Learn to Exercise for Weight Loss Success

By , Elizabeth Lowry, Staff Writer
Just the thought of losing weight can be daunting. Even though you know by now that exercise is a crucial component to your weight-loss efforts, you could find yourself stuck as to where to begin. How often do I exercise? What kind of exercise should I try? How hard should I be working out? Should I strength train?

Rest assured--you're not the only one with questions. Starting an exercise routine is something many of our readers struggle with, but sweat sessions can be fun with the right information and attitude. This easy-to-follow graphic answers all of your queries and so much more. We break it down for you with a suggested plan of action for the week, including which days to work and when to rest. The graphic also offers cardio ideas and an exertion chart, so you'll know when you're putting in enough effort. You'll learn how to balance your cardio sessions with three key strength moves, plus discover additional fitness tips to keep you motivated.

Ready to get started? Great! Try this for a week, then repeat! 

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CECELW 9/11/2020
Sure makes it easier to understand. Thank you! Report
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Great article! Thank you Report
My goal is weight loss.
Taxing household chores leave no energy for defined exercise.
No point pushing the body way over limit and having to recover fo4 weeks Report
One of the most important habits you will form. Report
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A good practice sheet to use during my workouts at home. Thanx as always, SparkFriend. Report
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Restarting here after too long ignoring the fact I have put on a lot of the weight I originally lost. I had to address a few other things, but now ready for the physical part. I will take these suggestions and resume. Thank you Sparkpeople! Report
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This is good information, SparkFriend. Thanx Report
If you don't like exercise when you start, you will learn to love it very quickly. Report
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. - Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) ~ 1/24/18 Report
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AVONLON3 have you tried wall sits? They helped me get strength back into my legs after an injury. The goal is a 45% angle, but you can start higher up on wall and increase time and angle as you get stronger. Report
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I can't do squats or lunges. I need to do something different. Such as seated workout. I do the 9-minute upper body but I need to build strength in my legs and midsection. Any ideas?
Since I realize I need to get back to the basics, this looks like a great place for me to start! Thanks!! Report
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