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Monday, June 07, 2010

Since joining SparkPeople I have started to look at the world differently.

There are the obvious ways - trying to figure out how to fit in more exercise, cooking new recipes, waking up every morning and walking myself through my day to make sure I'm doing everything as mindfully as I can to be healthy.

But the thing I wasn't really prepared for was how I am starting to look at other people in the world.

Maybe it's because I'm a DONE GIRL and have the most awesome support of the best team of ladies one could possibly ask for - but I am literally starting to see SparkPeople everywhere!

Now - most likely these people I'm seeing are not really Sparkies. I would assume in a lot of cases, these people I'm running into have never even heard of SparkPeople (oblivious to the Spark as I was 2 months ago). But I think something happens when you start doing things for yourself. You start looking at the people in the world around you and you begin to wonder if they know what you know. If they have experienced what you have experienced. And in the case of something good - like this is for me - you want to know why everyone doesn't know about this really terrific thing!

I was out and about all weekend long enjoying some pretty awesome weather (between thunder showers). And since most of what I was doing involved exercise, I started looking closely at the people who were also out walking, hiking and biking. I saw a lot of athletes. I saw a lot of runners and cyclists and fit people enjoying their workouts. But I also saw a lot of overweight people. Young mothers struggling with their 3 kids to climb a hill. Out of breath ladies pushing themselves to go one step further, climb one hill higher. Women whose feet were sore and swollen who had stopped to take a rest and whose thighs were surely rubbing together under those shorts.

I saw these people and I thought of Spark. Maybe these people were Sparkies too! Maybe they were tracking their miles, and drinking their water and giving it all they had to live a healthier lifestyle. I watched them, and I thought of SparkPeople and I got an instant boost of energy. Just imagine - fellow Sparkies - people who I've never even met, but who might be fighting their own battle, trudging along beside me. It was great!

And even if they aren't SparkPeople, even if they've never heard of this great site, and even if they aren't trying to lose weight, or live healthier - just their presence and the possibility that they were made me feel stronger.

Even when we can't be with each other, we are in spirit. To my fellow DONE GIRLS and other team members who have shown me endless support and love already in my journey - you are the BOMB! I take your energy and spirit with me wherever I go. And I see your smiling faces in the faces of people I meet on the road - cheering me on.

A world full of SparkPeople. Now that's a great world to live in!
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