Rise and Stride: You Could Walk Off Up to 10 Pounds in 28 Days

By , Nicole Nichols, Certified Personal Trainer
When's the best time of day to exercise? First thing in the morning of course! Morning exercisers tend to stick with their workouts because nothing else (besides sleep) has a chance to get in the way. So I designed this progressive four-week walking program specifically for morning walkers who might meet up with friends to keep their workouts social and motivating.
You can, of course, do these workouts solo, on a treadmill or outdoors, or any time of day. Each one burns about 300 calories. Coupled with a reduced-calorie diet (try SparkPeople's free calorie tracker to find out how much you should eat to lose weight), this plan can help jump-start your weight loss in just one month! 


Day Workout Intensity Total Minutes
Sunday Practice maintaining a consistent pace. RPE: 5 30
Monday Walk briskly for 5 min; go hard for 1 min. Repeat 5 times. RPE: 5-7 30
Tuesday Ready to work? Increase your pace or incline at least 4 times along the way. RPE: 5-7 30
Wednesday Hum a song that you and your friends know and stay on pace with it. RPE: 5 30
Thursday Increase your pace or incline at least 4 times. RPE: 5-7 30
Friday Walk briskly 5 min; go all-out for 1 min. Repeat 5 times. RPE: 5-7 30
Saturday Rest today.    


Day Workout Intensity Total Minutes
Sunday Walk up and down hills as many times as possible. RPE: 6-8 35
Monday Walk as fast as you can. RPE: 8 35
Tuesday Step briskly for 6 min, then super fast for 2. Repeat 5 times. RPE: 6-8 40
Wednesday Strut at a steady, moderate pace. RPE: 5 40
Thursday Have a friendly race uphill. RPE: 6 30
Friday Step briskly for 6 min, then super fast for 2. Repeat 5 times. RPE: 6-8 40
Saturday Rest today.    


Day Workout Intensity Total Minutes
Sunday Maintain your pace and intensity. RPE: 6 40
Monday Walk as fast as you can for 5 min; recover. Repeat. RPE: 6-8 40
Tuesday Work your glutes: Climb a slight hill or incline most of the workout. RPE: 7 40
Wednesday Walk quickly for 6 min; walk your fastest for 3 min. Repeat 5 times. RPE: 6-8 45
Thursday Trek up and down a tough hill nonstop. RPE: 6-8 45
Friday Find a slight hill to climb steady and strong most of the workout. RPE: 7 45
Saturday Rest today.    


Day Workout Intensity Total Minutes
Sunday Walk 6 min; up the pace OR incline for 3 min. Repeat. RPE: 6-8 45
Monday Maintain a fast and furious speed. RPE: 7 45
Tuesday Walk up and down a hill as many times as possible. RPE: 6-8 45
Wednesday Walk briskly for 6 min; boost speed or incline for 3 min. Repeat. RPE: 6-8 45
Thursday Work your butt off today. Talking should be difficult. RPE: 7-8 45
Friday Grand finale! Go all-out. Change incline and speed at will. RPE: 8 45
Saturday Rest today. You've earned it!    

Going fast enough? Count your strides for one minute. Your goal is at least 55 strides per minute. 

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RAZZOOZLE 4/2/2020
thank you Report
LEANJEAN6 2/15/2020
Great article Report
RENEEHARDI 1/20/2020
The article should have define 'RPE', googled it... Also, including the Cleveland RPE scale would have made this an informative article Report
ANNIEMAROO 12/23/2019
I will try this! Report
DA1SISTERS 11/13/2019
I cannot wait to try this Report
GGRSPARK 10/19/2019
I love to walk and since my injury I can do about 25 minutes on a treadmill, ir outdoors about 45. Don’t understand why this is, but my vacation plsn is daily 30 minutes . We have a decent gym on property so hiking averages 60 minutes, workout indoors 30, and sorry but I need a day off.
Following a hike . So I could , but have to adapt. It is a nice plan though. Report
CECELW 10/17/2019
I walk 3-5 miles 5 or 6 days a week. I do strength training at least twice a week Report
CHERYLHURT 9/29/2019
Great Report
EMGERBER 9/5/2019
Walling on a daily bases bring me much enjoyment. Report
Thank you. Report
REDROBIN47 6/26/2019
This is a good plan for someone just starting out. Report
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I use walking as my primary form of exercise! Report
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I love to walk! Report
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I was treated to a beautiful sunrise as I finished my walk this morning. I also beat the heat! Report
Great idea I'll have to change the rest days though as I'm more active at the weekend. Report
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JVANAM Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. ~ 1/15/18 Report
This is perfectly timed! I also like how it is worded. When I am fired up with enthusiasm I can loose the first ten pounds quickly. I clicked around a bit and couldn’t find a way to post with other people doing this. If someone could tell me where I can post with others, it would be appreciated. Report
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Looks good but I think you should take a rest day on Sunday not Saturday! Go exercise your spiritual side on Sunday. Report
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I like the fact that all workouts are less than an hour. Doable for most folks especially if you engage in a lot of "screen time." Report
The amount of weight loss and the number of calories burned a day depend on starting weight and calorie intake. I weigh less than 150, when I do intervals with Max training for 50 minutes, I burn less than 300 kcals. Someone who weighs more will likely burn more. Report
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I have walked off over 100 pounds. It works! Report
I used to love my treadmill, now hip pain causes it to just sit and wait for me as it gathers dust. Report
Walking is my "go to" exercise. Report
Also to those who say this an unrealistic goal because 1-2 pounds per week is healthy......it says You COULD lose UP TO 10 pounds in 28 days......key words people....so between 1 & 10 pounds COULD be lost in 28 days!😉 Stay Clam & Walk On! Report
And just think how much more you could lose when you change your eating as well!!! Report
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