What Could You Accomplish in 4 Weeks?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Wanting to lose weight and get healthier this year, but not exactly sure where—or how—to start? SparkPeople's 4-week challenges can motivate you to reach new goals, develop healthy habits and have fun along the way!

When you join one of our challenges, you'll get a specific plan to follow, plus all the information you need to reach a new goal or make a new personal breakthrough. You can even earn a special SparkTrophy for each official challenge you complete!

These challenges are a great way to get support and motivation to reach new healthy goals this year, no matter where you are in your weight-loss journey. Choose from any one of these six health, fitness and nutrition challenges!

When you join a challenge, you'll receive four weekly emails (there is an option to turn those off, if you prefer) that contain action steps and tips for the week. Just follow the tips, and check in with your teammates for additional support along the way—it's that easy!

What healthy goals are you working toward right now? Will you join a SparkPeople Challenge this year?

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