Should You Be Drinking Vitamin Enhanced Water?

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Eating a balanced diet every day is the best way to make sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

A multivitamin can be helpful in providing some "insurance" for those days when your food choices aren't the best.

Water regulates every function of our body, flushes out waste and toxins and transports nutrients. Since our bodies contain about 70% water, it is really important to drink water daily.

So what about the combination of vitamins and water together?

  • SoBe LifeWater - 40 calories per 8 oz (typically sold in a 20 oz bottle) and naturally sweetened with a blend of sucrose and eythritol. Sobe LifeWater with Purevia (a Stevia derivative) is 0 calories per 8 oz and naturally sweetened with Purevia. Both are enhanced with vitamins, antioxidants and herbal ingredients.

  • Glacaeu VitaminWater - 15 color filled varieties each designed to provide unique blends of nutrients with 50 calories per 8 oz serving (typically sold in a 20 oz bottle). VitaminWater 10 is naturally sweetened and provides 10 calorie per 8 oz serving (typically sold in a 20 oz bottle).

  • Fuze - Infused with electrolytes and vitamins. Refresh and Vitalize provide 90 - 100 calories per 8 ounce (typically sold in a 16 oz bottle) and the Slenderize provides 10 calories per 8 oz.

  • Snapple - Antioxidant water contains vitamins and electrolytes and provides an average of 50 calories per 8 oz (typically sold in a 16 oz bottle).

  • Propel - Flavored water sweetened with a blend of low calorie sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup with vitamins and antioxidants and provides 10 – 20 calories per 8 oz (typically sold in a 16 oz bottle).

The Bottom Line There are a couple advantages bottled vitamin water can provide. They provide some vitamins to your diet. A 16-20 oz bottle provides anywhere from 50-100% of various vitamins. If you do not tolerate taking pills, a liquid vitamin supplement might be of benefit.

The second advantage relates to those that are trying to give up soda but desire a sweet drink as they transition. 100% juice would be our recommendation but sweetened water can be an alternative as well. Many vitamin water choices provide half the calories and grams of carbohydrate compared to an equal serving of soda and they have the positive of also including vitamins that soda does not.

There are also disadvantages to vitamin water. The biggest disadvantage is that most still contain calories. Regular 16-20 oz bottles of vitamin water contain almost as many grams of sugar and calories as many 12 oz cans of soda. Lighter versions are better but many still contain crystalline fructose and other natural sweeteners which can keep you craving sweet foods and drinks which can lead to consuming more calories than intended.

Drinking bottled water is more expensive than drinking tap water and drinking bottled vitamin water is even more expensive. If you drink one bottle of vitamin water a day for one year, you would have spent about $400 at the end of the year. This costs more than what you would spend in a year for a daily multivitamin.

Most people get enough vitamins from their diet so what they receive from vitamin water is unnecessary. Water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C that are not needed by the body are excreted in the urine. As one of my college professors used to say, "when you pay for supplements your body doesn't need, you just end up with expensive waste."

While vitamin water might be a healthier option than soda, we recommend you drink plain water which is the healthiest drink of all. If plain water doesn't do it for you, try adding a splash of 100% juice, concentrated lemon or lime juice.

What other ideas do you have for spicing up plain water? Do you drink vitamin waters and will you continue?

