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The Weight Loss Key You May Be Missing

By , SparkPeople Blogger
In my younger days as a high school and college athlete, eating right and being active allowed me to maintain a consistently healthy weight. Working as a Registered Dietitian and maintaining an active lifestyle allowed me to maintain that healthy weight well into my thirties. However, when autoimmune disease was detected in 2002 that ultimately required the removal of two-thirds of my thyroid gland, I entered an unfamiliar battle with weight like millions of other people with thyroid disease.  

Over the last nine years, exploring and learning why I make the choices I do and why I struggle with certain things has been helpful as I continue living a healthy life and learn to accept what I cannot fully control. Likewise, connecting with others living with thyroid disease has allowed me to take control of my health like never before.  I have found that weight management is success and weight loss is a blessing that many times is influenced by things I never realized. Perhaps my newly discovered key to weight management success will be yours as well.

Over the last few years, I have experienced issues with iron deficiency anemia for the first time in my life. I have been about as consistent with my daily iron supplement as I have been with my flossing. I am good about taking it when I am getting ready to get my blood drawn. A few weeks after they confirm that my hematocrit is low again, I resume taking it but very soon begin to forget and then eventually stop. This is mostly an issue because of the necessity to space it correctly with my thyroid medicine. I have repeated this cycle for a couple of years. At a recent visit, my endocrinologist once again reminded me that my hematocrit was on the low side and asked how I was about taking my iron. She confessed that she had the same habit and laughed at the comparison to my flossing habits. As we talked, a light bulb went off about the role of iron and many things I was experiencing and I made a commitment to stick with my daily iron supplement in addition to continuing with my iron rich diet.

I know that iron is essential for the blood to carry oxygen. I should have realized that feeling weak and tired or not having any stamina during exercise or being winded easily could indicate continued anemia but as usual, I chalked it up to my thyroid disease. What I missed was that while the hematocrit returns to normal after a few months of iron therapy, it can take six months to a year to replace iron stores in the bone marrow. My pattern of starting and stopping iron supplementation was in no way supporting the replenishment of the marrow stores and was barely keeping blood levels normal. Of course, the battle with being tired and lacking energy was affecting the intensity of my workouts and the energy burned which ultimately influenced my weight. So of course, once my hematocrit returned to normal this time around and I remained on my iron supplementation (with a goal to remain consistent for the next six months) I was able to work out harder and see benefits with body weight and shape changes. For me, iron has been my hidden key to weight management success that I previously ignored and may be for you as well.

Here are some important things to keep in mind as you determine if iron is a missing link for you. One of the biggest causes of iron loss is due to bleeding and many times that is from long, heavy, and frequent menstrual periods. However, for people that have celiac disease, Crohn's disease, have had gastric bypass surgery or who take many calcium-containing antacids, iron absorption can be the issue. Today with more and more people following strict vegetarian eating plans, getting enough iron can also be the problem. Many forget that forty percent of the iron found in meat, poultry and fish is heme, with the other 60 percent non-heme. All plant-based sources of iron are non-heme, which is why the RDA for iron is higher for vegetarians than it is for meat eaters. According to the Institutes of Medicine, vegetarian men and post-menopausal women need 14 mg daily and pre-menopause vegetarian women should aim for 33 mg each day. Add to that the fact that non-heme iron isn't as readily absorbed as heme iron and sources such as spinach, beet greens, rhubarb, and Swiss chard contain an oxalate acid that binds with iron that makes it unavailable for the body and you see why getting and absorbing adequate plant based iron sources is a challenge. This makes following steps that influence the absorption of iron highly important for vegetarians.

If you are in doubt about your iron intake, find yourself winded, tired, unable to tackle your workouts or fit into one of those risk groups listed above, be sure to talk to your doctor. A simple test can determine your iron level. You may also be surprised to find it is a missing piece to your weight management success like I did.

Does any of this sound like you?

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CATNAP6291 5/26/2021
good article Report
:) Report
DIVAGLOW 3/4/2021
Thank you Report
CECELW 11/29/2020
I used to donate blood at the Red Cross. I have lupus and fibromyalgia. I can no longer donate. Red Cross said it wouldn't be a good idea for myself or for the person that needs the donation Report
GEORGE815 11/27/2020
Thanks Report
TURQUROISE 9/30/2020
Thank for the idea about looking into iron content Report
Interesting Report
A few good points to keep in mind, thanks~ Report
Lots of good information is being shared in this blog. I enjoyed reading it. Report
I also suffer constipation with the normal, 65mg iron tabs. My solution is to cut the tablet in half or purchase 30 mg slow release iron tablets. With this new info, I will take iron supplement, separately and utilize my iron skillet. Very informative article. Report
Be wary not only of getting enough iron rich food, but also of food that blocks absorption of iron. My GP didn’t know this, it was a specialist who told me. For me, I needed to give up black and green tea. And also get enough vitamin C, which helps with absorption, but just drinking OJ wasn’t enough. When you buy it in a bottle, it has lost the vitamin C. So my husband started juicing an orange or two a day, which I had to drink immediately, as the vitamin C starts to disappear I think it was two minutes after juicing. Getting my iron levels back after anemia was a 6 month uphill battle, but it started making a difference almost immediately.
I take thyroid Rx but not iron. Eat a dozen eggs a week so must not need more. I'll never be vegan , I don't see the point. Report
Thanks! Report
Thank You for a great article. Report
Had to re read. Getting iron checked. Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Some great information Report
THank goodness for red meat! Report
Interesting Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
My solution for iron loss and long, heavy periods was to take birth control pills; my menstruation period was considerably shortened and my flow became much lighter. I suddenly didn't feel like the world stopped and I had no energy once a month for a week. Report
Great info! Report
This sounds exactly like me. I use to have very heavy periods and was on iron pills. They were very large and I had difficulty in swallowing them. Thank the Good Lord that I am no longer anemic. Report
useful tips Report
this is very good information. I am going to take some of these points into consideration. Report
I used to be anemic. I have taken many iron pills. But I am o.k. now. Thanks to the Good Lord. Report
Good info! Thanks! Report
Very informative. Thank you for this article. Report
I used to have great success taking Gaia herbs liquid plant based iron. It was like a miracle elixir. No constipation...great absorption due to the added vitamin c and such. It worked for me in stage 4 kidney failure. Unfortunately by stage 5 my hemoglobin dropped to a 5. It was awful. Since I have no kidney's to produce the hormone that helps with blood cell production I have to have iron infused and very expensive Epo shots just yo keep levels around a 10-11. 13-15 is healthy in somebody without kidney disease.

