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Sporty Dogs: The Best Breeds for Active People

The Best Dogs for Running, Biking and Other Outdoor Activities

If you're an active and outdoorsy person who likes running, hiking or boating, it's nice to have some company who shares your passion. When your friends and loved ones aren't available, there's a dog for that.  
Before you adopt a cute little puppy, consider your choice carefully. Some dogs love tagging along on your active pursuits and climate, but others, no matter how hard you try, will never be your go-to sporting buddy. While every dog has an individual personality and temperament, certain breeds (or mixes of those breeds) are more likely to enjoy (and keep up with) certain physical pursuits.
Find out which breeds are most geared toward specific activities, sports and climates so you can find your perfect match!
Long-Distance Walking
Nearly all dogs love to go for walks, but if you plan to cover serious ground (more than a mile or two) the average canine might not be willing to go the distance. These three breeds will walk the line.

Doberman pinscher: This large, energetic dog's behavior improves when he gets plenty of exercise. Long walks are perfect for this breed, which is known to excel in obedience training. Many people are afraid of Dobermans because of their reputation as guard dogs, so be prepared to get some looks on your walks—which could be a good thing if you walk alone and want to feel safer.

Rottweiler: Proper training and early socialization is crucial for this powerful breed. The cute puppy can reach more than 100 pounds in weight in a matter of weeks. Long walks are a healthy choice for these dogs who can easily become overweight if they're given too much food.

Border collie: This herding dog has virtually limitless amounts of energy and curiosity, which can make him a challenging pet to own. Keep him busy or he'll get bored. This is also a perfect breed to explore dog sports like agility and flyball.
For running, you'll want a companion who can keep up with you in both speed and distance. A long-legged dog will be better able to match your stride and stay the course. These are the best breeds to consider if you prefer a four-legged running partner.

Rhodesian ridgeback: Bred in Africa to hunt lions, these dogs can be stubborn if not trained early in life. But their stamina will impress even the most avid runners.

Saluki: For fast runners, there's no better companion than this ancient breed. These sleek dogs are difficult to train and tend to be quiet and shy. Always keep this breed on a leash, otherwise their strong prey drive could cause them to chase a squirrel (or a cat) right into the street.

Vizsla: This hunting dog needs an hour of exercise a day to be happy, but he'd rather stick beside you than stray far away. Help him stay warm during winter runs; his short coat won't do the trick. Continued ›
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