100 Amazing Reasons to Start Losing Weight Today

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You've been talking about losing weight for a long time, but it always seems like something—the assumption that you'll have to change everything about your lifestyle, a fear of failure, lack of motivation to get started—stands in your way. The good news is that even small changes can add up to big results when done consistently. All it takes is one final straw, one life-changing "a-ha!" moment where you decide that now is the time to take charge of your life.

If you've been looking for that extra kick in the pants to get moving in the right direction, why not look to your peers for inspiration? We asked SparkPeople members why starting the weight-loss journey today is a better idea than putting it off until tomorrow and here are their 100 best responses. 
  1. I want to be able to fit in an airline seat to travel and see my family.
  2. I want to be strong and healthy.
  3. I'm tired of buying what fits me instead of what I really want to wear.
  4. It will be better to spend more time being active and less time eating mindlessly.
  5. Excess weight puts additional stress on my joints, leading to more aches and pains.
  6. If I lose weight, I'll have more energy.
  7. I want to be attractive and happy with myself.
  8. I believe I'll live a longer life if I lose the weight.
  9. I'm tired of avoiding the camera because I don't want to be the biggest person in family photos.
  10. Taking fewer prescriptions means saving money for other things.
  11. It's important to be a role model for my kids and grandkids.
  12. I want to improve my mood and emotional balance.
  13. It shouldn't be so difficult to bend down and tie my own shoes.
  14. My bloodwork will likely return to the normal ranges.
  15. I won't have the label of "diabetic."
  16. I want to age gracefully.
  17. It's important to make myself the priority.
  18. I need to control my asthma.
  19. I want to be independent as I age and not have to rely on others to take care of me.
  20. My children will be able to celebrate my achievement.
  21. I want to make it through a whole Zumba class without having to stop to catch my breath.
  22. Living longer means I'll be able to see my future grandchildren.
  23. I want to be comfortable in my own skin.
  24. I want to rock a bathing suit!
  25. I need to be able to get out of the backseat of a two-door car.
  26. It's time for me to start wearing the smaller belt hanging in the back of my closet.
  27. I want to fit into a booth at a restaurant.
  28. Losing the weight will reduce my risk of cancer, heart disease and many other health issues.
  29. I don't want my kids to be ashamed of me.
  30. Shopping in regular stores where most clothes fit me will make life easier. 
  31. I want to sleep better.
  32. Losing weight will improve my balance.
  33. A healthier me means fewer doctor visits, saving me time and money.
  34. I need to feel like I've accomplished something.
  35. Taking care of myself helps me combat my depression.
  36. When I'm feeling good, my mind is sharper.
  37. It will improve my sex life.
  38. It's time to stop avoiding looking in the mirror.
  39. People won't call me names as I walk down the street.
  40. My family will stop bugging me about losing the weight.
  41. I want to go out in public without wearing Spanx, especially in the summer.
  42. My shoes will fit better.
  43. I'll be able to slide my wedding ring onto my finger again.
  44. Excess weight makes me look older.
  45. I'd like to buy undergarments that make me feel sexy instead of the ones currently available in my size.
  46. I want to be able to run faster.
  47. It's easier to ride the bus or subway when I don't feel like I'm squished into the person next to me.
  48. I want to feel like I'm in control of my food instead of food controlling me.
  49. It's time to eliminate my self-destructive behaviors.
  50. It's important to feel successful for meeting my goal and not the goal someone else has set for me.
  51. I want to walk the golf course instead of needing a cart.
  52. I like cooking healthy meals, so I want to be able to continue enjoying them.
  53. It's hard to fit comfortably behind the steering wheel of my car.
  54. I want to keep up with my dog when we go for walks instead of him dragging me the whole way.
  55. I want to enjoy time outside in the summer without getting so hot.
  56. My partner should be able to fit her arms all the way around me when she gives me a hug.
  57. The extra weight makes it difficult to perform my physically active job effectively.
  58. I want to play tag or wrestle my kids with ease.
  59. If someone dangerous approaches, I want to be able to defend myself.
  60. I want to look better naked.
  61. I want to focus on the relationships in my life, not the food.
  62. It's important to overcome my family history of disease and illness and beat the odds.
  63. I don't want to feel like everyone is looking at me when I go out in public.
  64. I want to surprise people I haven't seen in a while with how great I look!
  65. The big reason for my social anxiety is my weight; I need to change that.
  66. I have plans for a family some day and want to be healthy when I get pregnant.
  67. I don't want my weight to be an issue when I go for job interviews.
  68. I want to hike up a mountain.
  69. Being a normal weight means protecting my joints, spine and hips.
  70. I'm tired of buying new clothes because the old ones don't fit.
  71. I want my kids to be proud that their mom is fit and healthy.
  72. I want to feel good after a meal and not sick because I fed my body junk.
  73. Life is short and I want to make the most of every moment I have left.
  74. I don't want to repeat the same mistakes I saw my parents make.
  75. I want to break my addiction to comfort eating.
  76. I want to fit into my wedding dress from 20 years ago.
  77. It's no fun to feel self-conscious all the time.
  78. My husband will be proud of me.
  79. I want my body to show all of the hard work I've put into it.
  80. I don't want to feel like there's the caveat "for her size" when someone says I look good in a photo or dress.
  81. I want to get rid of the symptoms of acid reflux.
  82. I want the towels at the gym to fit around my body.
  83. My weight should no longer be an excuse.
  84. It's time to start using the full-length mirrors in my house again.
  85. I'm ready to forgive myself for past mistakes and move forward toward a healthier future.
  86. No more double chin!
  87. I want to be able to do more and not have my weight hold me back.
  88. I don't want to feel pressure to lose weight for special events. I want to be ready for those events all the time.
  89. I want to wear high heels without my feet killing me after 20 minutes.
  90. When my diet is generally healthy, I taste food better.
  91. Less insulating fat means less sweating.
  92. My partner is tired of hearing me snore all night.
  93. I should be able to touch my toes.
  94. I want to inspire those around me to take control of their health.
  95. My new motto is "eat to live, not live to eat."
  96. I want to enjoy flaunting all of my hard-earned assets.
  97. A healthy lifestyle boosts creativity.
  98. Building muscles helps bulid brain cells.
  99. I'm ready for the constant bounce in my step.
  100. I want to be able to say, "I wasn’t happy, so I did something about it."
Which of these reasons resonate with you? Are there other reasons to lose weight that you would add to the list?