The Best YouTube Fitness Channels

By , Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
Looking for more exercise resources and workouts? YouTube is a great source for fitness--but with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones to follow! Of course, I am a huge fan of SparkPeople’s channel, where Coach Nicole has created a wide variety of different workouts for various levels of exercisers. But since I figure you are all already familiar with SparkPeople's videos, here are some more of my favorite YouTube channels (by category) for fitness workouts and why they’re worth checking out.
If you are interested in: Beginner-Focused Workouts
Try: Fitness Blender
While they offer a wide variety of different workouts for all levels, Fitness Blender has a nice library of beginner focused low impact sessions that are just right for someone starting an exercise plan. (You can check out their low impact/beginner workout playlist here). On screen cues help you remember the moves (there’s even an ‘up next’ cue that previews each coming move for you in the left corner of the screen) making it easy to follow along. There’s no music (each video offers an instructors guidance) so you can easily play your own music along with the videos if you like to groove while you sweat.
If you are interested in: Tough, Hardcore Workouts 

Try: Turbulence Training
Certified trainer Craig Ballantyne, creator of Turbulence Trainin--a specific type of metabolic conditioning training designed for peak fat loss--offers some great full-length hardcore workouts on his channel. I prefer his routines to some of the other more popular "hardcore" workout channels out there because Ballantyne really knows his stuff and explains the how and why behind his exercise selection well, which is really important for safety when it comes to high intensity routines. If you like to work hard and push yourself to your limits, then check out his channel!
If you are interested in: Group Fitness “Class Style” Routines
Try: Café Mom Studios or Jenny Ford
Café Mom Studios offers a variety of full length, 20-30 minute fitness class style workouts designed for busy Moms (though you don’t have to be a Mom to benefit!). With workouts ranging from kickboxing to boot camp, the "studio" vibe makes you feel like you are working out right there with the group of non-intimidating women on screen.
If you prefer more of a one-on-one feel (but still enjoy the group fitness vibe), check out Jenny Ford’s channel. A certified aerobics instructor, Ford offers full length step, sculpt, aerobics and abs routines that feel just like a gym class, but it’s just the two of you working out together.
If you are interested in: Gym-Style Workouts At Home
Try: StreamFitTV
StreamFit’s channel is lead by certified trainer and Men’s Health fitness expert BJ Gaddour, and offers a library of various "how-to" video clips explaining form and technique for exercises like archer push-ups and deep squats, along with some full length workouts (StreamFit’s streaming workout service offers an even larger variety of routines for a $9.99 monthly membership fee). And be sure to check out their “Comedy” playlist for a good abs workout (aka laugh).  Despite the R-rated title, this one always has me cracking up.
If you are interested in: Pilates
Try: efit or Blogilates
eFit features some fabulous full length 30 minute Pilates routines led by several different certified Pilates instructors (they also offer yoga and bootcamp style workouts too) for a variety of different levels that feel like a real class.
Blogilates, created by certified Pilates instructor Cassey Ho, is a fun mix of Pilates and bootcamp sculpting workouts (for all levels) set to Top 40 music hits for workouts that are not only effective, but always entertaining! (She also offers great recipes, healthy cooking how-tos and more on her channel). You may have seen Cassey in this awesome “Quiet Cardio” routine that she and Coach Nicole recently teamed up with for!
If you are interested in: Yoga
Try: YogaYak or Sadie Nardini
Not only does YogaYak offer relaxing nature background sounds perfect to sleep through (they are 8 hours long!), but they also offer their “Namaste Yoga”--full length, in-depth yoga classes ranging in topics from kids yoga to yoga for boosting immunity.
If you like your yoga more active and challenging, check out Sadie Nardini’s channel which offers both "how-to" pose instruction videos along with full length active strength and core focused yoga flows.
Tell me, what’s your favorite YouTube channel for fitness workouts?

About the Author
I hope you’ll also check out my YouTube channel, JESSICASMITHTV. You’ll find a variety of free, full length workouts (including walking, sculpting, kickboxing, HIIT and yoga routines--check out my weekly class schedule for details) for a multitude of levels and styles--and you can meet my puppy, Peanut!

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NUTRON3 8/29/2018
I love Rebbecca Louis Report
NASFKAB 8/24/2018
Thank you Report
DWROBERGE 7/10/2018
Great channels Report
LZITTEE 6/23/2018
I love yoga, fitness blender, Leslie Samson walk at home, fitbit coach workout with personal trainer and Jessica Smith (peanut is too cute). Report
EVILCECIL 4/13/2018
Good article, Thanks. Report
MUSICNUT 1/21/2018
Thanks for the great information! :) Report
DJ4HEALTH 1/1/2018
Thanks for the info, never thought of using YouTube. Report
BABY_GIRL69 11/13/2017
Fitness Blender, Millinioaire Hoy & of course Jessica Smith they are NOW my go to guys.... Report
I use Jessica Smith and Pahla Bowers. Report
KATHYJO56 11/3/2017
These are all great sites. Report
SARAKATHRYN76 10/5/2017
1. Fitness Blender has been my go-to for several years.
2. Yoga With Adriene, which is WONDERFUL-yoga for every need, usually lower intensity, but adds humor and focuses on breathing and the mental practice of Yoga.
3. Millionaire Hoy, who has a great low impact high intensity HIIT series called Silent But Deadly (he is a bit of a nerd and makes me laugh, but I always get excited about the fist bump at the end of each workout)
4. Psyche Truth has great Yoga videos
5. Heart Alchemy Yoga--I use this all the time for Power Yoga
6. Athlean X--he knows EVERYTHING about weight lifting, the body, exercise in general. Very instructional. Also Athlean-XX for women.
7. Yoga with Tim
8. BE Fit
9. GymRa
10. Popsugar Fitness
11. HAS fit Report
Jessica Smith is the best in my opinion Report
My vote, YouTube wise is JessicaSmith and SparkPeople's channel. I do also enjoy some which are specific to equipment I own such as "walking tours" of various countries while I use my treadmill, heavy bag workouts, Pilates, toning/body weight vides, and TRX/suspension training videos. Report
Jessica Smith is very humble. Her YouTube channel is by far the best in my opinion. Report
I love the Jessica Smith youtube channel!! You are awesome! Report
HASfit is my all time favorite youtube channel for workouts! I highly recommend them. Report
Thanks Report
I like Body Fit by Julia for those who are advanced HIITERs, Hoy Millionaire, Shelly Dose, Leluna, Sean Vigues, Upload Yoya with Marissa is awesome for yogis. Report
I like Body Fit by Julia for those who are advanced HIITERs, Hoy Millionaire, Shelly Dose, Leluna, Sean Vigues, Upload Yoya with Marissa is awesome for yogis. Report
I recently discovered a youtube channel, HASfit. They also offer free workout programs. If you like Fitness Blender, you'll love HASfit. I've been following them for about a month and just started their 90 day warrior program ... short but effective workouts. Report
I recently discovered your review of the top YouTube fitness channels. Although the review was very thorough, I’d like to share with you a channel I have followed since its inception. The channel is: https://