(Epoetin injection is a man-made version of human erythropoietin (EPO). EPO is produced naturally in the body, mostly by the kidneys. It stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. If the body does not produce enough EPO, severe anemia can occur.) Report
what a great article Report
Thank you! I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and have been receiving infusions and it's been an uphill battle. I had thought I was just becoming fat, old and lazy. Once I was diagnosed I thought it would be a magic wand and I would suddenly feel amazing... not the case.

This is going to be a very long haul. Report
Thank you for including the proper amount of iron for vegetarians! Now I see why my 18 mg daily dose of iron wasn't working enough. I've switched it to two times a day, so now I'm taking 36 mg a day. Thank you so much, because I was thinking something was seriously wrong with how things weren't working. You've really eased my mind, and helped me to stay a vegetarian! Report
Good information! Report
This article is full of wonderful information Report
Good info. Report
I have anemia and not enough hemoglobin. I was given some temporary iron pills from the Dr. that have added hemoglobin. It is not all related to diet, my red blood cells do not move at all and are misshapen,low count and all stick together. My white blood cells have similar problems also. I was told on blood tests by microscope I am also dehydrated. I drink 8 glasses daily, now 10. I get retested in 3 months. I have a minor case of kidney disease and a clot in one lung which also effects my blood flow. Report
Lots of info... Report
This article is so interesting and so full of valuable information. Thank you!! Report
I've struggled for the last year and a half to raise my iron levels. Each time I get tested they have only risen a small amount. At the same time I started showing signs of iron deficiency I stopped losing weight. I didn't know it at the time but now see the correlation. As my iron becomes regulated I hope to see progress with my weight loss as well. Thank you for sharing this!
I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in Feb. this year and started taking meds. I thought for sure that I would start losing weight and start feeling better but that was not the case. Then I asked my doctor to check my iron and sure enough I showed up being anemic. Once I started taking iron supplements my energy started to slowly increase. I had also dropped a couple pounds suddenly. Along with my supplements and meds I recently adopted a good eating technique that proved to be effective even more. So apparently the iron truly was a factor in me not losing weight. I am so thankful to be taking these pills. The med and supplement. Now I have control! Report
I have had anemia all my life and just started taking iron supplements that will be monitored. Also had issues absorbing enough iron to bring my count into normal ranges during my pregnancies. That was the only time the doctors asked me to supplement and kept an eye on how i was doing, until recently. Sooo appreciate this article. Thank you. Report
RA patients are at a higher risk for anemia--I'm not sure if it is the disease itself or the medications used to treat it. If you are an RA patient and your doctor isn't regularly testing your hemoglobin, he should be. You can also check yourself by checking the color of the inside lining of your lower eyelid--unusually pale, need to get a blood test. Report
I also suffer with low thyroid and anemia, but my Dr never suggested iron. I am tired all the time. Really freaking tired and it is very frustrating. I am going to try adding the iron. How far does the timing need to be from taking the thyroid medication? Report
i have exactly this problem!!! ive had an underactive thyroid for 10 years and been treated with ferrous sulphate for anaemia since i was 15.i was piling on weight, the gp didnt help, then my diabetologist slipped into a conversation that the 2 medications should not be taken together as the thyroxine wont be absorbed.fab!! im now trying to get the 3 stone back off me!! however i continue to forget to take my iron.ive always struggled with weight loss so maybe this iron prob could be the answer??????sarah Report
I know that I stay totally tired -exhausted - all of the time. The thing to do would be to get to the doctor to have some tests run but I have not done that yet. I really feel that there is some reason that there is no energy in my body at all Report
I take iron supplements a few times a week. I have my thyroid checked every six months. I take extra B-12 (pernicious anemia) and D3. Everything comes back normal. Then why do I feel like I have one foot in the grave?

I don't think my squad of doctors will ever find out what's wrong with me.

Frances, I take 60 mg of Armour Thyroid daily. I buy it from a drug store in Canada because it's usually in cheap supply in the USA. It keeps me from feeling like I'm falling into a coma, but that's it. I do like it much better than Synthroid, which I was on for years. Report
I didn't know about calcium causing iron not to be absorbed. I know now not to take my iron and calcium pills together. Report
I didn't know about calcium causing iron not to be absorbed. I know now not to take my iron and calcium pills together. Report