Say 'Hello' to SparkPeople Premium: Remove Ads, Email Coaches, Get Advanced Reporting and Help Us in Our Mission to Help You

By , The Guy Who's in the Know About SparkPeople Premium
When you visit the Start page today--or log into our app--you may notice something different. If you haven’t done it yet, go ahead and give them a look; we won’t go anywhere.:)
Today, we launched of our newest tool to help you reach your goals: SparkPeople Premium. SparkPeople Premium is an optional, paid upgrade to your SparkPeople account that will give you enhanced tools and support in addition to those you already get for free now.
We know you probably have some questions about SparkPeople Premium and what effect it will have on how you use our site, so let’s get some of those questions out of the way, right away.
1. Will I lose any of the tools and features of SparkPeople I’ve used in the past if I don’t buy a Premium membership?
Nope, not at all. Everything you have in your SparkPeople account will stay the same. None of the tools you use are changing, and all of your information will be right where you left it. If you don’t want to buy a membership, you’ll still be able to use SparkPeople exactly the same way you do today. We want you to reach your goals and would never take away the things you rely on to become a happier, healthier you.
2. What do I get with Premium?
First, let’s talk about what you don’t get. We know many of you have asked for this one--with Premium, you don’t get any ads. Not on our website, not on, not in the SparkPeople Mobile app, and not in our Healthy Recipes app--with Premium you’ll enjoy the best SparkPeople experience.
What do you get with Premium? You get access to our SparkPeople coaches in the form of a weekly email. No, this isn’t an email that we send you, but rather an email you can send to us. Ask your burning questions about your path to living a healthier, happier life and get an answer that will help you reach your goals successfully. With Premium, you can email us once per week, every week. Get to know our coaches--you’ll be glad you did!
You get advanced reporting. Right now, every SparkPeople member can access our basic reporting package, but for some of you data lovers, this package just might not be enough. With our advanced reporting, you can really dig down into the numbers to make tweaks that can pay off down the road.
You’ll get a special “Secrets of Success” e-book. We took all the tips we’ve learned over the past 15+ years of helping people reach their goals and collected them into one place so you can get get on the right track to a healthy lifestyle and stay there.
And finally, you get our Smart Start program, which is a series of daily videos we made to help you as you progress towards your goals. If you’re familiar with our “SparkCoach” program, you might recognize these tips and advice. We rolled SparkCoach into our Premium package so we could help more members with our best advice. (If you currently use SparkCoach, surprise! We’ve already given you access to a Premium membership. Check your email for more details.) Pairing the Smart Start program with tips in our "Secrets of Success" e-book will get you healthier, faster.

3. Why would I buy a Premium membership?
Well, that’s up to you really. Maybe you want to be able to email our coaches when you have a question about a new routine you’re starting. Perhaps you love to dig down in the data behind what you’re eating and what that means for your diet. Or, it could be you just don’t want to see ads. Whatever your reason, we’d be happy to have you. 
If you’re looking for a reason, let us give you our favorite: By purchasing a Premium membership, you help us help you. We’re a small team that works hard to bring you the best health and fitness community the Internet has to offer. Each dollar you pay for Premium helps us keep the lights on in the office.

So that’s SparkPeople Premium in a nutshell. Again, let us emphasize that you don’t have to purchase a Premium membership to experience the great tools, advice and community that we’ve always offered for free. Your account will remain exactly the same if you choose not to buy a Premium subscription. But if you want to directly support our team and maximize your SparkPeople experience, it’s easy to do so for a couple of bucks a month. For less than a latte, you can sign up for SparkPeople Premium today.
Go ahead and give Premium a try. We bet you’ll be glad you did!
If you have any questions, please ask them below. Thanks!

