Day 2: Give Credit When Credit is Due

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Monday, June 07, 2010

My filtering system: Seeks validation and feels people rarely understand you
Today I acknowledge myself for: Not smoking
My 25 Acknowledgments of the year
1. Found a job in career field
2.went on 5 interviews for teaching positions
3. Applied at MANY places
4. I am spending time with my grandfather
5. I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy WITHOUT DRUGS
6. I quit smoking cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant
7. I lost all my baby weight
8. I have become more assertive
9. I started paper work
10. I came up with a system to stay semi-organized
11. I spend time doing homework with my son every day
12. I have looked at about 150 houses trying to find the right one
13. I finally dyed my hair
14. I got back into a exercise routine
15. I overcame my fear of needles
16. I read several books
17. I have somehow managed to live off $300 a week
18.I learned how to better interview
19. I learned more about classroom techniques and autism
20. I have been out with the girls
21. I picked and dropped my brother off several times
22. I started drinking 8 glasses of water
23. I started flossing regularly
24. I went to the gym for 2 months straight
25. I fit in size 2 pants

In what area do you have a hard time giving yourself credit?
Being strong in general. I know that I am strong because of all the things I have accomplished but I still feel like I should be doing more.

What could happened if you began to give yourself more credit?
I would realize how hard I do work and how much I really have accomplished

Schedule for 7/08/10
6am-workout Billy's bootcamp
B- Whole wheat waffles with syrup
L-Turkey and swiss pita
4-5- Advanced pilates
D- Steak and potatoes
5-6-study for interview
7-8-Ty homework and bed
8:30-9:30-read go to bed
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