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10 Single-Serving Sweet Treats

By , SparkPeople Blogger
If I could choose what to take with me to the proverbial desert island, sweet treats would be right up there on my list. One of the reasons I exercise so consistently is so that I have the option to enjoy them with family, when eating out or for spontaneous celebrations. At the same time, I refuse to cook large quantities of desserts, mainly because I end up throwing them out to avoid temptation. One strategy I find useful is to prepare single-serving desserts that satisfy the urge, but without circumventing my nutrition plan. Enjoy these fun, tasty and petitely portioned treats. 

Single-Serving Chocolate Cake: Satisfy your chocolate craving with this yummy chocolate cake.

CALORIES: 117.7  |  FAT: 2.4g  |  PROTEIN: 2.4g  |  CARBS: 25.6g  |  FIBER: 2.8g

Strawberry Cheesecake Shake: Enjoy this high-protein dessert that includes a serving of fruit.
CALORIES: 240.7  |  FAT: 2.7g  |  PROTEIN: 19.4g  |  CARBS: 36.4g  |  FIBER: 6.3

Peanut Butter Cup Shake
: This milkshake tastes like peanut butter cups, and packs some serious protein.

CALORIES: 261.6  |  FAT: 10.4g  |  PROTEIN: 10.4g  |  CARBS: 37.3g  |  FIBER: 2.3g

Cheesecake for One: This perfectly portioned treat will satisfy your craving without breaking the calorie bank.

CALORIES: 190.2  |  FAT: 2.4g  |  PROTEIN: 10.6g  |  CARBS: 28.8g  |  FIBER: 0.3g

Apple Crisp
This easy-to-prepare dessert delivers the savory tastes of fall.
CALORIES: 230.9  |  FAT: 7.2g  |  PROTEIN: 3.4g  |  CARBS: 42.9g  |  FIBER: 7.4g

Banana Cream Bread Pudding: Tastes just like banana cream pie, but without all the fat. 
CALORIES: 185.3  |  FAT: 1.4g  |  PROTEIN: 10.7g  |  CARBS: 42.7g  |  FIBER: 10.7g

Chocolate Sauce
Whip up this quick chocolate syrup and enjoy with fresh fruit. Strawberries and dried coconut are my favorite.
CALORIES: 72.4  |  FAT: 0.7g  |  PROTEIN: 1.1g  |  CARBS: 18.9g  |  FIBER: 1.8g

Chocolate Chip Cookie
: Enjoy this one decent-sized cookie right out of the oven.

CALORIES: 185.8  |  FAT: 8g  |  PROTEIN: 2.3g  |  CARBS: 26.6g  |  FIBER: 0.4g

Cobbler: This cake-type cobbler can be made with any fruit, fresh or frozen.

CALORIES: 163.1  |  FAT: 4.7g  |  PROTEIN: 3.9g  |  CARBS: 30.9g  |  FIBER: 5.7g

Vegan Single Serving Protein Brownie: This generously sized brownie contains no added fat or refined sugars.

CALORIES: 68.9  |  FAT: 1.7g  |  PROTEIN: 7g  |  CARBS: 9.5g  |  FIBER: 2.8g

What single-serving desserts do you make? 
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KATHYJO56 8/24/2020
All of these are yummy Report
CECELW 6/29/2020
must've been a while since SP updated their articles. I am pretty sure I have read them all by now Report
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All of them look so goood! Report
All of them look so goood! Report
All of them look so goood! Report
All of them look so goood! Report
All of them look so goood! Report
All of them look so goood! Report
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Great recipes! Report
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Please check articles before you print Report
this is a fun read but beware some calorie counts are off Report
this is a fun read but beware some calorie counts are off Report
Some really good replacement desserts! Report
I would like to see the people that write these blogs at least check the calorie contents before adding recipes. There are more incorrect nutritional content SP recipes then you realize. The first recipe in this article is actually 263 calories, the amounts in the recipe do not match the amounts in the nutritional content. The chocolate chip cookie for 185 calories does not include chocolate chips. I didn't look at the rest of the recipes, but beware on the calorie counts, past articles have shown similar errors. Report
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These look fantastic!. I was just commenting that I don't bake much anymore because I cannot have sweets in the house and still have the will power for only an occasional portion. This is going to make all the difference for me because I won't feel denied and they are healthy. I can double the ingredients and have one serving for my husband. Report
SparkPeople should check the calculations that people used to determine calorie counts before posting in blog such as this. For the 117 calorie cake, .06 cup was used for a 2 tablespoon measure for some of the ingredients. .06 is for 1 tablespoon (there are 16 tablespoons in a cup). Therefore, the cake has more calories than listed (unless the ingredients in the recipe listing is incorrect). Report
We need healthy substitutes for sugar, not chemicals or over processed stuff. Report
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