7 Spicy Suppers

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Some like it hot--myself included! If you're among those who like to turn up the heat when you eat, you'll love this week's meal plan, which is chock full of meals that are hot, hot, hot!

Click here or on the image to view the whole calendar at full size (and get clickable links to the recipes), save, download, or print it! You can also share it on Facebook or Twitter. We think it's quite "pinnable" for all you Pinterest addicts out there.
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GEORGE815 10/15/2020
Thanks Report
EVILCECIL 6/18/2020
Spicy food can be great. Report
RYCGIRL 4/6/2020
thx Report
Good article. Report
I love spicy food. Report
I love spicy food. Report
thanks for sharing Report
thanks for sharing Report
I use to enjoy a little spicy but since I surgery on my mouth I just keep it to a minimum. Report
I love spicy hot food. Report
Me likey da spicy Report
My family loves spicy! Thanks for sharing. Report
I enjoy some "spice" in my life and put jalapeno peppers on all of my meats and some veggies. These are some good alternatives. SparkFriends. Report
Great ideas! Report
I'm going to keep these recipes in mind when I grave spicy foods! Report
Great. Report
I love spicy, thanks for the recipes Report
Great. Thanks for the recipes! Report
I'm confused, as none of the links are working when I came to read this today. I know I can manually look up the recipes, so I'll try. But it is not as advertised by the blog. There are errors, according to the repeated message when I tried to click on the links. Report
Many of the recipes sound great, but require those of who are vegan to modify. Thanks for the ideas. I love spicy food. Report
Yummmmmm, spicy! More, please! Seriously, keep the spicy recipes coming.
: ) Report
I love spicy food. It is my favourite, so thank you, so much! The chicken looks excellent. Report
I was thinking something along the same lines as Michelle_391. The only vegetarian recipe is the one for Saturday and none of the recipes is vegan. Yes - one can make substitutions to suit one's particular diet needs. But wouldn't it be a good thing for the website to promote, say, a "Meatless Monday" or something like that? Report
Some of these look fantastic, and can easily be made vegetarian with TVP or tofu. I can't wait to try the egg one listed for Saturday! Report