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KLLOYD1010 7/12/2020
Is there a way to pay a one time “lifetime fee” for SP? Report
CD25954915 5/21/2020
Only once a week with e-mailing coaches? For me that's a stopper, because with the place I'm in with my journey I would need more often than that for a few weeks at least, because establishing a routine is not happening on my own. Report
Do we get any new/different meal plans with the Premium? They've never changed. Thanks Report
I would like to try this, for the free trial period as offered, but you ask for credit card information. I don't consider that "free" even though you don't charge it yet, and I don't give that info left and right. Thus I can't try it. If it is truly free, please don't ask for that. I've been with spark ppl. for a long time now and am a true possible premium user but... Report
I agree with other commenters on bringing back the one time fee. I was not an active user when this was introduced and when I finally committed that feature was gone without a trace. I think there are a lot of users that would join and increase revenue if that option came back but are unable to commit to a unending monthly fee. Report
Ok so here is a question for you!?! Why after paying the five bucks a month for many months now did my subscription expire? That absolutely makes no sense. So here I am using my spark premium features one day and the next day I cannot see any of my premium features. According to my apple account, which is how I purchased the premium, my subscription doesn't expire until Aug. 7th BUT when I try to go to premium on the app and online I am told I do not have a subscription.

What the heck SparkPeople!?!

So I just cancelled my subscription today through Apple. I supposedly will still be able to access premium until Aug. 7th, but as I stated above that is not the case.

I'm completely frustrated with this because I don't like to pay for something that I don't get the benefit of using.
In the past, I had a year membership. While I had it, it was really of benefit. I also met others who were more serious than just being on the free site. They make/made the best SP friends! Wish there were two options, which aren't now included: 1) a way to earn a scholarship for folks who are unemployed given by folks who have benefited from SP and want to gift those who need it AND will use it 2) a one-time purchase option (lifetime). Report
When will the next one-pay lifetime membership promotion take place? When the option was introduced, it was not called a limited time offer, and it seems no notice was given before ending the offer to join for $30. Raising the price to $60 per YEAR puts the program out of reach for so many of us loyal seniors and other limited-income Sparkpeople. Please notify us on the Start page when the Lifetime offer is available. Report
Bring back the one life time fee. Please. Report
I can't find the link for the one off cost. The only option is $4.99 a month which I don't want. Can you post the link, please. Report
I was thinking of trying Premium at a one time cost, but when I clicked the link, it said $4.99 per month. How do I get the one time cost, and how much is it?
I have the premium membership and I love it. Report
I paid for spark premium to avoid getting ads. This was mostly (but not entirely) effective, until today. Now, not only am I getting ads, but the ads are SOUND ads that barge into my peace and quiet and disturb other people around me. I do not want to listen to your WD40 pitch man while trying to enjoy a relaxing dinner with my family. That's why I paid for premium in the first place. I hope y'all are still listening out there in at Spark HQ. These ads are mostly showing up in the "Today's Top Stories" section. This is not what I expected for my $$. Report
I was going to sign up for the premium but can't find the one-time cost. Is this option still going to be offered? Thanks. Report
What happend to the one time cost? Report
how much is it?
Still undecided. Report
I signed up for premium a while back and I'm still getting bombarded with ads. Please fix this!
Does SP Premium have a dairy free options for the SP meal plans? Besides soy and nuts (I can't have either one)? Report
Please incorporate PayPal for payment, I would definitely join premium but not with my credit card. Also the data needs to be cleaned up so badly! They were too many foods with incorrect nutrition information Report
I am already a premium member and it won't let me go the coach page until I put my info in for something I already have. ?????? Report
And a few more answers ...

NIGHTSINGE: we'd love to have you back. We made the banners big and colorful so that we could grab attention and make our case.

AFOMIN: I believe you can track sodium intake with our free membership option, as well as Premium. If you have an issue figuring it out, shoot us an email at

LUV4JEEPZ: I believe so, but if you want a detailed answer, it's best to contact our support staff at - they'll be happy to help you out.

