Body Bliss: What Do You Love about Yourself?


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We are our own worst critics. Somehow, it’s all too easy to zero in on everything you don’t like about your body when you look in the mirror. Similarly, one harsh comment from another person can stick with you for the rest of your life. (I’ll never forget how I felt when several kids wrote my name next to “ugliest cheerleader” in a middle school slam book.) Why is it that we can easily recall these negative comments, or recite a laundry list of things we’d like to change about ourselves, but when asked to recall the most recent compliment you got, or list your best feature, you come up blank? It’s time to change that!

Let’s stop dwelling on the negative and start focusing on all the positives! No matter what kind of shape you’re in, how far you are from your ideal weight, or how much you might have been picked on, we all have something to offer. I don’t care if the only thing you find cute is your little toe. There has to be something you’re proud of.

Now’s your chance to toot your own horn without judgment! In this game, there is no such thing as being too arrogant or too conceited. Can you list 5 things you like—maybe even love—about your appearance? How about 10, 20, or even 50? Share them with the world by commenting below! Let those creative juices flow. You deserve to feel beautiful, handsome, and special—and it’s OK to tell yourself that you are, even if no one else does.

And next time you’re trying to motivate yourself to push through an extra mile on the treadmill, think about this list instead of the things you wish you could change. Chances are, you’ll feel happy and be motivated to finish that workout with gusto!

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  • 405
    as short as they are, I love my legs. they are muscular and strong and help me to walk my dogs. even though i have some extra flab, i am not too ashamed of my arms. they are generally pretty fit looking. - 5/7/2011   11:07:42 AM
  • 22MEGS
    I love:
    My eyes
    My hair
    Love of animals
    My sense of humomy height - 5/5/2011   7:47:26 PM
    1 ~ My eyes
    2 ~ My hugs
    3 ~ My teeth
    4 ~ My work ethic
    5 ~ My appreciation for good food & great wine

    ...seriously, that WAS hard!! - 5/5/2011   4:46:07 PM
  • 402
    I love my:

    1. Shoulders
    2. Hands
    3. Eyes
    4. Hair (with Brazilian relaxer of course)
    5. Dimples (more visible when weight is down)
    - 3/20/2011   7:04:56 PM
  • 401
    5 things i like about my appearance:
    secretly muscular (under the fat)
    high cheek bones

    this was difficult - 3/16/2011   9:55:17 PM
  • 400
    Deep breath! Okay here it goes!
    1. My hair! It's thin yet I have a lot of it!
    2. My legs
    3. My skin complextion, thank you Portuguese side of the family!
    4. My boobs, always can rely on the ladies
    5. My badonkadonk!
    6. More than anything my artistic and creative abilities, thanks to that I have a job I love and enjoy doing! - 3/15/2011   9:03:46 AM
    My smile and my brown eyes. - 3/15/2011   6:24:05 AM
  • 398
    Trying for five:

    1) My hourglass figure
    2) My eyes
    3) My freckles
    4) My hair color
    5) My calves - 3/14/2011   9:47:09 AM
    I love:

    My smile
    My eyes
    My calves
    My nose
    My skin
    My small feet
    My hands - 3/14/2011   7:38:04 AM
  • 396
    1) I love my legs
    2) I love my boobs (my girls and I are good friends)
    3) I love my nose (it holds up my glasses well...and is pretty cute too!)
    4) I love my freckles (I don't tan but I get more adorable freckles on my shoulders and knees in the summer)
    5) I love my smile (I think it lights up my face and makes people feel important part of my job as a school counselor). - 3/4/2011   7:15:57 AM
  • 395
    I love my eyes.
    My butt.
    My long legs.
    My boobs.
    My big lips.
    & the way I share my love with others! - 3/2/2011   3:32:12 PM
  • 394
    I am naturally attractive enough I don't have to wear make up, strong enough to survive years of abuse, short and I like being short, and I am beginning to come to terms with my curly hair and appreciate it. I like my skin tone and I appreciate my creativity, ability to write, draw and do artistic out of the box type things. - 2/28/2011   9:44:13 AM
  • 393
    My body is still a work in progress but I have been blessed with great thick hair and rock hard finger nails. - 2/27/2011   11:50:06 PM
    1. My smile
    2. My husband says I have a nice butt.
    3. My height
    4. My strength
    5. My skin tone
    6. My curly hair
    7. My deep brown eyes - 2/27/2011   6:51:16 PM
    1. my darker complexion. A lot of my friends are always complaining about how white they are and they go tanning all the time. I would never ever do that, but I'm glad I don't even need it!

