Motivation Monday: Losing Weight is Hard

By , SparkPeople Blogger

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PATRICIAAK 12/9/2019
CKOUDSI617 10/17/2019
I didn't see any info - just the Title and Comments. Still, when you're short on time, it's a GREAT, quick way to collect article points! Just click on it six times. BOOM! 30 points! I've heard the quote before though and I fully agree! (Thanks to PROVERBS31JULIA for finding it.) Thanks! Report
well... 9-14-2019 this is a blank article. No photo, no video link, I've no idea what it is about. I'll collect my 3 points for reading "nothing".
Found the cached graphic. It says:

"Losing weight is hard.
Maintaining weight is hard.
Staying overweight is hard.

Choose your Hard." Report
DEE107 3/18/2019
thanks Report
I still love this! Report
Smile. It's kind of become my mantra. Report
Very true. Report
This has become my motto, because I NEVER want to be fat again! Report
I would love to losing 95 ponds Report
True its hard to have your thighs rubbing each other raw when you walk. Its hard to look into the mirror and see the big triangular tan lines that your fat rolls caused.
I choose the hard of getting to the gym and eating to live instead of living to eat:-) Report
I love it - clever, to the point, true.

Also: it is adaptable. Ending a relationship is hard. Staying in a destructive relationship is hard. Trying to repair a relationship is hard.

Studying at college/school is hard. Explaining to your parents you flunked out is hard. Living with boring, badly paid jobs is hard.

The list could go on.
This quote is so true it completely hit home it's hard looking at my self in the mirror when I'm over weight. When I feel good about myself my family is happier because I am. Plus setting a bad example for my son who is 11 and a bit over weight as well. Report
This is one of my favorite quotes. I have it taped to my desk at work. It's a good reminder that there is a downside to every choice, so I should pick the one with the most benefit. Report
truth. this quote is going to be part of my new motivation collage! Report
As hard goes, I have not find maintenance hard as long
as I stay focused on what I want. Hard was being fat
Hard was avoiding mirrors and cameras. Hard was
feeling out-of-shape. Hard was shopping for clothes.
Hard was worrying about my health because of all the
extra pounds I was carrying.

Maintenance is wonderful and well worth all the effort of
losing the weight. I love being thin and in shape. It is
a glorious feeling I celebrate every day.
You guys aren't copyrighting this are you? Report
Reading that quote, my first thought was "It's never been hard for me to stay overweight!". But on second thought, it IS hard to always be out of shape, always be sucking air going upstairs, having my cholesterol way too high, difficulty finding clothes that fit well, avoiding swimming parties and other fun physical activities, cringing at every photo I see of myself.... Ok, staying overweight is hard after all. I'll stick with the hard work of eating healthy and feeling great after I make myself go on a bike ride. I'll stick to the hard work that helps me wear a Large instead of a 2x. Report