30-Minute Indoor Walking Workout


By: , – Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
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You already know some of the amazing benefits of walking: It’s good for your heart, great for your bones and burns calories, but some days the weather outside can be frightful, and the treadmill can be well, less than delightful.

If you are in need of an indoor walking buddy today, join me for this full length, low-impact workout you can follow along with at home! This 30-minute power walk is easy to follow, fun to do, and it doesn’t require much space to move around. Plus, it's appropriate for all fitness levels.

Let’s get walking!

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About the Author

As someone who struggled to lose weight for years, Jessica found that the key to her own 40-pound weight loss was making small, healthy lifestyle changes that led to big, lasting results. Now, as a certified wellcoach, fitness instructor and personal trainer, she has spent the last 15 years helping students and clients reach their goals in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, and now reaches millions online through her YouTube Channel and home exercise DVD series. Please visit jessicasmithtv.com/shop to learn more about her fun, results driven programs for all levels of exercisers.

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  • 132
    I have to walk carefully due to a permanent injury to an ankle and foot. Hard to get into rapid leg/foot activity. But I do walk as much as possible. - 4/25/2017   11:10:15 PM
  • 131
    I walked very slowly, leaning on my walker, because I was sick last night. - 3/19/2017   3:21:03 PM
  • 130
    I can't help but stare at her cute dog. He looks so bored like "mom take me out!" - 1/4/2017   4:36:29 PM
    Hot and sweaty workout with Jessica again. I did it holding 5lb. weights in each hand! Cool! - 10/30/2016   6:10:33 PM
    Just did the indoor 30 minute power walk here with weights! Feeling so sweaty and energized and healthy. My caloric intake ranges between 1200-1300, but I am a stickler for meeting my nutritional goals as far as carbs, proteins, etc.. I have successfully managed to lose 9 lbs. so far in 3 weeks. When I reach my desired weight loss, I will continue using Spark as a maintenance plan and continue tracking nutrition and fitness goals. Amazing thing for me is I am not hungry between meals anymore. Thanks for all the encouragement and make your exercise fun. - 10/23/2016   5:33:29 PM
    oolala53, I am also a walker and agree that there are many non walking aspects of this video. However, I amped up the workout by adding 5 lb. weights in each hand while doing this video. The weight makes the knee lifts, kicks, etc. a bit more strenuos and really kicked this video into high gear. It also helps develop some ab muscle and toning in the thighs. Maybe this will help. Have fun! - 10/23/2016   4:35:10 PM
  • 126
    Today is a good day for indoor walking. - 10/23/2016   7:51:53 AM
  • 125
    Terrifictonya - I get kind of bored with walking videos also and don't do them often. Perhaps you could try putting on some music that you love while you are doing your workout- that might help. You really don't have to follow the exact rythm that the person on the video is doing, you can make your own.
    - 10/23/2016   6:02:37 AM
  • 124
    I could use some tips or advice. As I workout, especially walking, about 5 minutes into the workout my mind gets bored and I find myself wanting to stop. I'm not tired or sore or winded, just bored. Any thoughts? - 10/23/2016   12:53:59 AM
    This is an awesome, sweaty workout and I love it! What a great way to celebrate Friday! - 10/14/2016   3:07:42 PM
  • 122
    This is a great workout. I have not been exercising for some time, so I didn't make it through without resting a couple of times, but my aim is to get through the whole thing without stopping!
    - 10/6/2016   9:15:17 AM
  • 121
    I was fine with this, but I would be reluctant to recommend it to someone who wanted a walking video. There were too many moves that weren't actually walking and others that demanded the kind of coordination (more like dancing or simple aerobics) that some people I know avoid. I'm a pretty fast walker but this speed, esp. when doing the non-walking moves, was a little tough. But it would probably work in a rotation, esp. if you hadn't done much leg resistance work recently. - 7/13/2016   12:10:59 AM
  • TUNEUP16
    When I have watched it first, I've thought "hey, I can do that too", easily. I hope I will be better after a week ^^ to do all the moving she has done in her video. - 5/28/2016   9:42:22 AM
  • 119
    Wow! That was tougher than I expected, but I got through it! - 5/26/2016   9:45:01 AM
    I used to have trouble going through this whole routine without a break but, trips to the treadmill have helped that. - 5/16/2016   4:56:52 AM
    love this video!!! i'm not too good at cardio and this was the first time i was actually able to finish a routine!! - 5/12/2016   7:24:52 PM
  • 116
    Just go to youtube and subscribe to jessica smith tv, or simply type in walking exercise videos. I do Leslie Sansone and Jessica Smith videos everyday! - 4/30/2016   10:14:43 AM
    I was totally distracted by the dog. :) - 4/25/2016   2:58:21 PM
  • 114
    For those wondering how to add it to the tracker, I put it under "Aerobics,general, low impact (including Walk Away The Pounds)" - 3/28/2016   3:14:02 PM
  • 113
    12 minutes in and I'm toast. Will have to build up to this one! :) - 3/28/2016   1:04:54 PM
    hi jessica,
    Grt work out. I sweat after it.