DSTONE1683: as luck would have it, I wrote another post about just that! Look for the blogpost titles "SparkPeople Premium's Advanced Reporting: the Best Tool You're Not Using "

MELITTA61: Yup, a one-time payment.

GETMOVIN: Your suggestion about our food database is noted & something we're actively talking about. We hope to push out improvements to this some time this year.

VKKESU: we hear you. We're trying to simplify the experience now. Have youtried our mobile apps? We've taken great strides there, and are starting to bring some of the things we learned building the mobile apps, back to the site. That's a great suggestion, giving everyone an opportunity to use Premium for free for a few days, to see if they like it. We're considering something like this, but don't have it built out yet.

DESERTBLUECAT: I do not mean to be opaque. This is a one-time cost - not yearly. You buy Premium once now, you'll have Premium in perpetuity. :)
Hi everyone. It's me, the guy who wrote this piece, and I'm back with a few, more answers.

AWMURP63, CHUBBYBUMPER, and TERRY1413: We don't offer a way to pay with PayPal, but our credit card processing service is secure. Or - if you'd rather - you can pay in-app through the SparkPeople Mobile App and use the credit card you have on file for your mobile phone.

TECHWALKER: it's a one-time fee, not yearly. You pay once, you get Premium and that's it. I'll pass along your suggestions about sugar/fruit/veggie tracking to our development team. In the past, we've shied away from sugar tracking because the naturally-occuring sugars in fruits and vegetables are different than processed sugars.

FREDRICKWAVE: my apologies for not responding sooner. The website shouldn't be logging you out automatically. If you contact us at, we'll fix this for you.

SPORTSPHOTOG: it's not a yearly payment - just one-time. Sorry for the delayed response--I also work on the mobile app team and we were working on some projects for the end of the year.

GABIRUSZCZAK and KNITTYKITTY01: our payment processing structure doesn't allow us to do that, unfortunately. So if you try monthly first, you'll still have to pay the one-time cost for Premium, should you choose to.

SHELLE13: we don't currently have a way to do this, but it is on our list of things to consider for the future.

BEMORESTUBBORN: thank you so much for your support. :D

Had to read so far down in the comments that I'll provide the answer here: the $29.99 is a one time payment, NOT annual, per SPARK_JOE below. Good deal. Except their lack of transparency and promotion of that fact make me wonder if they are reserving the option to make it annual in the future. Why would they not be announcing clearly that it's a lifetime/forever subscription- at that level of services anyway. I will probably pay the $30 bucks just to get ad-free. Report
I used to promote Sparkpeople heavily but no longer do this. It gets overwhelming with all the 'extra stuff' and I've been a member since day one. Sometimes it's just to much. The basic original was easier for everyone . I find I don't use it often due to the misinformation of food and it being so cluttered. If Premium is go great, why not give everyone access to it for 7 days so we can see the reports, try it out? If we can't get to our friends or all the other info it's not worth it. $30. is a lot of money if we do not like it. I don't need more videos (too many free ones out there already). Tons of free advice too. Will it just get more complicated? Report
I have premium and I am still having ads. Report
Hello! I would like more information on what Premium includes. Is there a place to compare the reports, etc.? Also, does this help the mobile app, too? I'd like to be able to get to the Challenges, do easy searches, etc. Report
At one time I was an avid user of Sparkpeople. I was not only very active on the site but also promoted it heavily. I loved it partly because it was so simple, so easy to use. Over the years it has gotten complicated and so, well, "fussy" so I stopped using the site altogether. A couple of months ago I wanted to start using the food tracker again and found that you have allowed so many different versions of foods into the database that it has gotten crowded, cramped, and unreliable. To me, this is the single-most important feature and I hope you will give it attention. As a professional researcher I know the labor intensive nature of databases but I also know the value of "clean" data.
I intend to sign up for your new Premium version for the lifetime membership but I implore you to clean up the database and make it as user-friendly as possible. I tried many versions of food trackers (both free and for-fee) and, IMHO the simplicity of the Sparkpeople tracker in the old days beat them all...but not anymore. I once documented food and nutrients with a lady from Scotland (I am in NY) every day for one full year!!! I desperately want to use it again...please, please, please clean it up. The greatest value to end-users is to quickly find a food in a mobile device and quickly (emphasis on quickly) document it. The complexity on the computer version is fine. Thank you! Report
Can you add paypal as a payment option? Report
Hi, is it just one time payment of 29.00? Report
What are the features provided in the "advanced reports"? Why not provide examples of what "advanced reports" includes and provides? Report
Will this website quit logging me out everyday if i go pro. This is my biggest gripe here being logged out and having to log in everyday when i never logged out. if going pro doens tfix this problem than i wont consider it - 9/25/2016 9:06:34 AM

