The 8 Best Habits to Ensure Lasting Weight-Loss Success

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We talk a lot about giving up bad habits and starting good ones, but which ones are the most important? Which will have maximum impact on your life?

Here, we've rounded up eight habits we believe to be the most powerful you can adopt, gleaned from the survey we did of our "success stories." These are the essential and proven truths that will lead to sustained weight-loss, and health. These habits helped our successful members keep their motivation levels high throughout the first two weeks and beyond. Here they are, in no particular order of importance.

(Psst... this list is not only pinnable, it's downloadable and printable, too.)

These eight habits will launch you toward success and keep you motivated.  As you probably discovered there is a running theme throughout all of the tips above.  Balance. Balance is critical. This is perhaps most clearly seen when it comes time to step on the scale.

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