Could be a good motivator for me. Report
LOL "Streak in public" ... lookie there! Lookie there! A good new meaning to being called a streaker! LoLšŸ¤£ Report
A few weeks ago I started over I am ashamed to admit this,but I never was giving my all to Sparks plus myself I think the streaks are so important I always over looked them before ,now I am exploring everything I can about sparks .I even signed on with the Premium offer
Judy Report
Great article Report
I just came off a streak of not having French fries, chips or anything potato related of 75 days!!!! Report


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