    DO you think I can loose 5 kgs in 7 weeks if I do this regularly? Am planning to add some abs work out. Can you suggest any short ones- around 20 min?
    I have to loose 5 kgs in 7 weeks!

    Thanks so much for his grt work out! - 3/27/2016   11:02:58 PM
    Never knew walking could be so tough. - 2/2/2016   4:05:02 PM
  • 110
    People who have never really worked out at home are probably surprised by all that Jessica packs in one routine. She has been my go to girl for years now. I love that she mixes things up and offers endless options for workout type, intensity and duration. Above all else, Jessica always stresses form and does an excellent job cuing what comes next. There is a reason she has hundreds of thousands of subscribers...thanks to her I have improved my health and fitness level exponentially! Love her... - 1/29/2016   6:17:07 AM
  • 109
    Looks like a lot of fun! - 1/28/2016   7:31:42 PM
  • 108
    what a great idea! I'm definitely subscribing. - 1/28/2016   1:19:17 PM
  • 107
    I love this workout! - 1/28/2016   7:40:23 AM
    Awesome workout - I will use it again. Went fast and feel good. - 1/27/2016   2:39:48 PM
    Whew! Tougher than I expected but a lot of fun. Will be back! - 1/27/2016   2:15:59 PM
    Getting ready to do my cardio now and its also raining here, so will change into work out clothes- I work from home- and fire up the video and work out with Jessica... - 1/6/2016   1:01:00 PM
  • 103
    I love this video and do this often when I can't ride my bike. - 12/22/2015   9:26:36 AM
  • 102
    I don't consider this a walking w/o. :( - 12/17/2015   11:32:18 PM
  • 101
    I loved it too! Especially the moves I have never seen before. They were fun and different! Sparkpeople workout calculator gave me 174 calories burned. - 12/4/2015   3:28:57 PM
  • 100
    For all of those asking how to add this video to their fitness counter or wondering how many calories this video burns, this might help. I just did this video and my heart rate monitor says that I burned 474 calories. I know everyone burns calories at different rates, but this is a good estimation when you have nothing to go off of. The amount you burned doing this video is probably similar. I really liked the video, it was a better workout than expected. I am going to add it to my favorites to do again in the future. - 11/24/2015   5:07:42 PM
  • 99
    Great workout! How do I add it to my exercise tracker, though? - 11/16/2015   8:39:21 AM
  • 98
    This was perfect for me since I have a hurt knee in a brace. - 11/11/2015   1:38:51 PM
  • OCALA34473
    Hi Sandie ,don't let lack of a fit-bit keep you from making progress.I don't have a fit-bit. I do exercise videos here and use calories listed or track it by using a similar video that does track. I do know, however, how many hours of exercise per month make a difference for me. don't be discouraged. Much success to you - 11/10/2015   5:46:17 PM
  • MARIE0317
    This is very timely for me. I am ready to commit to something more regimented than the daily 40 min walk down the road. 11/10/15 - 11/10/2015   1:22:17 PM
  • SANDY51464
    i wont do any of these exercises they post because im trying to track calories burned and none of them do it how are u supposed to track them i dont have or cant afford a fit bit or anything like it
    - 11/10/2015   12:19:41 PM
    Excellent timing - it's raining cats and dogs and I usually take a walk during my lunch break. I think I'll test this out in one of the empty offices this afternoon. - 11/10/2015   10:12:52 AM
  • 93
    The weather has been bad around here so I really needed this! - 11/10/2015   8:09:32 AM
    Jessica Smith's 30 minute power walk video really was a complete workout. I feel strong and energized. - 11/3/2015   7:26:46 AM
  • 91
    Exactly what I needed! Thanks very much. - 10/17/2015   11:41:21 AM
  • LUCIE27
    Great workout ! More challenging than I thought which is what I wanted ! - 9/30/2015   8:59:33 AM
  • CSORRELL5227
    How can i add this workout to the fit tracker? I can't find it on the exercise tracker. It upsetting when I can't find the activity I have done. - 9/28/2015   2:49:48 PM
  • 88
    That was more challenging that I thought it would be. I loved it! - 9/28/2015   1:13:19 PM

    BurningThyme101is right. The walking is difficult to follow. Good for those who can do it! - 9/17/2015   6:42:42 PM
  • 86
    What a great workout! WooHoo!!! - 9/11/2015   10:48:23 PM
  • 85
    I love this!!! - 9/9/2015   1:52:28 PM
  • 84
    After 20 minutes I just couldn't finish. Not use to exercise without machine. A whole different ball park! She's GREAT though no doubt about it. I'm just that out of shape. - 9/1/2015   4:50:03 PM
  • 83
    This is a great workout! With one big drawback...I don't see anywhere you can find out how many calories you have just burned??? I don't have a fitness tracker like Fitbit ( or whatever), I found this through a link on SparkPeople.com which usually tracks calories burned for us. This doesn't and that stinks! - 9/1/2015   3:47:28 PM

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