10 Recipes So Good You Won't Believe They're Good for You

By , SparkPeople Blogger
When Chef Meg and I started planning the recipe list for "The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight," we had a few criteria in mind. They had to be healthy, since this would be a SparkPeople cookbook, and they had to be easy, since even Chef Meg doesn't spend hours in the kitchen when she's not teaching chefs how to cook. Most importantly they had to be delicious. We banned bland food and ditched the diet. Together we created 150 meals and recipes ready in 30 minutes or less that use real foods like butter, bacon, and chocolate (not all together!).

With this cookbook you can eat the foods you love while losing weight--and you don't have to deprive yourself! You can eat like a chef without spending hours in the kitchen. And you can learn how to get the entire family excited about eating right (there's even a section on getting kids in the kitchen and teaching them to cook).

The SparkPeople Cookbook not only shares great recipes, it also provides a healthy cooking education. From tools to ingredients, you learn what to stock in a healthy kitchen, then you get the lowdown on good-for-you cooking methods, from steaming and braising to roasting and grilling.
If that's not enough to entice you, take a sneak peek at these recipes--so good, you won't believe they're good for you!

Three-Cheese Macaroni: Cheesy, rich, delicious--just what you expect in macaroni and cheese. What you won't expect? 2/3 the fat and half the calories of the original!

Parmesan Chicken with Tomato-Basil Salad: While Chicken Parmesan is traditionally fried, this lighter version is delightful atop a hearty green salad.

Meg-herita Pizza: We've bumped up the nutrition--and kept all the flavor--of Pizza Margherita, the traditional Italian pizza with tomato, sliced mozzarella, basil, and olive oil.

Tuna Noodle Casserole:  SparkPeople Cookbook Sneak Peek: A quick weekday meal that slims down and bulks up an old favorite.

Peppercorn Steak with Herbed Blue Cheese: A steakhouse quality supper ready in under 10 minutes!

Chicken-Veggie Quesadillas with Ranch Yogurt Sauce: This recipe is part of "The SparkPeople Cookbook." This is a great kids’ meal, or cut each quesadilla into eight pieces for an appetizer.

Slow Cooker Marinara Chicken and Vegetables: Chef Meg made over a versatile member recipe by adding extra vegetables and reducing the sodium. Serve with a side salad or over whole wheat pasta or brown rice.

Sauteed Cumin Carrots: This dish will turn anyone into a carrot lover! This dish uses whole and ground cumin to add a smoky, savory element to the carrots.

Spring Cupcakes with Citrus Icing: Cupcakes are all the rage these days, and for good reason. These  diminutive desserts are automatically portion controlled, and they’re just darn cute!

Caramel Popcorn: With "The SparkPeople Cookbook," desserts and treats are part of the plan. Chef Meg slims down favorite sweets, ditching most of the fat and calories--but keeping the flavor. This is a "must-try" recipe!

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