11 of the Best YouTube Fitness Channels

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The gym is far from dead, a good group fitness class can be highly motivating and a run or walk around the block can be a great way to burn calories while enjoying the fresh air. But if you're pressed for time, house-bound by nasty weather or just having one of those days when you'd rather not venture out into close proximity to other humans, you can still get a great workout in the comfort and privacy of home.

The internet might have its drawbacks—political vitriol, misinformation and "fake news" come to mind—but it also comes with a bevy of cyberbenefits for those on weight loss and wellness journeys. Of course, we happen to think SparkPeople and our very own fitness videos are one of the best resources out there—but YouTube has countless other channels to help you embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Yoga With Adriene 

This is a great destination for beginners to start their yoga practice. Adriene provides tutorials on just about every foundational yoga pose and principle, along with organized playlists and classes to fit every schedule and experience level. She's fun, warm and easy to understand. Visit this channel to learn how to do yoga in a way that best meets your needs and goals.

Fitness Blender

Certified trainer Brandice Lardner recommends this free exercise channel to her clients to get a great workout at home within any time or space constraints or at any fitness level. The routines are simple and effective, and there are so many options that there's no chance of getting bored.




Personal trainer Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics, recommends Lumowell as a channel that offers a wide range of workouts for everyone's needs. They post about five new videos each week, so there's plenty of variety.


The trainers behind this YouTube fitness channel believe that every person deserves to be fit, which is why their videos will always be free. To motivate their users to get and remain in shape, they offer 30- to 90-day fitness programs.


The Fitness Marshall

If you love dancing for fitness, this channel will let you get your groove on—and get the calories off. Caleb Marshall leads you in fun, high-energy moves to popular dance songs, and will keep you laughing along the way. We love that he uses backup dancers of all shapes, sizes and abilities.


Studio SWEAT onDemand

This channel offers a variety of free classes, including Spinning®, Yoga, TRX®, Pilates, HIIT and other full-body workouts. The classes are filmed during live sessions that feature real people, not fitness models or actors. The classes are designed to make users feel like they're a part of the in-studio class, receiving encouragement from an amazing powerhouse team of trainers and sweating it out alongside other real people.



This diverse fitness channel truly has something for everyone, offering free, full-length workouts from expert trainers including Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, Billy Blanks, Jr. and more. From equipment-free HIIT to Pilates routines to fat-burning dance routines, the thousands of videos ensure you'll never get bored.



Named after a combination of "blog" and "Pilates," this widely popular channel (with more than three million subscribers!) is the top-rated female-led YouTube destination. Led by certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho, it features her hit Pop Pilates workouts set to a motivating, high-energy Top 40 playlist. (You may have seen Cassey in this awesome “Quiet Cardio” routine that she and Coach Nicole teamed up to do!)


Sadie Nardini

A yoga and exercise science expert, Sadie helps her subscribers get max results in minimum time with her combination of yoga and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Her channel  offers both "how-to" pose instruction videos along with full-length active strength and core-focused yoga flows.

Jessica Smith TV

At fitness trainer (and SparkPeople frequenter) Jessica Smith's YouTube channel, you’ll find a variety of free, full-length workouts—including walking, sculpting, kickboxing, HIIT and yoga routines—for a multitude of levels and styles.

Leslie Sansone Walk at Home

If walking is your go-to exercise and you want to get your steps in from the comfort of home, meet Leslie Sansone. Her popular walk-at-home workouts are available for free on her YouTube channel, and incorporate multi-muscle moves set to music to burn more calories than your typical leisurely stroll, without impact.

Have you tried any of these in our list? What are your favorite YouTube fitness channels?

