Burn It Off: How Many Laps to Undo Taco Bell's Big Box Meal?


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

Although Taco Bell's Big Box Meal has enough food and calories in it to feed a whole family for dinner, Taco Bell says it's a "meal that's made for men." In your big box, you'll get: a large soda (pictured as the Baja Blast), the new Volcano Taco, a Burrito Supreme, a Crunchwrap Supreme, and Cinnamon Twists. So how many 400-meter laps (that's one standard track lap) would you have to run to burn off this enormous meal? 10? 20? 100?

Per Taco Bell's website (and a few other sources, since Taco Bell offers no information on the Baja Blast or any other soft drinks), here are the caloric totals for this "manly" meal:

According to SparkPeople.com's fitness tracker, a 150-pound woman who runs a 10-minute mile pace (6 mph) will burn 30 calories per lap. To burn off the Big Box Meal, you'd have to jog (at a pretty good pace no less!) over 59 laps, which is just under 15 miles!

I don't know about you, but I don't think it's worth it.

How about you split that meal three ways instead, allowing each person to pick one of the food items and sharing the cinnamon twists? (By the way, are you are as surprised at the high calorie count of that seemingly light dessert as I am?) When you share the food and choose water, you'll take in a much more reasonable amount of calories.

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  • 84
    That is just crazy!!! I can't even believe they are allowed to offer this on the menu. No one has a chance after eating that, but we do have the ability to make better choices and this is NOT one of them. Stay away from this meal! - 9/13/2008   3:17:08 PM
  • 83
    I can see why I don't eat fast food. Yikes. Can they be serious? It's really kind of unethical, to promote this kind of eating, knowing that most people don't have the time or knowledge to make a good choice. We shouldn't have to become nutritional experts to be able to make good food choices. I just stay away from fast food--then I don't have to read dismal numbers like this. - 9/13/2008   1:23:01 PM
  • 82
    Ok 1780 calories for me a 215 pound man standing at 6'6" who eats 3600 calories a day at age 34, how many laps running a 10 minute mile? At 50 calories per lap, 50x4=200x9=1800, so 36 laps= 9 miles of running. This almost sounds like a challenge to see what happens but the ammount of grease and fat in this meal would make me sick. Yesterday I let myself get to dinner and had only eaten around 1000 calories for the day, I went and exercised burning 1453 in calories and then ate dinner around 8pm(bad I know) so I ate 1700 calories for dinner and felt like a pinata the rest of the evening. Just because you "can" doesn't mean you should in my case is what I think when I read about this meal. And no I do not make it a habit to let myself get so far behind like this in a day but just kinda happened when my day got away from me. - 9/13/2008   12:21:54 PM
  • 81
    Fast food chains just want to make us co-dependent upon them and fat! - 9/13/2008   11:56:28 AM
  • 80
    I can't believe they're marketing this as a single meal! Wow. It looks like a family meal to me. - 9/13/2008   11:53:24 AM
  • 79
    Wow...If separate this box into all day will be oka..ha . You eat one at the time .
    I can't imagine all at once ,thats just too much. - 9/13/2008   10:46:57 AM
  • 78
    Insane!!! and America wonders why its "fat" ??? - 9/13/2008   10:41:01 AM
  • 77
    why ingest any of that junk when there is real food to eat? - 9/13/2008   10:40:26 AM
  • TZERS01
    Holy cow!
    Man, that gives you cause to pause before ordering. - 9/13/2008   10:32:48 AM
  • 75
    The only thing I get now from Taco Bell is the Fresco Ranchero Chicken Soft Tacos which only have 170 calories per taco, low fat, and they are really good. So I can have 2 and still be fine on my calories and I top it off with an unsweet iced tea. Even my daughter that's 14 likes those tacos too. - 9/13/2008   9:18:49 AM
  • 74
    Gosh, might as well just swill down a gallon of lard and be done with it!! I can hear my arteries come to a screeching halt!!! - 9/13/2008   9:10:38 AM
  • 73
    OMG!!! That meal alone is over my daily limit! I haven't been to TB this year but I'm going to put in my old pics and see what I come up with. Fast food just isn't worth it! It's quick(sometimes) at the drive thru but it takes forever to work it off! - 9/13/2008   8:51:01 AM
  • 72
    No thank I don't do taco - 9/13/2008   8:16:54 AM
  • 71
    Yikes! No thank you.
    On a recent road trip, we stopped at Taco Bell for dinner. My stomach felt bad for the rest of the day. Ick... - 9/13/2008   8:02:35 AM
  • 70
    Thanks for an inspiring blog! I never thought of it in terms of how many laps to undo but I have decided that most things aren't worth the calories I am allowed daily.