It is a channel that offers a comprehensive workout routine with over 300 full-length workout videos. The videos are professional quality and the “personal training” is among the very best of trainer personalities in the industry. Videos range from strength training, to body weight, to HIIT and include group videos. They range from beginner to advanced levels and everything in between. Recently, Jake, the owner of the channel, has started launching fitness retreats and taking fitness to the next level.
I love the Jessica Smith channel. Report
Thanks for putting this up. With information everywhere, it's hard to find good information anywhere. I'll have to check out these channels. Report
FitnessBlender is my go-to channel!!!!! Thank you for adding that to the list. Report
Leslie Sansone and sometimes Fitness Blender.
A friend with a sprained ankle found cardio exercises on YouTube that she could even do in bed or sitting. It's an amazing resource! Report
BeFit is my fav! Love Jessica's vids. I have 3 on my tablet. Report
Mine are JessicaSmithTV and Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home. Report
I love fitness blender and jessica smith. Those 2 are my go to every time! Report
Jessica has been my go to girl for over a year...always a great work out annnnnnd she stresses proper form and technique. That young lady has so many options available, even I don't get bored. I very much respect her opinion, so I will check out her recommendations! My new work out queen is Shelly for real that girl works me! Love her, just hate cheating on Jessica! Report
I love doing the dance cardio videos by The Fitness Marshall on YouTube. He is amazing, and hilarious. I also love that the back up dancers tend to provide a range of styles/intensity to watch. There's even a video where his grandma dances with him. :) Report
I like the variation in the Jessica Smith videos. Lately, I've been trying some belly dance videos and came to like the Neena and Veena videos. Report
I love Body Positive Yoga (https://
) she shows you how to modify yoga poses for us plus size people. I've taken tons of yoga classes, and none of the teachers I've ever had could ever understand how hard it is to do poses like downward dog because your boobs are too big and suffocating you. Too many times my size just makes me quit going because I can't do the poses and I never new how to modify them so that I could get the benefits. Body Positive Yoga really changed that for me. I love her channel and I love the fact that I can finally do the poses and they make me feel better - not worse. Report
Yoga with Adrienne, Blogilates, and Tone it up too! Report
I love Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. Report
I love Fitness Blender and JessicaSmithTV channels on Youtube. I also have a Roku box and I love to stream workouts on The Gymbox for $9.99/month. Report
My favorite is the JessicaSmithTV channel! Report
I used to do the Body Electric workouts back in the day. I found her channel on YouTube and man, it is as tough as I remember! I also remember how after awhile of doing it, I looked goood! LOL So I suppose that is my fav exercise channel on YouTube now! Report
I love Jessica Smith TV and Fitness Blender. Both have a great variety for all levels of exercise. I'll take a look at the others too. Report
I LOVE FitnessBlender & have been using it almost every day. I'll be checking out some of these others. Thanks for sharing them! Report
This is an excellent article! Sometimes you just want to try out something new, but you don't have the time (or the money) to grab a new DVD. Report
BellyDanceB has belly dance lessons which I enjoy. Also there's Free bellydance classes. Womens Fitness Magazine has a variety of workouts. For Tai Chi, there's Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi. Report
I love JessicaSmithTV, the low impact workouts are awesome for those of us with knee issues! I also use Fitness Blender a lot. Report
FitnessBlender FTW!
Kelli and Daniel are just gorgeous!

For Yoga... I think Ekhart Yoga (and EkhartYogaTV) are great channels.

And BeFitIn90 offers a (have a guess!) 90-day-program with an easy-to-use-playlist for every single day. Mixes things up quite a bit and gets more and more challenging as the days/months go by.
I'm very excited to check some of these out. Thanks! Report
I like HASfit's videos, too. The sound quality isn't always superb, but the instructor, Coach Kozak, is a good motivator to get through the workouts. He has a variety of workouts that range from beginner low-impact to MMA-type training. (Not that MMA is my thing, but some people might be interested.) He demonstrates what to do, then does the exercises with you. He kind of reminds me of a male Coach Nicole. Report
JessicaSmithTV workouts are the bomb! With modifications for low impacts exercisers, she and Peanut make great workout buddies. Report
Tiffany Rothe is awesome and fun and challenging! Report
I LOVE youtube!!! Report
Blogilates and Fitnessblender are my favourites!!! I also love Tyffany Rothe workouts and popsugar fitness! Report
Thanks, I will check out some of these sites. Report
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