You Asked: ''What Are the Benefits of Drinking More Water?''

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As a whole, we are made up of 70% water. Water regulates every function in our bodies. Water flushes out waste and toxins. It also transports all the necessary nutrients we need to look and feel good. It flushes out impurities in the skin; when skin cells are hydrated, they plump up to give you a good complexion. Also, muscles that are hydrated look more toned because they are made of 70% water. Not drinking enough water is similar to depriving that less-than-vibrant plant you water every few weeks. The plant will survive, but at what expense.

Other benefits of drinking water include:
  • Helps digest food 
  • Lowers Blood pressure 
  • Reduces Constipation 
  • Lessens Asthma 
  • Eases Depression 
  • Metabolizes fat 
  • Supports healthy hair and nails 
  • Carries more blood and oxygen to your face
  • Eases irritability 
  • Regulates body temperature so you don't get too cold or too hot 
  • Suppresses appetite 
  • Prevents water retention 
  • Reduces stress 
There are so many aches and pains that most people attribute to being old, sick or tired that are probably just a case of dehydration. Even a lack of concentration and focus can be attributed to a lack of water. It only makes sense, considering our brains are made up of 90% water. Those nagging headaches we often get, that most people shrug off as part of life, can also just be a case of dehydration. What about those painful joints that we complain about? Water works as a lubricant: When we're hydrated, the two opposing surfaces (for example, the femur and the tibia at the knee) will glide freely, causing less pain.

Since water is so good for so many things, doesn't it just make sense to make sure you're well-hydrated at all times?

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KHALIA2 6/18/2019
Great tips! Report
KHALIA2 3/9/2019
I manage to get in my 8 glasses per day. Report
KHALIA2 3/9/2019
Great suggestions! Report
7STIGGYMT 12/25/2018
Water is good! But also remember, that too much of any good thing is rarely good! Water is the same way. 10-12 eight oz. cups is probably ok for most people. Report
Not to mention CALORIE FREE!! Report
PLATINUM755 11/10/2018
WOW! Thx for the info! Report
1SUZIQ11 11/7/2018
I really need to drink lots more! Yesterday my legs were cramping so bad and I had a major headache. I finally had a little bit of salt and a lot of water and things settled down. Trying harder to drink more today. Report
JAMER123 11/6/2018
Great article. I do drink a lot as I dehydrate a lot too. Report
Oh my gosh! I don't know how that happened! Sorry! Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
NANAW12001 11/6/2018
Thanks. Report
SPINECCO 11/6/2018
Thanks for sharing this information. Report
1CRAZYDOG 11/6/2018
Loving my water! Report
SHOAPIE 11/6/2018
Thanks Report
THECOZE 11/6/2018
I have recently worked to up my water consumption. My morning routine (getting ready, shower, etc) includes 2 large glasses of water. I can definitely feel it on days that I do not hit my water intake goals. Report
PLCHAPPELL 11/6/2018
Many great reasons Report
Great article. Report
I can tell the difference if I don't drink enough water in a day Report
I have this article pinned to my fridge as I find drinking water difficult as I just forget. I am getting into it now and have found cues to remind me. This is one of my motivators. Report
Water is so important, never to be left out of your day! Report
Water is essential! Report
You are what you think. Always think positive, empowering thoughts and your life will welcome positive opportunities! Report
I see some say that they only drink coffee and when my late husband was going through chemo they said that for every cup of coffee that he would need to drink two cups of water because coffee will make you lose water faster. Report
I have low blood pressure 80/50 and have to add salt & told to drink 10-12 cups of water daily to raise my blood pressure, so I can exercise at the gym slowly. With light exercise,light workouts at the gym,salt & extra water, I can manage to raise it to 100/70 most times.DR. said by looking in my mouth that I am dehydrated with drinking 8 glasses daily,maybe because of extra salt and I have kidney disease and was advised people with kidney disease use 2 times the amount of sodium,potassium,sugar and water as people who do not have kidney disease,so I also drink a bottle of Gatorade as my Dr. prescribes before exercise and add extra salt to it. During & after exercise I drink plain water till I get home, then I have a little more salt water. Report
Great article. Learned something new. Report
I've never heard that increasing water drinking can help ease depression. Could you please give your source for this claim? Is there any research that supports this?
Thank you. Report
I find that drinking water prevents/cures headaches. Report
This is the best blog. I am trying to make a copy of it for my fridge. WATER! WATER! WATER! is the answer. Report
I continue to struggle with my dislike of drinking water. I have worked at reaching my 8 glasses a day goal for over two years and only made it twice. Report
Love love water. I think I drink just enough each day for the activities or lack of activities I do. Report
Be careful on over drinking water and other beverages in too high of a quantity. My Mom has been told that her salt is extremely low and it is from how much water she drinks. She loves water and she was drinking about two gallons a day. she is now being told to salt her food and drink half of her water in Propel to get back some salt. She is not athletic nor diabetic, she just drinks too much water. Her total liquid intake is no longer to exceed 64oz- period! Just a caution! Report
I still am not gonna drink loads of plain water, I drink coffee, not very strong, all day and until bedtime, drink water sips for thyroid med. Dietitian says that's ok, any liquid you have is OK, so that's that. Report
Wow so much information on why to drink water!! Thanks for all the wonderful tips, some of those I wasn't even aware of. Report