    When I just have to have something I don't fight it. But I always try to rethink before I eat. Quite often the urge will pass with a good nap.

    Just MHO,
    Linda - 9/13/2008   6:47:52 AM
  • 69
    I don't think I could eat that many calories in one meal anyway. Yikes! I'm shocked at the cinnamon twists! - 9/13/2008   3:58:27 AM
  • 68
    Wow! I couldn't myself imagine eating that whole box...that's just sick!
    Don't even want to imagine the stomach upset eating one would cause...NO Thanks. But very interesting putting your meal in terms of how much it'll take you to "work" it off. - 9/13/2008   1:16:32 AM
  • 67
    Not surprised in the least. That is why I stay away from fast food. And only all the calories and fat but also all the sodium! NO WAY!!! - 9/12/2008   11:52:23 PM
  • 66
    We suppose to eat healthy. If a person wants to get fat, that meal is for them.

    Thanks for the information ........................... - 9/12/2008   10:55:17 PM
  • 65
    If I'm eating at Taco Bell, it's usually two hard shells and a water....it's not too horribly bad then... - 9/12/2008   10:47:42 PM
  • 64
    The Cinnamon Twists.....they have 170 calories on them not 560 or whatever they said so that is false. I wouldn't eat that whole meal anyway. That is way to much food. If you love Taco Bell try a tostada. Cheap and it isn't that bad on the calorie side! - 9/12/2008   10:01:30 PM
    i find Taco Bell to be the hardest fast food chain to negotiate. i know they have the fresco option but for me mexican style w/o cheese is a big 'Why bother.' so generally, i stay out of there - the temptation is too great. - 9/12/2008   9:09:54 PM
  • 62
    They advertise this as a meal for 'men.' I don't know very many men who could afford this as one meal in a day with two other meals. Love the way they play on the misguided macho image to get bigger portions out there. - 9/12/2008   8:54:55 PM
  • 61

    Thanks for clearing this up! I think it must just be a typo on their end. - 9/12/2008   8:37:55 PM
  • 60
    I had no idea about the cinnamon twists either!! I usually get something off the Fresco menu if we go while we're on the run, but usually it's more worth it to me to just have some nachos on my cheat day ;) - 9/12/2008   7:26:00 PM
  • 59
    wow! - 9/12/2008   6:37:31 PM
  • 58
    Yikes. I am glad I never crave for that kind of things. - 9/12/2008   4:21:11 PM
  • 57
    I really love the fresco menu... it's not bad as an occasional treat. But OMG... to eat all that is absolutely insane! - 9/12/2008   2:52:37 PM
  • 56
    I don't think the cinammon twists are worth any amount of calories. They aren't that good, and they're gone in about two seconds! I'd rather have the vanilla cone at mcdonald's, which would at least take me awhile to eat!

