Adopt a Healthy Habit for Every Waking Hour

By , SparkPeople Blogger
No one is perfect all the time. We all have slip-ups and setbacks, whether it's too much chocolate, too little exercise or the wrong amounts of sleep, stress or salt. The key is to give yourself grace for your mistakes and use them as stepping stones to better choices.
Below are some ideas for healthy habits to incorporate throughout your day. Since we all have different tastes and timetables, feel free to shuffle the schedule accordingly. The important thing is to embrace these types of wellness boosters as part of your regular routine, so they eventually become the rule rather than the exception.

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CATNAP629 12/2/2018
great ideas Report
KLAYLUQUE 9/25/2018
I printed this just now. Going to add it to my wall! Report
KHALIA2 9/8/2018
This one is just great! Thanks for sharing! Report
GAILC94 8/13/2018
This is great! A lot of these could also apply to a stay-at-home parent, part-time employee/full time parent, or even someone working at home. I am definitely going to use this as a guideline for my “at home” days, as well as the days when I don’t start work until later I. The day. Report
CHERYLHURT 7/16/2018
Thanks Report
DEVVORIAN 7/15/2018
love it
OLDSKOOL556 7/1/2018
Great advice 👌 Report
LINOVER 5/15/2018
Good advice! Report
REDROBIN47 5/15/2018
Love this positive article. Saved it to read again Report
MSROZZIE 5/14/2018
Good article, don't forget to floss! Report
This just looks plain overwhelming, and I am not new here, but I believe there are other things to think about in the day, this is not a major job, but part of a well rounded life. The constant nagging of doing something every hour in a totally busy day would be a stress point to me. Almost like the fitbit nagging me to have 250 steps every hour, like you can't rest for an few hours a day and do something fun Report
2BDYNAMIC 5/14/2018
Love this blog, Is so well written and I plan to share it with others!...TY! Report
FISHGUT3 5/14/2018
thanks Report
CHRIS3874 5/14/2018
Thanks Report
SUTHEIMER 4/21/2018
Thank you for the great read, I also love the way you laid out the article, very easy to follow! Report
ETHELMERZ 3/29/2018
Good tips for people who are new. Report
RD03875 1/9/2018
Thanks, will modify to fit my life Report
MIYAMO 1/9/2018
Basically I like a lot of this schedule. However I am retired so I need to revise it a bit for my life. Report
SHOAPIE 1/8/2018
I’ll work on these. Report
HOLLYM48 1/8/2018
Great article! Report
NELLJONES 1/8/2018
I like the idea of planning the entire day. Report
This is a great idea to start putting into my day. Report
EMGERBER 1/8/2018
Thank you I am so trying to develop healthy habits. Report
PAMBROWN62 1/8/2018
I saved this for future reference. Some good ideas here. I won’t adopt them all but they are definitely food for thought. Thanks. Report
FITGIGI0102 1/8/2018
I like these; what a good idea! Report
DJ4HEALTH 1/7/2018
Good info Report
MOONDRAGON29 1/7/2018
Great information. Report
MSROZZIE 1/7/2018
Excellent ideas. Well said. Report
great ideas...thanks. However, I would have to alter the times as my day starts earlier and I start working at 8:20am... Report
AZMOMXTWO 1/7/2018
good suggestions Report
DMEYER4 1/7/2018
thanks Report
LPORTER2015 1/7/2018
Great suggestions! Report
EO4WELLNESS 1/7/2018
fun graphic chart to visualize Report
PICKIE98 1/7/2018
Any movement, even marching in place while watching tv!!!! Report
NANASUEH 1/7/2018
good points Report
EABL81 1/7/2018
There should be a "do something nice for yourself" item (e.g., soak in the tub, read something fun, relax with a hobby). Report
Good info Report
97MONTY 1/7/2018
Great information Report
WOUBBIE 1/7/2018
I use the hours as mini "deadlines". At work I know I need to get my first 1000 steps in by 10am, or I'll probably miss my goal for the day. Many times at 9:55 I'll bolt from my desk to take a 5 minute walk of the building to get to that first milestone.

Likewise, if I don't start taking my supplements (some days I take as many as 7 or 8) during the 9 o'clock hour, I'll probably fall behind and either miss one or two, or take them at inappropriate times. (Vitamin D should always be taken early in the morning. It's the sunshine vitamin and if you take it later in the day it tends to screw up your circadian clock. Some supplements are better on an empty stomach, others are better with food.) Report
Helpful tip printable suggestions. Report
RYCGIRL 1/7/2018
good suggestions Report
CKOUDSI617 1/7/2018
This one's a keeper! Thanks! Report
RO2BENT 1/7/2018
Make the best of every hour Report
MARTHA324 1/7/2018
Great ideas. One thing I've been doing is to get up and move every hour. Report
NEVITA61 1/7/2018
Great ideas and concept , might have to get a bigger whiteboard for planning my day and diet! Report
SPARKLED146 1/7/2018
I'm going to use these ideas. Great! Report
JVANAM 1/7/2018
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. - John Wooden ~ 1/6/18 Report
NEPTUNE1939 1/7/2018
great Report
RAPUNZEL53 1/7/2018
Thanks. Report
TCANNO 1/7/2018
great idea Report