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CECELW 4/19/2021
I like water plain. Sometimes I will add a bit of water wyler's powder mix Report
PATRICIAAK 4/10/2021
:) Report
I mostly drink plain filtered water but when working my job was very stressful so sometimes I bought a low cal Vitamin water which is a lot healthier than having a shot of liquor which is what I would have preferred! Report
I take a vitamin pill instead of drinking the water. Report
I like my water plain and at room temperature. Report
I take a vitamin pill every day. Report
I generally prefer plain cold water. When I want a bit of flavor, I use QUALITY essential oils. A drop in a glass of water is refreshing and beneficial (lemon, grapefruit, lavender, ginger, and more). A drop of peppermint in water or tea can be enjoyable too. Some people use it for upset stomachs. Report
I read all of the responses and must admit I love the Lemonade Glaceau Vitamin Water Zero. Which I understand to have no sugars and zero calories. I drink one or two per day then refill it with tap water in between. I have stuck with the Zero version of the drink...but love the taste! I use coupons to buy them cheaper! Report
I mix water and Gatorade Report
I mix bottled water with tap water as i'm not too keen on plain tap water. i prfer a flavour and a few bubbles as this is less 'chewy' Report
I do like them, once or twice a month...I don't drink pop, usually, so having a treat of a drink is nice. Sometimes, it just helps make a day go better. A bottle or two once a month isn't anything to worry about. Report
If I am volunteering for some event or travelling away from home or on a plane, I will buy bottled water. At home, I refill bottles with tap water as measurement aids and refrigerate. Seattle's tap water is sourced from the Cascades. Adding a splash of lemon juice does seem to been more thrist quenching than plain water. Report
I have never been a fan of "flavored" water. Plain water is what I drink and will continue to drink. A few years ago, my daughter (now 9) wanted Vitamin water because all her little friends and cousins were drinking it. At her annual physical I happend to mention this to her pediatrian to see what her take on it was. She, without reservation, did not recommend these "flavored vitamin water"....plain water is always best....and that's what we continue to drink! Report
skinny water is my new find. use it once in a while, I do not take vitamins, can never remember them so this helps at times Report
We put a PUR water filter on the kitchen faucet, and now I'm drinking fresh filtered water all the time instead of diet soft drink. What a difference. I feel better, and I'm glad to be off the soft drinks that contain artificial sweeteners (probably hard on the kidneys), and acid which is bad for one's teeth. Report
I have a hard time drinking water. I prefer hot drinks to cold, so i drink teas. When out, i drink flavored water, or add a crsytal light to a bottle of water i bring with me. Report
I'm ok with plain water, but some days I add Special K Protein Water Mix to it - the packet calls for 16.9 ounces of water, but I add it to 32, which gives me a lighter taste... 5 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 4 cups of water later, I'm a happy girl.
:-) Report
I recently added cucumbers and it was great. Report
I have a special glass and straw at work and at home, I put a wedge of lemon with ice and of course water. I get a lot of water!!! its very good and good for you the lemon is an antioxident and it eats at your fat cells. Report
I haven't tried vitamin water. I am fine with my tap water. The best way to make it great is for it to be very cold--I keep several bottles in the refrigerator and always have one going. Report
I like only bottle water,sometime I'll put crystal light in it , and I drink all flavors of green tea. I also drink vitamin water only sobe lifewater. Report
Plain water, half-frozed and shaken up like a slush. I always have a bottle in the freezer and toss it in the car when I head out in the heat. I drink it as it melts and don't have to suffer warm water (which I hate). I'm coming off 20 years of 2-3 cans of Mountain Dew a day. If I need something for a treat, some homemade decaf sweet tea does the trick. I use one of my son's little sippy cups to help with portion control. Report
I may add lemon or oranges to my water for flavor at eating times. Other than regular water is fine for me. Report
Some times regular water is just so blah for me. It is nice to have something with flavor. Yeah, I know about a squeeze of lemon or lime or orange. But really, how many people carry around a lemon to squeeze into their water? I make sure not to buy the products that contain high fructose corn syrup when I do buy vitamin water. So I figure, since I live in the desert and need about 13 glass verses the recommended 8 a day, a little vitamin water is just another reason to get enough water each day. Report
You have to be careful of what type of pumped up water you buy. We once bought a carton of Propel and didn't think about the label. When I did read it, it's sweetened with high frutose corn syrup--the kind of stuff they tell you to stay away from. I love iced tea and make it homemade, but sometimes I'll use Crystal Lite tea. They have some good flavored ones out there. And different kinds of teas, too. Look for them in the Walmart Supercenters. Report
Because I live where the tap water tastes good, I think buying bottled water for daily use is foolish. Obviously, when you're out and about, it's a good idea to take a bottle with you, and sometimes buying a bottle is the easiest option. I reuse my bottles for daily use. I like to fill them about 1/4, lay them on their side, and freeze them. Then I add tap water, and I have cold water to go.