    I still love Taco Bell, but some things from there just aren't worth it! - 9/12/2008   2:45:22 PM
    Hi again !! The calorie and fat content on the Taco Bell website is wrong for the cinnamon twists , I checked the nutrition guide at work ( I work at Taco Bell) and cinnamon twists only have 170 calories and 7 grams of fat , and the portion isn't any bigger for the box meal , we only sell one size twists .
    And the drink size given with the box meal is 32 ounces so even WITHOUT the twists being 560 calories , the drink would STILL have 455 calories in it for a regular soda so it would end up being pretty much the same .
    Thank you for the enlightment Coach Nicole , thats why I only eat chicken fresco hard tacos if I eat there at all .
    It's all about choices people nobody FORCES us to put this stuff in our mouths , yet day after day ( I'm a cashier) I sell PLENTY of these box meals + extra's to people who KNOW they are obese .
    I'm not saying I haven't had my moments , but when are people going to stop blaming the fast food industry , and start taking the blame for their own actions . JMO - 9/12/2008   2:37:31 PM
  • 54
    Hey everyone-
    The calorie counts are correct. Please refer to this taco bell link: http://www.tacobell.com/bigbox / (this link is also embedded in the blog entry itself) and then click on "Nutrition Guide and Food Allergens" in the bottom left corner. - 9/12/2008   1:35:09 PM
  • 53
    I apologize I read down further and the cinnamon twist portion for the big box does say 560 calories.I did go back to the website and it says the same thing for big box. The regular portion is 170 calories. I never eat the big box meal only items from the fresco menu. - 9/12/2008   1:28:05 PM
  • 52
    Coach Nicole I think you should look at the website again as I looked at it and it is only 170 calories and a wonderful sweet lower calorie snack I enjoy at Taco Bell. - 9/12/2008   1:24:03 PM
    for one the cinna twist is only 170 calories, not to mention you can get any drink you want so diet would be chosen in my case. so with the correct math you can save 600 calories on this meal! - 9/12/2008   1:06:28 PM
  • 50
    Even with all the corrections, you would still get over 1,500 calories. That's ridiculous. I'll pass or split the whole thing between me and my three kids. - 9/12/2008   12:56:26 PM
  • 49
    Just reading this left a greasy taste in my mouth. No Thanks, Taco Bell. - 9/12/2008   12:54:37 PM
    Ick! I don't eat fast food anyway and even if I was in a situation where I HAD to go through a drive-thru Taco Bell would be the very last on the list. I think it's just gross and isn't even food. I know it sounds really harsh but that's how much it grosses me out. - 9/12/2008   12:53:03 PM
  • 47
  • 46
    All of this nutritional information (save the drink) came from the chart on the Taco Bell website. - 9/12/2008   12:42:12 PM
  • 45
    I think the fast food industry is just out of control. Why don't they start a new chain for healthy choices only (that taste good). I totally shun these calorie overload chains even though at times, a quick meal seems like just the ticket. I wait or get a latte to time me over (skim milk, of course, and hold the sugar!) - 9/12/2008   12:41:19 PM
    My friend just had one of those. I settled for just one Volcano Taco. Well he better get moving. - 9/12/2008   12:38:37 PM
  • 43
    A burrito supreme has 320! I can't find the stats on the volcano one though! - 9/12/2008   12:34:07 PM
  • 42
    Actually, the crunchwrap supreme has 560 calories, not the cinnamon twists. Looks like there was a mistake with the chart that is posted in the article!!! - 9/12/2008   12:31:58 PM
  • DANICA68
    That's just crazy. - 9/12/2008   12:20:15 PM
    Yeah, Taco Bell's fresco menu is a big improvement. Remember that even the fresco items can have as many as 330 calories so don't go nuts. - 9/12/2008   12:19:42 PM
  • 39
    The cinnamon twists do not have that many calories look at the Taco Bell web site it is only 170 calories not the 560 you have put down! - 9/12/2008   12:05:33 PM
    I bet my hubby won't want to eat this anymore! - 9/12/2008   12:00:31 PM
  • 37
    It's all pseudo-food. The chemical additives to enhance the flavor of this junk is addictive, just like crack. Who are the real criminals here? - 9/12/2008   11:45:37 AM
  • 36
    I would never in a million years have guessed what a calorie bomb those cinnamon twists are! Eegads! - 9/12/2008   11:44:37 AM
  • 35
    OMG!!! Ok, I was having trouble giving up fast food (and Taco Bell is one of my favorite places), but this information is HUGE! I knew the "Big Box Meal" (or any other combo on the list for that matter) probably had more calories than a healthy meal...But DANG! I don't think I'm going to have that many more problems staying away now. Thanks for the info:) - 9/12/2008   11:28:54 AM

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