12 Best Member Blogs of the Week


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Sparkies, Sparkies Everywhere!

Day 2: Give Credit When Credit is Due

Being Happy With Your Life

Push Yourself!

Give Yourself a WooHoo

Make It Happen

Almost 1 Year on Spark!

I'm Making Progress!

My New Positive Photoboard

Overcoming Obstacles

Who Me? A Morning Person??

1 Year Spark Anniversary

A review of some of this week's best member blogs. Which one is your favorite?

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  • 15
    loved the blogs! - 3/4/2011   5:37:26 PM
  • 14
    I went away for the weekend and came back to find my blog entry was chosen as one of the best of the week. It truly is an honor to be chosen. I cannot believe how many positive comments have been left on my blog. In the motivation I've apparently given others, I find the motivation to keep on going... Thank you all so much! - 6/14/2010   9:12:12 AM
    I like Make it happen and Overcoming Obstacles. Maybe 'cos they speak to me! LOL! - 6/14/2010   5:24:31 AM
    I like Make it happen and Overcoming Obstacles. Maybe 'cos they speak to me! LOL! - 6/14/2010   5:24:10 AM
    inspiring - 6/13/2010   11:34:42 PM
  • 10
    Wow, thanks for liking my blog a lot. - 6/13/2010   2:22:59 PM
  • 9
    All good blogs. I especially liked "Push Yourself" as it coincided with my thinking in a recent blog I wrote about "Does It All Get Easier Over Time?" My conclusion is that, yes, it gets easier, but I'm not satisfied with easy. I need to push myself so it remains a challenge.

    Also especially liked "1 year Spark Anniversary." The blog could have been mine as far as lessons learned, but this writer put it so well.

    All good blogs. Thanks for sharing. - 6/13/2010   11:18:29 AM
  • LIZ---
    Awesome to read, thank you for sharing! - 6/13/2010   2:38:42 AM
  • 7
    Awe I feel honored to be included in this weeks 12 best blogs! :) Thank you all! - 6/12/2010   11:34:00 PM
  • 6
    Its nice to know there are other people having the same struggles I have in the war on weight loss. - 6/12/2010   8:48:26 PM
  • 5
    Love this blog. I will be making my own motivational board this weekend. Not only will it keep my goals in front of me, it will occupy my mind and body from my weekend snacking. Thanks - 6/12/2010   10:37:13 AM
    they all very good and are inspiring one way or another !!!!
    - 6/12/2010   9:45:58 AM
  • 3
    Loved these posts!! You to can blog speak from your heart. - 6/12/2010   7:12:37 AM
  • 2
    I've always been a "morning" person, since I grew up on a farm, where my Dad got up at 4 am to milk the cow and feed the animals. - 6/12/2010   1:26:11 AM
  • 1
    I read most of these blogs and they were all motivating my only wish is I could blog as well as the next person.. - 6/11/2010   10:56:17 PM

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