    2. my calves. I like to think they have awesome definition

    3. I guess I have nice boobs? hahaa I've never been real obsessed with them but people have complemented me on them before! - 2/27/2011   11:27:57 AM
  • 390
    1. My breasts. Had to go there, because I have one awesome rack.
    2. My muscular legs.
    3. My hips, which are proportional to my bust and make a really pleasing hourglass shape. I love my curves!
    4. My feet, which are pretty cute.
    5. My hair, which is naturally a pretty shade of blonde, and very thick and full and straight. - 2/27/2011   9:06:19 AM
  • 389
    I love:
    1) My teeth (after all those years of painful orthodontics, I'd better!)
    2) My natural hair color (I look like my mother and my aunts)
    3) My nose
    4) My neck and jawline (They have always been pretty defined)
    5) My skin color (I gave up on self-tanners and attempting to tan years ago. This is my natural, pasty color. And it's mine)
    6) My forearms, wrists, and hands
    7) My feet (They have a cool shape)

    **Wow. This is an amazing post. I remember thinking a few weeks back that there was no part of my body that I liked. Thank you, Nicole, for posting this. I feel like this small exercise is important to my healing process. - 2/27/2011   12:31:01 AM
  • 388
    This is harder than I thought.

    I love my wrists, calves, biceps. My wrists have become so small my watch is more like a bracelet. My calves and biceps are starting to get definition.

    My body is a work in progress and it's getting better every day. - 2/26/2011   10:38:22 PM
    Ican not say I love my body yet .Ilove that I am feeling better,and I love my personality and my heart is willing to give anything I can to anyone. - 2/26/2011   1:41:03 PM
  • 386
    Honestly, this was not easy. I've never liked myself much. In fact when I was in college, I was very slim and thought I was fat, so I am a work in progress. Anyway, here is what I can come up with:
    1. I love my hips.Somewhere under all this weight, I am pretty sure I have an hourglass figure.
    2. I love my skin tone. It took me a LONG time to accept this. I have very, very fair skin. I don't tan and hate using sprays so I am always vampire white.
    3. I love my eye color. I get it from my mom, where as my brother and sister took after my dad. My eyes are hazel, but when I am angry, they turn more green.
    4. I love my lips. Nice and full. Never need to inject anything in them!
    5. I love my frame. I am medium/large boned, and I have no problem with it. I come from generations of farmers from Germany and Norway, and I am strong. It makes me proud. - 2/24/2011   7:56:48 PM
  • 385
    I love my hair . . it's curly and dishwater blond and "hides" my gray :-}
    I love my hourglass figure . . people are shocked when I tell them my weight.
    I love my green eyes
    I love my smile
    I love my legs . . they can carry me wherever I want to go
    I love my attitude . . it may take me a while to get where I am going, but I get there one day at a time. - 2/24/2011   3:31:50 PM
  • 384
    I like that I have feminine curves, my pretty hair, long legs, award-winning smile, and great posture! - 2/23/2011   11:12:35 PM
    i love my...