Yall really trying hard to get people to sign up, i would of it the answer to this was what im looking for IF IT WAS ANSWERED 9-25 its 11-6 now

I mean really if youre not interested in answering questions why have this comment thread other than to make your members look like idiots

Are your coaches up to date on post bariatric surgery diet guidelines and challenges? Report
Will I be able to track sodium intake with the premium package? Report
Will I be able to track sodium intake with the premium package? Report
I'd consider the premium if it were presented a little more enticingly. But for now, the gigantic red banner on start and logging pages is a turn-off. I'm no longer recommending this site to others, and I'm looking for other nutrition trackers until the banners are gone.
Thanks for all you've done for me in the past, SP. Report
Simply out of gratitude for everything SparkPeople has done for my benefit over the years, I will pay for the premium membership. When I joined in 2006, the bombardment of ads was nonexistent and it later became so intrusive and insufferable that I added an adblocker and began logging in less frequently. Now, I need to get rid of that ginormous red banner advertising the premium service - it's awful! Report
How do I give this as a gift? I had a challenger win a challenge and need to give her the membership. Please help! Report
If I choose to try it out using the $4.99 a month - then like it enought to want to keep it - do I have to pay the full $29.99? Report
I'd feel more comfortable about paying for a service if SP admis were more responsive. I see lots of questions, but little answers. Report
If I try it for a month and like it can I then pay the $29.99 forever-fee? Report
The one time payment of $29.99, is that forever or per year? Report
Will this website quit logging me out everyday if i go pro. This is my biggest gripe here being logged out and having to log in everyday when i never logged out. if going pro doens tfix this problem than i wont consider it Report
The Premium page says $29 one time fee, is that per year or lifetime? I also vote for sugar counts too. I'm not diabetic but sugar does affect me. Also is there a way to count vegetables and fruit? I had a health program that had us track that. How about a check box you can select when adding it. Report
Also concerned about credit card safety. Do you have PayPal? Report
How safe is your premium site for credit card ? Is it a trusted site? Please let me know. Report
never mind I found my answer Report
Hi there, I'm back again with a few more answers. :)


That was fun to say. :) Thank you for bearing with us--we had some development to do on the backend before we could make this a reality.

As it stands now, Premium members will not get ads on,, inside the SparkPeople Mobile app, and inside the Android version of the SparkPeople Healthy Recipes app. We've submitted a new version of the Healthy Recipes app to Apple for approval and once it's approved iOS Premium users won't see ads in the Recipe app as well.

As for all the questions below I haven't gotten to yet, have no fear: I will be getting to them later today. I just need to write up a quick blog for something else first. ;)

Stay tuned! Report
Does the premium version include tracking of Sugars? If it's available in the free version, I haven't found it. Report
SparkJOE~ I am interested in signing up ,but like others, I DO NOT want ads on the SPark Recipes part of SPARKPEOPLE. When I sign up NOW, and you get the ads off eventually {for the SPARKRECIPES},will it kick in for all the people who signed up PREVIOUSLY ? Or will there be AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE? I want it completely ad free ,but do not want to miss the sign-up feature of 29.99 one time payment~and you have NOT said when it ends! Please advise. Report