Habits of Fit People: Sleep in Your Workout Clothes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You want to be a fit person, right? That's why I'm sharing my own habits for keeping fit and staying healthy in the ongoing Habits of Fit People series.

Here's one that works for me: Sleeping in my workout clothes. This is especially helpful this time of year, when it's darker and colder when I wake up to run in the morning.

I may not be a morning person, but I'm working on it. Two or three times a week, I like to run in the morning because I love getting it out of the way and having my evenings free. That's not so difficult in the spring or summer, when the sunlight wakes me up and the temperature is inviting. But during the fall and winter? Forget about it! Dark, dreary and cold mornings make want to stay in bed as long as possible. So to stick with my morning runs, I have to keep my workout on my mind—and my body—the night before. So does it really make a difference?

This accomplishes three tasks:
  • I get to sleep just a few minutes longer, which makes all the difference in how rested I feel—and how much sunlight is available when I run.

  • I stay warmer longer. No more stripping down and changing your clothes while you shiver in the morning! I find that it's a lot easier to leave my warm bed when I know I'm already dressed and ready to head out the door.

  • Getting dressed for your workout is half the battle sometimes. Now you already have your clothes on, so there are no more excuses!
Beyond these three benefits, getting ready the night before also means that I'm preparing—and committing—to my workout in advance, which helps keep me accountable. Instead of thinking "Maybe I'll run tomorrow if I feel like it when I wake up," I've already prepared and decided to do it.

I know that some people would find workout clothes uncomfortable to sleep in, so if you like the idea of this tip but think it's unrealistic for you, do what you can. Whether you only wear your workout socks or just your pants (to avoid wearing a tight sports bra all night long, for example), the more you can put on the night before, the more likely you'll be to head out the door on time, without making excuses. This works whether you're going outside, to the gym or even to your own living room to exercise.

I actually do sleep in my workout clothes, head to toe, the night before I run. Since I'm already getting ready for my workout the night before, I also lay out my running shoes (unlaced and ready to slip on), iPod and headphones, my outer layers of clothes (because let's face it, it's just plain weird to sleep in your coat and mittens), my Nike+ SportBand and a house key. It's sort of like packing your gym bag, but without the bag, so you don't have to scramble in the morning. It really helps me stick with my routine in the colder, darker months.

Have you ever slept in your exercise clothes to make it easier to work out the next morning? Did it work for you? Are you willing to try it?

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No. Just no. Report
:) Report
PATRICIAAK 3/13/2021
:) Report
CHERYLHURT 12/8/2020
Ick. Waking up sweaty in clothes. Not showered before exercising. No way. Report
SUSANBEAMON 11/16/2020
Gross. Sleeping in outside wear is just gross and makes your bed messy. Plus it makes your clothes stink before you even start exercising. There is a reason why we have outdoor clothes and indoor clothes and bedtime clothes. Let's keep them separate. Report
Wow! I've never heard of doing that before. I'm sure if people do it there is a reason. Report
JUNETTA2002 8/4/2020
Have never slept in my workout gear Report
No! I would never do that! Report
Thanks Report
Thanks! Report
good idea Report
Feels great to get that bra off in the evenings I don't want to sleep with one. Report
Sleeping in leggings is comfortable..I do it often. Report
Sleeping in your exercise clothes seems a little lazy. Report
I have not tried this one yet, but one day I may give it a try. Report
thanks Report
For me, I will have to give this one a little more thought. Report
I don't like sleeping in my workout clothes. Too restricting, plus changing my clothes help me wake up faster Report
Excellent article. Report
This works for me. I wake up wearing yoga leggings and a comfy t-shirt. I set out my mat and a glass of water before going to bed. I wear my sexy nighties on weekends. ;) Report
Did this when I was single , won’t do it now, but thanks.... Report
Great idea that I never thought of. Report
This is a great idea! I wish I could bookmark this page or save it as a note for future use. Thanks! Report
I don't sleep in my workout clothes, but I started the simple rule of not allowing myself to leave my bedroom in the morning unless I have them on. No more going to the kitchen and sitting down with my coffee, then finding some excuse not to go back and put my workout clothes on. It definitely works for me! Report
I do like this idea! Alot. The less room I leave myself for error, or to "cancel" on myself the better. Especially in the morning! We have a tough situation right now, and our two kids sleep in the same room as my husband and I, so the less I rustle around to get dressed, and get my stuff ready in the morning the better.
I'm going to try it tomorrow.
Planning ahead usually sets me up for success, I just need to DO IT! Report
I don't sleep in my work out clothes but I do lay everything out the night before. I find that if I plan ahead I will follow through. Report
Right now I am on my gymwear ready 4 the morning. It really works. Report
This is silly. Report
I read this a month ago and thought it was a neat idea. I've been doing it since and love it! Time is precious in the morning and saving even 2 minutes is worth it. Also, I feel guilty thinking about sleeping in because the clothes are an instant reminder of what I should be doing. Thanks for the tip!! Report
The only person who does this is a professional triathlete I know. My workout bag is always ready to go and my workout pants and singlet ready as well. I would not like to be encased in Spandex all night...
Not for me & daily workouts have been a religion for me for many years...though I am injured now and still on the long road back . Report
This sounds strange and uncomfortable to me. But if it works for you then go for it. To each our own. Report
I'm a morning exerciser too but I could never do this -- I'm married!! Report
This is easy for me, since I sleep in the same type of clothing that I exercise in. Baggy pants and tank top. I go to the bathroom, put on my bra and panties and I'm off! Report
wow! this is a great idea! i cant believe i didnt think of this! i for sure have to try it! thanks Report
I do. I just didn't want to admit it!

I do sleep in my workout clothes... helps me to be more active in the morning (It's a mindset) Report
LOL Great idea but I don't think my husband would like it. :-) Report
This one is my secret weapon. It's how I lost 65 pounds. On the weekends I don't do early morning workouts and it feels funny to NOT sleep in my workout clothes. Report
great idea!
Never thought of doing this, I will give it a try. Report
I live in Texas...it is H.O.T. here 11months out of the year....so there is no way i would ever sleep in my workout clothes.... Report
I don't sleep in my workout clothes only because of the tight sports bra and some other relatively uncomfortable-for-sleeping clothes. But I DO put my clothes, socks, and shoes in the bathroom so my first stop in the morning means I get dressed in there and come out ready to take a walk. Report
Definitely going to try this tonight... maybe it will help me get up in the morning instead of hitting snooze! Report
I have done that before and it saved me a lot of time in the morning. I have a hard time waking up in the morning but when I have the workout clothes on, its like a reminder of what I have to do. Report
great idea! I haven't heard that from anyone before, and I will definitely try it! Report
I probably won't do the whole clothing thing but I really like the idea of just even having some of the clothes on. Gonna try it, plus have everything i need ready to go, right by the door. So I just automatically dash up and head out.
thanks for the tips. Report
Interesting idea - but it must mean that you wash your work out clothes every time you used them... as an environment enthusiast I try to use my clothes many times between washing - to smell while I am working out is ok, as long as it is just then... Report
I do this year round. It makes it easier for me to workout at 5:30am. Report