Video: Simple 6-Minute Cardio Workout

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You don't need any fancy equipment to get a good work out. You don't even need a lot of space!
I teamed up with my friend Cassey from to create this simple cardio workout to help you burn lots of calories in just a few minutes. As an added bonus, it's super quiet! You can do this if you have sleeping kiddos at home or even if you're trying to be quiet for your downstairs neighbors.
Are you ready to try it?
I hope you enjoyed this simple cardio workout! You can really up the burn by repeating the video once or twice. And once you learn the moves, try it on your own. We did each move for about 45 seconds, but you could slowly extend that out for a greater challenge over time. Special thanks to Cassey for inviting me to do this workout with her and Spreading the Spark to her huge Blogilates audience! Be sure to check out her YouTube channel for great at-home workout ideas.
What did you think of the workout? What is your favorite way to get fit in a small space? What new workout videos would you like to see from SparkPeople?

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CECELW 11/12/2020
6 minutes goes by very quickly Report
CARD512002 8/3/2020
Thank you for this video. I am going to try them. Report
Great video! Report
I go to the gym where I have lots of space! Thank you! Report
loved it Report
Thank You! Report
my video wouldn't come up. Report
I'm going to try this. The video is a hyperlink in the text. Report
Can not see the video. Sounds like a good idea from article. Wish I could view it... Report
Could not see the video Report

Yeah, what she said...

"This is great but why isn't the video on this page so we can add it to our tracker?" Report
thank you. Report
Thank you for this one, Coach Nicole! Report
This is great but why isn't the video on this page so we can add it to our tracker? Report
Thanks Report
Liked it many calories do you burn doing iut? Report
Good ideas. Report
I enjoyed this workout. I had already completed my core workout and wasn't gonna do any cardio. But, one of my challenges was to do some cardio and I did it. Thank you! Report
Definitely harder than expected but the length is perfect for a quick workout during our break at work. Especially now that it's getting so hot outside. Only drawback is that my fitbit is set to auto track exercise at 10 mins so if I want it to register I have to do it twice. LOL Report
Too hot to walk outside today, so we did this video twice on our break. It was tougher than we expected! I wish it included the button to add to the tracker, but I just used aerobics instead. Report
I like the exercises and 6 minutes is great to get cardio in Report
Not for me. My downstairs neighbors would not appreciate. Thought this was a quiet workout. Not with all that bouncing and hopping. Report
I heard my knees creak just watching this. :-) I can do my Leslie Sansone vids in little space. Need lower impact & fewer (no?) lunges.
That was good - whish there was a cool down. Report
I couldn't hear the instruction from one of the presenters on the video. Report
Fun workout do to before my kettlebell swings-I will do this again for sure!! Report
Loved ittttt! Woo! Report
This workout killed my legs! lol Report
Didn't feel like doing my usual 10 minute boot camp workout this morning, so I pulled this one off my Pinterest board. I like it because it's quick (I have very limited time in the morning) but I still feel like I got a workout.

Also, I LOVE CASSEY. Just discovered Blogilates. I've been doing her "how to do the splits" video at night; now I need to pin more of her workouts. :) Report
great start for the mornig and i can do this :)
will be doing this workout....was doing the demo and my heart was pumping and I was sweating lol....thank you coaches!!!! Report
How would you track this? I think I'll do the same as the other person and do "cardio dance" for now.
Also, I'm loving this as something to do in small spaces because my family and I live in a RV part-time. I need to find stuff that does less jumping though because this would really shake the camper! LOL The seated cardio video Coach Nicole has is a good one! Report
I like this a lot, but I'd have to take it a bit slower at first. This will be a good workout to take at a lower intensity and work up to high intensity. 6 minutes is about as long as I can last right now, so this will be great. Report
Definitely noisy. I couldn't do the floor lunges as well because I'm am just starting out (again) and I'm also restricted due to heart palpitations. I didn't see any way to track so I added 6 minutes Cardio Dancing to my fitness tracker. Fun workout overall, very positive. Report
Does anyone know how to track this in the fitness tracker? Report
I thought this was supposed to be a quiet workout! All that bouncing would wake up the neighbors. However, during the day, I'm totally doing this. At home. in my small space. I think I'm going to have to do it in slow motion for the first 100x though, because I am soooooo uncoordinated. It looks like fun though Report
My two favourite coaches finally together! Report
I did it but had to make some modifications. I can't do floor exercise so I just did the twist while she was doing the lunge kicks. But other than that I enjoyed it and it really go my heart pumping. Report
I feel so uncoordinated doing this LOL. But this is a really cool, fun little workout. Good job, Coach Nicole and Cassey! Report
Great way to get started on exercising again, loved it. I did 2 workouts-- I'm still a little sore from a couple days ago :)
Gotta know though, how do I document this in my Fitness Tracker?? I feel too accomplished not to track it!!
Would really appreciate a short, intense workout that suits a person with knee and foot injuries that need rest. It is a challenge to get a good cardio without the footwork. Thanks, Dobbs Ferry Report
While I agree this is challenging and can be done in a small space, I have to disagree w/the quietness. I live in an apartment, if anyone was @ home beneath me they would think the ceiling was falling on their heads. Any suggestions for something as intense but without the jumping? Report
I think the exercises are a good workout but I really checked it out for quietness, I live in an attic apartment and both my neighbors downstairs would be sure I was coming through thier ceiling. Got any better suggestions? I can't do the jumping .............thank you Report
Those Mountain climbers really work you out !! Report
This looks good but I live in an even smaller space so would struggle with some of Nicole's moves and to get the high energy involves putting a lot of bounce which makes it noisy and sort of defeats the object. :/

Love Cassey's energy though! Report
Their energy is contagious! Thanks very much - I'll give it a try :) Report
Thank you! Report