How to Find Some Zen in Every Part of Your Day

By , Jennipher Walters,
We could all use a little more Zen in our lives, right? A little more time to relax and peacefully zone out? A second to forget the to-do list? A moment to just be?

Yeah, that sounds pretty glorious. These days, weeks are full of rushing from one appointment or meeting to another while also trying to check your email, text back your friend about weekend plans and respond to all the social media dings going off. Not very Zen at all. And don't even get me started on the piles of laundry, the grocery store run you've been putting off and organizing the house—it never ends!

Ahem, I digress. See? We all need a little more Zen in our lives, which is exactly why Fit Bottomed Girls decided to add a fourth site to its line-up: The site is dedicated to helping real people add more happiness and peace to their lives in simple and easy ways. Everyone should be able to work a little Zen into every part of their day. Because, honestly, most of us don't have time to sit and meditate for 15 minutes—or we choose to do something else.

Check out these easy ways to add a little more mindfulness and calm into your morning, lunch, afternoon and evening. Om!

Morning: First, ditch the loud annoying alarm clock. Instead choose a calming sound (like nature sounds or chimes—most phones have some relaxing options) to wake you up. Then, give yourself just a couple of minutes to stretch in bed and set an intention for the day. It can be as simple as "be happy," "every day is an opportunity" or simply "I rock."

Mid-morning: Every time before you open a new email, take one deep breath. Inhale for three counts, and exhale for five. Then, open the email and respond. If you think this will take you a lot of time, you might be surprised at how much it centers you and actually allows you to respond faster and in a more focused manner. This is also a good thing to do before checking a text or social media site or even every time you pick up a piece of laundry to fold or dish to clean.

Lunch: Instead of rushing through lunch at your desk, find some Zen on your plate with these tips. Bonus if you can get outside and get some sunshine, too!

Late afternoon: Now is the time that the munchies hit or you're ready to take a snooze or grab another cup of coffee. If you can take a 10-minute nap, do it. Power naps are amazing. If you can't nap or don't want to, go for a quick walk -- even if it's just around the block or up a set of stairs. You can even do a few squats and jumping jacks.

On the commute home: Pop on a feel-good playlist or an inspirational podcast. If you get stuck in traffic, don't feel like it's wasted time. Really settle in and make the most of your time by learning or just chilling out to some good tunes.

Dinner: As you sit down to eat, take a minute to be grateful for the food on your plate and all that you have. If you're with others, ask what they're grateful for or what the best moments of their days were. Share the good.

Bedtime: Power down all the electronics at least an hour before bed. Then take a few minutes to do some more deep breathing. Imagine inhaling in light and energy, and exhaling out anything that's weighing you down. Once you're feeling Zen, snooze off for a great night's sleep.

How do you work a little Zen into each and every part of your day? Would love to hear it so leave a comment or Tweet us at @FitBottomedZen!