    - 2/23/2011   7:38:06 PM
    Here's what I love about my appearance :
    1. My wild & crazy curly hair that has a life of its own.
    2.My strong legs .I was called "Rambo Legs " in school!
    3. The beauty mark above my lip.
    4.My freckles .
    5. My small, flat -against-my-head ears .
    6.My cute feet.
    7.My scars.They remind me of my past.
    8.The color of my eyes .They are a dark rootbeer brown. - 2/23/2011   2:18:16 PM
  • 381
    I love my bust size.
    I love my hair.
    I love how full my lips are.
    I like how small and feminine my hands are.
    I love the definition on my legs.
    I love my hourglass shape.
    I love the colour of my eyes.
    I love my large bone structure.
    I love how wide my hips are.
    I love my nose. - 2/23/2011   1:16:36 PM
  • 380
    I love:
    My tanacity in all things that I do
    My intelligence
    My compassion for others
    My hair
    My legs
    My eyes - 2/23/2011   12:25:35 PM
  • 379
    1. my brain - I absolutely love biochemistry. From what I hear, that's fairly unique.
    2. my eyes - They get a lot of compliments, because they are "different."
    3. my DNA - I've got a pretty decent set of genes, from what I can tell. Even lugging an extra 40 pounds, my body has a great, curvy shape. NOBODY believes that I weigh as much as I truly do. Also, I've got an incredible ability to amass muscle.
    4. my hair - It's wild and poufy and I get it from my dad. Some days I let it curly and wild to remind me of my roots (no pun intended), but when I straighten it, I must be a knock-out, for I receive a lot of (unwanted) male attention.
    5. my smile - My teeth used to be perfectly straight after wearing braces for 3 years, but they have since shifted a little bit. For years, this really bothered me, because they were no longer "perfect." But once I stopped buying into the media garbage, I now love them for being so white and strong to feed me. - 2/23/2011   10:02:44 AM
    I love my smile, my kindness, my positive attitude, my hips, my hair, my breasts, my eyes, my lips, my ears and my laughter. JEC - 2/6/2011   11:52:36 PM
  • 377
    I love:

    ~My creative mind
    ~My vivid eyes (bright green, with an orange center)
    ~My dark/gallows' humor
    ~My frequent spurts of boldness
    ~My long, well-shaped nails
    ~My long, thick, brown-red hair
    ~My "cat-like" sway of my hips as I walk (I had an attractive male friend tell me that when I was in high school and it STILL makes me feel sexy)
    ~My musical abilities - 2/2/2011   3:47:29 PM
  • 376
    1. my legs, my hubby still thinks they're sexy, even though I'm 60.
    2. my stamina, I can keep going and going and going
    3. my love of the outdoors, the BEST place to exercise
    4. my ears, nice and tight to my head
    5. my arms which are not saggy, given my age - 2/2/2011   3:14:46 AM
  • 375
    I really like:
    my teeth - was told they are very straight
    my smile - was told it is beautiful
    my legs - got that from my mom
    my hands - got that from my dad
    my body type

    Have more but I will stick to 5 points. :-) - 2/1/2011   10:18:44 PM
    1. My biceps
    2. My back muscles
    3. My brown eyes
    4. My hands
    5. My calves - 1/21/2011   10:20:49 AM
  • 373
    1. my tidy, flat ears, hehe
    2. my thick hair, which isn't very gray at all for 53 yrs old
    3. my hands, which don't seem to age, and are a mirror copy of my mother's (and my daughter has them, too)
    4. my long eyelashes
    5. my super strong nails that grow quickly and as long as I wish
    6. my proportionally very small waist (when I'm at the right weight!)
    7. my face shape; narrow at the temples
    8. my chinny-chin-chin
    9. my insy belly button, lol
    10. my dimples, and mouth, which doesn't seem to age either

    hey... that was fun! :-D - 1/20/2011   8:56:22 PM
  • 372
    I love my hair (even though it can be crazy) and my eyes. - 1/10/2011   12:05:31 PM
    1. I love my hair
    2. I love my legs
    3. I love my breast
    4. I love my laugh
    5. I love my feet
    6. I love my awesome dancing abilities
    7. I love my freckles
    8. I love my skintone
    9. I love my stomach
    10. I love my smile - 1/10/2011   11:58:48 AM
  • WHEELS54
    These days the media has given women impossible standards for beauty. I love hearing women who can see and appreciate their individual beauty. As always, beauty is an inside job!