BTW, the hype about the dangers of reusing bottles is just hype. Report
Plain old water works for me pretty good but there are times when the thought of drinking that last glassful to meet my quota for the day is unbearable. That's when I break out the Crystal Light to go servings that you add to bottled water. I love the Sunrise Orange and the Lemonade. Raspberry Ice is pretty good too. Report
I like to spice up my water once in a while. Just for something new since I have to drink so much. I usually will use propel powder packets or I add lemon. Report
Since I am not working, I have the luxury of cold water being available all day long, but I have to remind myself to drink it. I try to have more than half of it in by 2pm, then I know I will make the goal. I also use Lemon crystal light individual packets with fresh lemon juice and add some diet 7up for a sparkling lemonaid. I try to do this only 2 or 3 times a week. For dinner, I prefer champagne... that's what I have to work on. Report
I really don't like the taste of water, but still streak with my 8 cups a day! As the article mentions, the fitness water helps those of us who are trying to cut out drinking soda. I Love my Fuze! Keep Sparked, everyone! Report
I like to drink vitamin water when I'm sick. That way I'm getting in my fluids but also adding some vitamins to it. I think it works well because when you are sick you can't really hold down food so you aren't getting the nutrients that you need. Report
LOVE my water, drink it over ice all the time. LOVE to make one serving of Lemonade too. LOVE my SOBE lean Green tea. Cannot see a reason for this vitamin water at all. I HAVE added Special K protein powder to my water at times to ward off hunger, as needed. But other wise, plain ol'e water will do me fine! Report
I hate water unless it is with ice cubes, I have a really hard time drinking it because it has no taste. But I bought a 34 oz bottle, so instead of thinking in my brain oh I need to drink 8 glasses of water today, I can trick my brain into thinking I only have to drink 2 of the 34 oz bottle. Report
I like water, especially ice cold... but when I get tired of just plain ol' water... I add a squeeze of lemon and crushed ice and have it with dinner or for a treat. It really works for me! Report
the closest i get to drinking vitamin water is adding an oz of liquid minerals and vitamins to my first morning glass of water. Report
I happen to love water, so drinking the equivalent of 8 glasses is easy for me, I was never a soda or koolaid person.And I would have never believed it but I have also adjusted to the nonfat milk,I do like crystal light sometimes and also iced tea and yes I do add a sweet n low but really thoses are the only variances I like.My problem is come Fri or Sat night and the TEQUILA IS CALLING MY NAME! Nees to cut down on that! Work in progress. Report
The only thing I ever drink is plain water. I tried the vitamin water once and I didn't like it. The only other beverage I drink is milk with my cereal other than that it is strictly water. Report
I tried flavoured (yes I'm British lol) water once and I found it absolutely revolting. Give me plain water any day - minus the vitamins! Report
Hello, Water is great, but if you are working out out more than 1 hour hard,you need a sports drink with electrolytes and carbs. I usually cut my sports drinks with water. Report
I'm a plain water kind of girl! But, you should get water any way you can. Power to the people who are trying to quit the soda habbit. Report
I don't see the point of paying so much for "enhanced" water. I don't enjoy drinking plain water, so I'll add either a couple of lemon slices, or some Crystal light (much less than a "serving", just enough to flavor it a tiny bit).

I take a regular multivitamin - there's no need to lace my water with extras! Report
I have added pieces of fresh fruit to my water like strawberries & raspberries. I have also added cucumber slices to my water. After a few minute of those items floating in your water it's a noticeable change you can taste in the water. It's just enough of a change to help me get the water down. Then on the last swallow I just eat the fruit/cucumber. I don't do those expensive vitamin waters. Report
I used to drink vitamin water. Report
Correct me if you think I'm wrong, but I really believe that one of the big problems in Western culture is the focus on quick fixes, the expectation that there is a non-bothersome way to do everything. I guess it's part of the freedom and techno mentality, that we can always find a better way. That may be so, but only if we have all the facts. As long as we're still learning new things about the balances in nature, about nutritional needs, we shouldn't expect a quick fix. I will not touch this fake water as long as there is natural food and water to be had.

Also, people who are not well-versed in the science will not know that several vitamins are fat-soluble only and not digestible in water. And that sunlight damages many vitamins unless they're stored in opaque containers. Etc., etc., etc. Report
I don't drink flavored water very often. I feel like it is bad for my teeth. Seems to discolor them. I love regular plain old H2O so for me this is not an issue. It was interesting to see the pros and cons though. Report
I love your balanced approach to this subject.
No 'extra's' in my waste... going for no extras in my waist, as well! tee hee. Report
I usually drink my water plain. I like to add some lemon slices, True Lemon, or lemonade Crystal Light. I have tried vitamin waters but do not care for the taste. Report
is diluting juice ok and diet cola and diet irn bru Report