15 New Ways to Use Protein Powder

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Looking for a new way to use protein powder? Think outside of the shake!

There are countless ways you can use protein powder to create healthy and delicious recipes and boost the protein contents of your favorite foods.

Check out the many ideas and recipes below!

1. Muffins: Try my High-Protein, Low-Sugar Blueberry Muffins or even try it in these banana chocolate chip muffins! These muffins have 10 grams of protein--and less than a teaspoon of sugar and oil--in each one. Sweet, moist, and delicious, pack one of these tasty treats in your gym bag for a post-workout snack!

2. Pancakes: This sweet breakfast just got a bit healthier, thanks to these protein pancake recipes!

These Protein Powder & Wheat Mini Pancakes look especially good.

3. Pudding:  From scratch or from a mix, pudding and protein powder are a perfect pair!

4. Smoothies: Give yours staying power with one of these recipes.

The carrot cake protein shake (left) will certainly quell your sweet tooth!

5. Cakes: Swap up to half the flour in your cake recipe with protein powder. Add an additional 1/2 cup water. 

Portion control your sweets by making cupcakes!

6. Protein Fudge: Enough said!

7. Yogurt: Stir 1-2 scoops protein powder into your favorite yogurt! Top with your favorite extras: nuts, fruit, chocolate chips--anything!

8. Milkshake: Mix 1 cup skim or non-dairy milk, 6 ice cubes and 1-2 scoops protein powder in a blender. For a creamier milkshake, use ice cubes made of milk!

9. Coffee: Create a better-for-you frozen drink with Protein Powder Chocolate Frappucino

10. Ice cream: Mix one 6-ounce container vanilla Greek yogurt with 1-2 scoops protein powder. Mix to combine, then freeze, stirring every 20 minutes until it reaches the consistency you desire (about an hour).

11. "Dough balls": You'll swear these taste just like cookie dough!

12. Cookies: Speaking of cookies, how about some Protein Powder Cookies?

13. Oatmeal: Add one scoop protein powder to your usual oats recipe. (I like vanilla!)

14. Cheesecake: Even cheesecake can get a boost of protein. Check out this recipe for details!

15. No Bake Protein Bars: These hunger-busting bars are ready in a snap, and they're perfect for a hike or an after-workout snack.

How do you use protein powder? Which brand or flavor is your favorite?

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ELRIDDICK 9/19/2019
Thanks for sharing Report
KHALIA2 8/29/2019
Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! Report
PETRA320 7/21/2019
Thanks for sharing! Report
STARVING__POET 7/18/2019
Great article! Report
GRAMLOCK77 7/13/2019
I need to try some of these ideas. I mostly use it for smoothies. Thank you. Report
MRPEABODY 7/13/2019
Thank you Report
GEORGE815 7/11/2019
Thanks Report
JOCELYNH711 6/17/2019
Going to try at least three of these recipes ! Report
ELRIDDICK 6/13/2019
Thanks for sharing Report
USMAWIFE 12/14/2018
thank you Report
There are some good ideas in here. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Muffins, pancakes, fudge - clearly a different definition of “healthy” to the usual! A bit shocking, tbh. Maybe try a boiled egg instead?! Report
Great ideas! Report
It is sort of funny, how something once meant for sick people, or people unable to chew or eat properly, has become a million dollar business. Thinking there is magic in the product. Report
I've just been using it to make shakes. My favorite is Espira Plant Power Protein Powder. These are great ideas! Thank you. Report
great new ideas Report
New ideas for me. Thanks. Report
Nice article Report
will check this protein powder out thanks Report
will check this protein powder out thanks Report
Just wondered if anyone has tried any of the protein powders with insects as the main source of the protein? I know EXO and CHAPUL PROTEIN POWDER contains crickets. Dried powdered cockroaches are also a great source of protein but not sure if it is readily available in USA. I do know there are many cockroach farms abroad. Report
Thank you for the ideas. I'll give some of them a try. Report
Great. Report
Great ideas! Thank you! Report
I use a zero carb no artificial sweetener protein powder, add it to eggs to turn an omelet to a more cake-like egg dish. Add veggies Report
Great ideas Report
New places to add protein that I have not looked for. Report
I will try a protein bar version of my own. This article gave me lots of great ideas for a quick breakfast bar. Report
I have added protein powder to yogurt in the past but have never tried freezing it to make it like an ice cream - will have to try that out!
I don't think we would like a single one of these recipes Report
These are disgusting and not even "healthy"! Where's the real food recipes? Report
These are disgusting and not even "healthy"! Where's the real food recipes? Report
Some of these powders make stuff have nasty mouth feel, yuck, like camels slept in there, blah, use at your own risk. Report
CLICK is my go-to protein powder. It's casein not whey so no nasty after-taste! Report
I never thought of using protein powder in oatmeal. Will try that for sure, thanks! Report
The article was great - but I also get a TON of info from the comments - so thanks to all who have contributed! I don't regularly use a Protein Powder, but get Bulu Box samples every month and have tried a few from there. Since I'm focusing on getting more protein and fiber in my diet, this has been a great source for getting started. Thanks again to everyone! Report
Check out HerSuppz.com for lots of these!! Report
Some of those recipes look delicious! Report
I prefer Unjury unflavored protein powder. I use it in savory foods, like soup and curries. i like it in hot broth with vegetables added. Report
This is the jackpot of protein recipes! Thank you! I will be sharing this...
sportsnutritionminute.com Report
The article and all the comments were a wealth of information. I emailed the article to myself but now will add to my saved for more ideas from comments.
Thank you. Report
Why haven't been doing this??! I will now Report
I use Aromaven Sabores vanilla powder for all of my cooking needs because the only other option here in Venezuela is imitation vanilla extract. At first I was skeptical of the powder but now I can highly recommend it. I find that once added to the other ingredients, it can take a little bit of time for the flavor to fully expand. So, I would recommend making sure to let the ingredients or final product sit for a little while if using the powder, this will help maximize the flavor of the vanilla. Report
I throw it in my cereal or yogurt. I've put it in a little bit in brownies before and they were great. I've tried protein smoothies, but with no success. Report
I use a tbsp of chocolate PP in a mix of 1 cup frozen raspberries+ 1 banana, 1 minute in the food processor and I get a rich and creamy chocolate raspberry ice cream. Report
Hi all, I use Isagenix's Whey Protein for my shakes, smoothies and milkshakes. High biological value protein with digestive enzymes+ low glycemic carbohidrates+good fatty acids. Also, very often, I add 1-2 spoons to my cereal for extra-strength. Also, something that have worked for me, is adding 2-3 spoons of oatmeal to my shakes for extra protein and more fiber. Might be a little bit thicker, but trust me, worthy it is. Thinking about combining herbs, fruits and protein powder? Try adding some spearmint leaves to your strawberry, cranberry or pineapple shakes....ohhhh, you might love it. Have a wonderful day y'all! Report
How well do these recipes work with soy or almond milk substituting for "milk?" I'm allergic to whey protein and use a beef protein isolate for extra protein. Report
I use Jay Robb egg white protein powder. Best tasting one I've ever tried. Eggs have the highest amount of bioavailable protein & would be good for cooked dishes. I can't do whey & am leery of soy, so it is perfect & much better tasting than pea or rice. Report