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None of these are good for me. I have two that are my ‘go to.’ The thing I look for is a trainer who doesn’t look like they stepped out of a fitness magazine. I will stick with the two I use,thank you. Report
I was introduced to Leslie Sansone through my Biggest Loser Challenge team right here on SparkPeople. I thought her videos were great. I especially love using YouTube videos because I can cast them to my TVs! Report
PUNKADOO 6/25/2019
I love HASfit's beginning kettlebell routine and Leslie Sansone's channel! I look forward to trying a few more of these -- thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Report
NIGHTGLOW 6/12/2019
Expected to see the usual suspects but didn't expect a channel focused on dancing! I'm excited to try it - thanks! Report
MUSICNUT 5/6/2019
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
EVILCECIL 5/2/2019
They all look good. Report
JENNY4452885 3/4/2019
Fitness Type is an awesome You Tube channel. Her name is Mariska. She has workouts available for all levels of fitness. She has low impact, tabata, hiit, kick boxing, step, strength, stretch. You name it. You could never get bored. I program my workouts into a playlist Monday - Friday incorporating cardio, strength, abs and stretching. Report
I have used Leslie Sansone and Jessica Smith. I'm going to try some of the others. Report
More reasons to spend time on you-tube. Got any cat exercise videos? Report
ARIELH5 1/6/2019
Thank you for the list.. Report
LIDDY09 1/4/2019
Thanks Report
MUVFASTA 1/4/2019
I've done Fitness Blender, Jessica Smith, and Leslie Sansone. I'm going to check into the Blogilates since I've heard a lot of positives about it. Thanks for the Blog! Report
EO4WELLNESS 1/4/2019
Many of these recommended YouTube channels are currently (2019: Jan) having 31 day challenges posted to their YouTube channels--which is really helpful. I'm thinking about rotating my participation in them throughout the coming months. Report
PAMBROWN62 1/3/2019
I have been doing Leslie Sansone’s videos for years. I now love HASfit as well. Even when my arthritis is at its worst I can do their modified version of the exercises. I am going to look at a couple of the other sites now as well. Thanks for providing this information. Report
DLWHATLEY70 1/3/2019
I love Jessica Smith. I am currently starting week 4 of a six week program. I also noticed she started a new one for the new year. I'm thinking that's going to be my next six week session. Report
MNABOY 12/22/2018
Thanks Report
MNABOY 12/22/2018
Thanks Report
EO4WELLNESS 12/14/2018
Came back to revisit this one for more links--I've tried and been enjoying several of them already. Report
SLASALLE 12/5/2018
I LOVE Jessica Smith's short walk and talk (power walking) videos! I think at least TWO of them are on SparkPeople! Report
MNABOY 12/4/2018
Thanks for sharing Report
KATHRYNGC 11/24/2018
Really glad came across this article. Still learning internet. Using youtube is new to me. Would not have even thought to look until now. Thanks so much! Reading the comments had me deciding to check some of them out. Report
LADEPINO62 11/19/2018
Jessica is awesome! Her videos cover the broad spectrum of workout type, level and challenge. Coupled with her winning personality, "can do" encouragement to challenge yourself and Peanut- exercise is fun again! 🙏❤💪 Report
SKANESSA 11/18/2018
I LOVE Yoga with Adriene! She has something for almost everyone and she's just a likeable instructor (with a cute dog that sometimes makes an appearance).

I can't wait to check out some of these other channels. Report
GABY1948 11/18/2018
Great, Thank You! Report
LOSER05 11/18/2018
Great Report
2BDYNAMIC 11/17/2018
Thanks for all the great information! I just plugged into Leslie's walking video. Perfect for gym alternatives. Report
great info Report
ON_A_DIET 11/16/2018
Thank you! However, you did not mention good 'ol Richard Simmons. He may not be Zumba, but one still gets in some activity. Report
ARNETTELEE 11/16/2018
great info Report
EO4WELLNESS 11/15/2018
Thank you for pulling this list together! I'm already subscribed to a great number of these channels. There is also a blogilates team here on SP for people who want to keep up with the blogilates daily workout calendar. teams.sparkpeople.com/blogilates Report
PATRICIA-CR 11/15/2018
Gotta check them out! Thanks. Report
HOLLYM48 11/15/2018
Great article! Report
GABY1948 11/15/2018
Thank you Report
SIMPLY_JAE 11/15/2018
Thanks Report
_CYNDY55_ 11/14/2018
Great, thanks! Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
GR8CATSBY 11/14/2018
Pahla Bowers is great. So is BodyFit by Amy. Both of them offer a huge variety of workouts! Report
CHRIS3874 11/14/2018
I guess its kind of what you get from a guest blogger as opposed to someone who might have more of a finger on the pulse of things. I like EXRX and Strength Camp
as well as old karate videos (especially kata) from Ohtsuka sensei or Mas Oyama.Not perhaps useful except for me. Report
JDOL1028 11/14/2018
Thank you for posting so many free options. Report
CECTARR 11/14/2018
Thanks Report
97MONTY 11/14/2018
Thanks Report
PICKIE98 11/14/2018
I like those names! Report
JULIEA7201 11/14/2018
Half of these I already subscribe to and almost all the other ones I added. :) I have a gym membership and love to walk outside, weather permitting, but definitely need these to round it out and mix it up! I get bored easily. ;) Report
AALLEY2 11/14/2018
Good to see the alternatives! Working out at home works for me. I'm a member of GHUTV with Chris Freytag and I like Jessica Smith, Margaret Richards, Leslie Sansone, and Sparkpeople! Report
MILTONS_MAMA 11/14/2018
Thank you! This is a great list! I would highly recommend Leslie Sansone, she's terrific! I have some of her videos. And a book she wrote! Sometimes she has a little bit of running/jogging in her videos, but you can always choose to walk, if you can't do that. Anyway, you should try her out, and build a playlist of your favorite workouts with her! That way, you can just focus on what works best for you. But that's all the channels, you can build playlists from them. It's not that hard! Read about it, and you'll find it's a doable thing for you. It saves you time in the end, because you can more easily find what you want, and skip over what you don't want. Report
CC122981 11/14/2018
Yoga with Adrianne is the absolute BEST! I have always wanted a listing of the good workout channels because with winter coming I’m sure I won’t be out at the gym much! So here’s my backup. Thanks Report
SPINECCO 11/14/2018
Thanks. Report
LIS193 11/14/2018
LOVE Yoga with Adriene!!
I have Leslie Sansome's DVD's Report
DICESARES 11/14/2018
thanks to everyone for posting this great info. My gym at work is closed for the week, and with holidays coming up, difficult to fit in my workouts. Already bored with 'treadmill interval' walk/jogs...and my kids TRY to get me to watch youTube all the time. Well, now they can watch it whenever they want...as long as it's on these saved channels! Report
I've used Leslie, Jessica Smith, and Fitness Blender--thanks for posting! Report