    P.S. Oh yeah and I have great legs! - 1/10/2011   10:50:06 AM
  • 369
    This is really, really, really hard. Self esteem has always eluded me. But, this is such a great idea and you have to start somewhere.
    5 things I like about my body -- I like my small feet, my lips, my ankles, the muscles in my thighs. I am having a very hard time coming up with number 5 so I'll just say my ears are okay too. - 1/10/2011   10:21:47 AM
  • SHEREE16
    My legs - been told they are strong
    My teeth - been told they are very white
    My nose - been told that it is perfect
    My boobs - not too big!
    My collarbone that has been broken and still lets me do all that I need to do!! - 1/4/2011   3:27:54 PM
  • 367
    I love my feet,hands,my laugh ,my empathy for others,my eyes-which are expressive ,my hair which is nice and thick when it behaves! - 1/2/2011   3:41:35 PM
  • 366
    I love my eyes.
    I love my determination.
    I love that in 2011 I vow to find more things that I love about myself!
    My whole life I have felt 'never good enough', but this is a new year.

    HERE'S TO LOVING MYSELF IN 2011!! - 1/2/2011   10:25:52 AM
    I love my eyes
    I love my smooth, flawless complexion.
    I love my legs.
    I love that people think I'm younger than what I am.
    I love my smile.
    - 1/2/2011   9:26:57 AM
  • 364
    Helpful to focus on what I like for once:

    I like my blue eyes.
    I like my just-right breast size
    I like my strong legs.
    I like my strong calves.
    I like my waist. - 1/1/2011   4:22:59 PM
  • 363
    1) I love my smile
    2) I love being tall
    3) I love my thick hair
    4) I love my endurance
    5) I love my hands

    Great blog idea! I feel better already!! - 1/1/2011   1:37:01 PM
  • TASHA24L
    1. My eyes that are between green and hazel
    2. My Smile; very happy to have worn braces!
    3. My small hands; ring finger size 5.25
    4. My creative & artistic expression
    5. My hourglass figure that is currently being sculpted
    - 1/1/2011   1:35:14 PM
  • 361
    I love my eyes and my thick hair. I love that my legs carry me wherever I want even though they are carrying lots of extra weight. I love my endurance and my body's ability to push itself to its limits. - 1/1/2011   1:15:07 PM
  • 360
    I like my neckline, my salt and pepper hair, my brown eyes, being short, my creativity! - 12/25/2010   4:45:50 PM
  • 359
    My hair--thick, pretty color, curly -- I hope my daughter gets my hair instead of hubs' hair.
    My eyelashes. ;)
    My boobs. They feed my daughter. My boobs are frickin awesome.
    My super power: standardized testing. Doesn't come in handy too often anymore, but the night I met hubs he asked me my GRE score and it must have impressed him because we've been together for 8 years now. :)
    My brain. School was always fairly easy, and now that I work in special ed I watch kids struggle every day. I know how good I had it.
    My saggy belly. It does not rock a bikini, but it tells the story of where I've been: nearly 270#, then 150#, then pregnant with a healthy baby girl.
    My bubble butt, which still rocks even though I haven't lost a pound of the baby weight. - 12/22/2010   6:37:59 PM
  • 358
    1) Muscle definition I'm starting to see in my arms, calf and thighs
    2) Blue eyes
    3) Little ears
    4) Collar bone I'm starting to see again
    5) This may sound gross.... but the veins in my arms/hands... They used to be covered in fat!
    6) Hair
    7) Increased Confidence!!! - 12/7/2010   1:14:27 PM
  • AEKING18
    1. My laugh
    2. My feet
    3. My calfs
    4. My nose
    5. The color of my eyes

    :) - 12/7/2010   10:48:48 AM
  • 356
    I love my eyes - they're pretty and (thanks to contacts) they give me perfect vision.
    I love my skin - I have a natural blush and I don't burn.
    I love my biceps - they're new to me and we're really excited to meet each other.
    I love my tummy - it's not flat, I'm a healthy girl with curves.
    I love my hair - it's thick and curly and it's how people know I'm biracial and it's warmer than any hat in the winter.
    I love my legs mostly - wish I could purge the cellulite, but I love being able to hike all day or help a friend move and my legs just uncomplainingly do what I need them to do for me.
    I love my sensitive stomach - it works like a coach that tells me "you really don't want to eat that."
    I love my health - isn't it amazing that my body has to get so many things right day in and day out and most of the time I have the luxury of taking it for granted? What a blessing! - 8/5/2010   4:24:49 PM

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